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Unified geographic database and method of creating, maintaining and using the same

The present invention involves a Universal Geographic Database (“UGD”). The UGD is an automated, central or distributed, registry of real-world locations and location-related information for businesses and other entities, analogous to the registry of domain names for Internet and web sites. By this central registry, businesses and other entities are facilitated to post their location and location-related information in a single place, for all users who need or want it; and users can refer to this single place, via the Internet, Web, and other telecommunications devices, to obtain accurate, complete and timely location and location-based information about the registered businesses and other entities. Each record of the UGD is keyed by a proprietary location address (PLA) based on the World Geographic Referencing System (WGRS), and optionally may have one or more proprietary location addresses (PLAs), which also may serve as keys. Associated with the PLA keys, each UGD record generally includes the full name for the business or other entity, its street address, and miscellaneous contact information (e.g., telephone number, facsimile number, e-mail address, internet website address, wireless website address). Other more dynamic, customized information (e.g., store hours, credit cards accepted, inventory, prices, specials, hours, parking) also may be available in the UGD record or linked to the UGD record. Users of any device or service can access the UGD through one or more location name servers (LNS), which can provide access to the UGD or other location-based information linked to the UGD or LNS. Based on the WGRS, PLAs provide, in addition to unique keys for UGD records, a user-friendly notation for location naming in the real-world and on all types of location-sensitive electronic devices, from web phones to in-car navigation systems. Given the UGD, these ULA/PLAs are as important to real-world businesses as their domain names because these WGRS addresses drive real-world commerce to physical business locations just as domain names drive e-commerce Internet or web sites.

Creating optimized physical implementations from high-level descriptions of electronic design using placement-based information

An electronic design automation system provides optimization of RTL models of electronic designs, to produce detailed constraints and data precisely defining the requirements for the back-end flows leading to design fabrication. The system takes a RTL model of an electronic design and maps it into an efficient, high level hierarchical representation of the hardware implementation of the design. Automatic partitioning partitions the hardware representation into functional partitions, and creates a fully characterized performance envelope for a range of feasible implementations for each of the partitions, using accurate placement based wire load models. Chip-level optimization selects and refines physical implementations of the partitions to produce compacted, globally routed floorplans. Chip-level optimization iteratively invokes re-partitioning passes to refine the partitions and to recompute the feasible implementations. In this fashion, a multiple-pass process converges on an optimal selection of physical implementations for all partitions for the entire chip that meet minimum timing requirements and other design goals. The system outputs specific control and data files which thoroughly define the implementation details of the design through the entire back-end flow process, thereby guaranteeing that the fabricated design meets all design goals without costly and time consuming design iterations.
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