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Definitive diagnostic data are a specific type of data used in the investigation and diagnosis of IT system problems; transaction performance, fault/error or incorrect output.

Process for comprehensive surgical assist system by means of a therapy imaging and model management system (TIMMS)

This invention provides a process and system for a comprehensive surgical assist system, called a Therapy Imaging and Model Management System (TIMMS), which combines and integrates all of the necessary information and communication technology; workflow analysis, data processing and data synthesis; interactive interfaces between surgeon and mechatronic devices; and, cognitive agents; to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout complex medical and surgical therapies, such as image guided surgery. The components of this invention, which are modular, scalable and may be distributed in location, act synergistically to provide functionality and utility that exceeds the sum of its individual parts.
A method of performing surgery on a patient comprising the step of comparing a chosen patient's data to statistical data in a repository of patient data to develop a patient specific model, wherein the data comprises information from two or more sub databases selected from the group consisting of workflow data, electronic medical records, diagnostic data, biological data, measurement data, anatomical data, physiological data, genetic data, molecular data, imaging data, chemical data, clinical laboratory data, simulated data, coordinate data and surgical result and wherein the patient specific model aids in the preoperative, operative or post operative phase of surgery performed in real time on the patient.

Augmented reality glasses for medical applications and corresponding augmented reality system

The invention describes augmented reality glasses (1) for medical applications configured to be worn by a user, comprising a frame (15) that supports a glasses lens (2a, 2b), wherein the frame (15) comprises an RGB lighting system comprising RGB-emitting devices (16a, 16b, 16c) configured to emit light beams (B1, B2, B3); first optical systems (17a, 17b, 17c) configured to collimate at least partially said beams (B1, B2, B3) into collimated beams (B1c; B2c; B3c); wherein the frame (15) further comprises a display (3) configured to be illuminated by the RGB lighting system (16) by means of the collimated beams (B1c; B2c; B3c); to receive first images (I) from a first processing unit (10); to emit the first images (I) as second images (IE1) towards the glasses lens (2a, 2b), wherein the lens (2a, 2b) is configured to reflect the second images (IE1) coming from the display (3) as images projected (IP) towards an internal zone (51) of the glasses corresponding to an eye position zone of the user who is wearing the glasses in a configuration for use of the glasses. The invention moreover describes an augmented reality system for medical applications on a user comprising the augmented reality glasses (1) of the invention, biomedical instrumentation (100) configured to detect biomedical and / or therapeutic and / or diagnostic data of a user and to generate first data (D1) representative of operational parameters (OP_S) associated with the user, transmitting means (101) configured to transmit the first data (D1) to the glasses (1); wherein the glasses (1) comprise a first processing unit (10) equipped with a receiving module (102) configured to receive the first data (D1) comprising the operational parameters (OP_S) associated with the user.

Multifunctional remote fault diagnosis system for electric control automobile

The invention relates to a multifunctional remote fault diagnosis system for an electric control automobile. The multifunctional remote fault diagnosis system comprises a remote fault diagnosis service center, PC (Personal Computer) diagnosis client sides and a diagnosis communication device. The remote fault diagnosis service center serves as a key of the system and is mainly used for realizing an automobile fault diagnosis network management function and an automobile remote fault diagnosis assistance function; the PC diagnosis client sides are mainly used for providing specific automobile diagnosis application functions and remote diagnosis interfaces for users with different rights through human-computer interaction interfaces; and the diagnosis communication device is mainly used for realizing the data communication between the PC diagnosis client sides and a vehicle-mounted network and providing diagnosis data service for upper applications. By means of the multifunctional remote fault diagnosis system, with the remote fault diagnosis service center as a core and all PC diagnosis client sides as nodes, an automobile fault diagnosis network is established; automobile diagnosis data sharing is realized by means of the diagnosis communication device; multifunctional automobile remote fault assistance and fault elimination help can be provided; automobile fault information is subjected to statistic analysis; and a reliable automobile quality report is provided for an automobile manufacturer.

Multifunctional comprehensive type electric control automobile fault diagnosis system

The invention relates to a multifunctional comprehensive type electric control automobile fault diagnosis system. The multifunctional comprehensive type electric control automobile fault diagnosis system comprises a vehicle-mounted network, a vehicle communication interface (VCI) system and personal computer (PC) diagnosis software. The system comprises two working modes: an off-line mode and an on-line mode. Under the off-line mode, the VCI system is connected with the vehicle-mounted network; fault diagnosis of a plurality of protocols and different module types is realized by the VCI system; functions of reading a fault code, removing the fault code, reading a frozen frame, reading a data stream and reading module information are realized; a diagnosis result is displayed by a liquid crystal display screen; and a function of storing diagnosis data is achieved. Under the on-line mode, the VCI system is connected with the vehicle-mounted network; the PC diagnosis software is connectedwith the VCI system; and the fault diagnosis of the plurality of protocols is realized. Besides the functions provided by a diagnosis protocol, a diagnosis application module also provides functions of monitoring data of the vehicle-mounted network and generating a diagnosis result report.

Dynamic generation of context-sensitive data and instructions for troubleshooting problem events in information network systems

A system and method for dynamically providing information to an administrator of a computing environment such as an administrator of a network system that is relevant to a particular problem event. This information includes contextual instructions and diagnostic data that will assist the network administrator in the analysis of the problem event. Generally, the invention automatically obtains from relevant computing environment entities pertinent information likely to be necessary to troubleshoot the particular problem event. The context-sensitive information is presented dynamically on a display for consideration and interaction by the network administrator. Specifically, the invention includes a database of executable troubleshooting (TS) profiles each specifically designed for a particular type of problem event. Each such TS profile references one or more troubleshooting data miner modules included in a library of such modules that accesses particular hardware or software entities in the network system for particular information. When a TS profile is invoked to assist a network administrator troubleshoot a particular type of problem event, the referenced data miner modules are executed and generate or cause the generator of troubleshooting instructions and diagnostic data which is then displayed to the network administrator.
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