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Method and system for providing interactive media VCR control

A method and system for providing flexible subscriber VCR control of an interactive media system that limits the consumption of bandwidth capacity, the method comprising establishing a viewing time window during which a subscriber can watch an ordered program, enabling the subscriber to freely pause, rewind, and fast-forward the program so long as the end of the program does not exceed the end of the window, automatically tracking the remaining program running time against the time remaining in the window, deactivating the pause and rewind features if the remaining program running time equals the time remaining in the window, and reactivating the pause and rewind features if the program is fast-forwarded such that the time remaining in the window exceeds the remaining program running time. The system of the present invention is any interactive media system that delivers video streams such as an interactive television system that supports services such as pay-per-view and video-on-demand, or an internet-based interactive media system that downloads video streams through the internet to be played on a subscriber's personal computer or other viewing device.

Renewable energy integrated storage and generation systems, apparatus, and methods with cloud distributed energy management services

A software platform in communication with networked distributed energy resource energy storage apparatus, configured to deliver various specific applications related to offset demand monitoring, methods of virtual power plant and orchestration, load shaping services, methods of reducing demand at aggregated level, prioritizing computer programs related to virtual energy pool, energy cloud controllers methods, charge discharge orchestration plans of electric vehicles, distributed energy resources, machine learning predictive algorithms, value optimizing algorithms, autonomous sensing event awareness, mode selection methods, capacity reservation monitoring, virtual power plant methods, advanced DER-ES apparatus features, energy management system for governing resources and methods, aggregated energy cloud methods, load shaping methods, marginal cost cycle-life degradation, load shaping API, forward event schedule, on demand request, and load service state request methods. Various rules, constraints of predictive algorithms for signal inputs to determine incremental storage cycles, cycle life degradation marginal cost, iterative and forward event schedule development, and load control.

Method for Forming Oxide Film by Plasma-Assisted Processing

A method for forming an oxide film by plasma-assisted processing includes: (i) supplying a precursor reactive to none of oxygen, CxOy, and NxOy (x and y are integers) without a plasma to a reaction space wherein a substrate is placed; (ii) exposing the precursor to a plasma of CxOy and / or NxOy in the reaction space; and (iii) forming an oxide film on the substrate using the precursor and the plasma.

Naturally contoured, preformed, three dimensional mesh device for breast implant support

A preformed, seamless, three-dimensional, anatomically contoured prosthetic device for reinforcing breast tissue and supporting a breast implant includes a flat back wall, a concave front wall and a curved transitional region between the flat back wall and the front wall defining a smoothly curved bottom periphery. A concave receiving space is defined by the back wall and the front wall for at least partially receiving and supporting the breast implant therein. The three-dimensional prosthetic device is free of wrinkles, creases, folds or seams, which may have otherwise caused potential tissue irritation, bacteria hosting, infection and palpability problems.

Recombinant IL-9 antibodies and uses thereof

InactiveUS20050002934A1Reduces function and activity and expressionReduced activityAntibacterial agentsNervous disorderAutoimmune diseaseImmunologic specificity
The present invention provides novel antibodies that immunospecifically bind to an IL-9 polypeptide and compositions comprising said antibodies. The present invention also provides methods and compositions preventing, treating, managing, and / or ameliorating diseases and disorders associated with aberrant expression and / or activity of IL 9 or IL-9 receptor or subunits thereof, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, proliferative diseases, and infections comprising administration of one or more antibodies thereof that immunospecifically bind to an IL-9 polypeptide. The invention also encompasses methods and compositions for diagnosing, monitoring, and prognosing these disorders. The present invention further relates to articles of manufacture and kits comprising antibodies that immunospecifically bind to an IL-9 polypeptide.
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