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Torsional vibration excitation device and test bed of vehicle drive system

The invention relates to a torsional vibration excitation device and a test bed of a vehicle drive system, comprising a torsional vibration excitation device, a wheel loading device, an inertia flywheel and a testing system. The torsional vibration excitation device is used for providing a torsional vibration excitation torque for the torsional vibration research of the drive system and providing power for the drive system. The wheel loading device is used for supporting wheels and simulating a carload acting on the wheels, pressing the wheels towards the inertia flywheel through a mechanical loading mode and locking the positions of the wheels. The testing system is used for collecting pull and pressure signals as well as rotate speed signals output by a sensor and analyzing the pull and pressure signals as well as the rotate speed signals. The torsional vibration excitation device comprises a driving motor, a driving gear shaft, an excitation gear shaft and an excitation motor, wherein the driving motor drives the driving gear shaft to rotate through the belt of the driving motor, the excitation motor drives the excitation gear shaft to rotate through the belt of the excitation motor, and the excitation gear shaft is coaxial with the driving gear shaft.

Sequential control signal generation method and device of cold ion quantum information processor

The invention provides a sequential control signal generation method of a cold ion quantum information processor. Radio frequency signal and digital signal parameters are set through a principal computer command on a principal computer; the principal computer command is converted into a machine command which is transmitted to a sequential control FPGA; the sequential control FPGA executes the machine command and digital signals and radio frequency signals are output through a conversion module and a radio frequency synthesis module. The invention also provides a sequential control signal generation device of a cold ion quantum information processor. The device comprises a principal computer, a sequential control module, a radio frequency synthesis module and a conversion module. According to the invention, sequential control signals for experiments are described intuitively; programmed principal computer commands can be used repeatedly, so that repeated work is prevented and improvement can be made according to experiment results conveniently; the parameters such as the frequency, the phase and the amplitude of radio frequency signals can be changed conveniently; multiple paths of control signals can be controlled accurately to work cooperatively; the extendibility is great.

Experimental device for promoting gas flowing with ultrasonic waves

The invention discloses an experimental device for promoting gas flowing with ultrasonic waves. The experimental device comprises a rock core holding unit, a constant-temperature regulating module and an axial load and confining pressure module, wherein a rock core inside the rock core holding unit is connected with a gas gathering and pressurizing module and a vacuumizing module; an ultrasonic loading module is arranged around the rock core holding unit which is connected with a vibration detection module; the experimental device further comprises a measuring and data acquisition module which is used for acquiring the axial load and the confining pressure of the rock core and the pressure and speed at a gas inlet. The experimental device for simulating the gas flowing rules of coalbed methane in immediate vicinity of wellbore under ultrasonic loading is capable of providing different temperatures and experimental conditions under three-axis stress states; ultrasonic fields with different frequencies and different power are respectively loaded in a vertical flowing direction, a down-flowing direction and a reverse flowing direction; impacts of an ultrasonic and mechanical vibration and a thermal effect to the gas flowing can be separated through a water-bath constant-temperature module; an impact of single factors such as mechanical vibration and thermal effect to the flowing can be simulated.

Comprehensive protective wave-absorbing coating on surface of magnesium alloy and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to the field of magnesium alloy, in particular to a preparation method of a comprehensive protective wave-absorbing coating on the surface of magnesium alloy and various coatings prepared by the method. The wave-absorbing coating is coated on a micro-arc oxidized ceramic layer on the surface of the magnesium alloy, so that the comprehensive coating which is good in corrosion resistance and in wave-absorbing functionality can be prepared. The invention adopts a magnesium alloy micro-arc oxidation technology and a wave-absorbing coating composite technology, the stable micro-arc oxidation technology is carried out in case of large area by the magnesium alloy micro-arc oxidation technology, and a ceramic layer with a compact microstructure is prepared, so that the corrosion resistance of the magnesium alloy can be obviously improved. The wave-absorbing coating composite technology can be used for sealing the ceramic layer, so that the corrosion resistance of the ceramic layer can be further improved, and the ceramic layer has the function of wave absorption as well. The comprehensive coating provided by the invention has the characteristics of being good in corrosion resistance, wide in electromagnetic wave absorbing frequency range, high in absorption rate, firm in surface bonding and the like, is widely applicable to the fields such as aviation, aerospace, war industry and electronic products, and is high in social value and economic value.

Continuously adjustable degradable terahertz meta-material based on optical driving and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a continuously adjustable degradable terahertz meta-material based on optical driving and preparation method thereof. The degradable terahertz meta-material comprises a sodium alginate substrate, a metal layer and a semiconductor film which are arranged on the sodium alginate substrate; the patterns of the metal layer and the semiconductor film are completely same: three equally spaced openings are formed on the outer ring, two equally spaced openings are formed on the middle ring, and one opening is formed on the inner ring; one of the three openings on the outer ring is aligned with one opening on the middle ring, and the other opening on the middle ring is aligned with the opening on the inner ring. Since the concentrations of carriers produced by the semiconductor film under different optical power excitations are different, the continuous tuning on the electromagnetically responded resonance strength from different conductivities is realized. The meta-material provided by the invention is simple in structure and processing technique, has degradable property and can be used for biomolecule detection, so that the incident electromagnetic wave of the terahertz meta-material has a plurality of frequency bands with continuously tuned strength in the terahertz waveband transmission.

Dephasing control

A system to control an asynchronous tri-phase motor where said system comprises: at least one filter directly coupled to the current of the Alternative Current (AC) line; a rectifier which rectifies the line current, a doubler which reduces the curl, elevates the voltage and delivers a voltage in Direct Current, a braking resistance which helps to dissipate energy when the system is in braking mode, a shunt resistance, which helps to measure the current which flows from the V-line between the doubler and the IGBT module, a source, which adapts the voltage which the microcontroller consumes and peripheries (operational amplifiers, detectors, etc.), a line regulator to remove curls and line noise, a microcontroller to process, admit and emit control signals, a potential module which emits a PWM train pulse with a frequency determined by the microcontroller towards the IGBT module when the microcontroller indicates such, an IGBT module, which receives the PWM pulse train adapting and coupling them to an H bridge, to thus allow the flow of high voltage in DC emanating from the doubler towards the electric motor, a retro-feeding line towards the microcontroller to measure current, a velocity detector coupled mechanically to the motor and which sends a signal or pulse train towards the microcontroller; as well as the acceleration or braking methods consistent in the measurement of the slip S of said tri-phase motor.
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