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In computer networking a routing table, or routing information base (RIB), is a data table stored in a router or a network host that lists the routes to particular network destinations, and in some cases, metrics (distances) associated with those routes. The routing table contains information about the topology of the network immediately around it. The construction of routing tables is the primary goal of routing protocols. Static routes are entries made in a routing table by non-automatic means and which are fixed rather than being the result of some network topology "discovery" procedure.

Fault tolerant shared system resource with communications passthrough providing high availability communications

A communications passthrough mechanism for high availability network communications between a shared system resource and clients of the system resource. The system resource includes a control/processing sub-system including multiple peer blade processors. A port of each blade processor is connected to each client/server network path and each client is connected to a corresponding port of each blade processor. Each blade processor includes a network fault detector exchanging beacon transmissions with other blade processors through corresponding blade processor ports and network paths. Each blade processor includes response generator responsive to a failure to receive a beacon transmission from a failed port of an other blade processor for redirecting the client communications to the failed port on the other blade processor to the corresponding port of the blade processor. A path manager in the blade processor is responsive to operation of the response generator for modifying the communications routing table to correspond with the redirection message to route the client communications to the failed port of the other blade processor to the other blade processor through the inter-processor communications link. Each blade processor may also include an inter-blade communications monitor for detecting a failure in the inter-processor communications link between the blade processor and another blade processor, reading the communications routing table to select a functional network communications path to a port of the other blade processor, and modifying the communications routing table to redirect inter-processor communications to the selected functional network communications path.

Scheme of sending email to mobile devices

A method, apparatus, client and server are directed at providing a simplified scheme to deliver email messages that include text message body, and/or MIME attachments from desktop computing devices to messaging (such as SMS) and wireless internet capable phones. A web form is provided for users to compose messages and/or adding MIME attachments from their PC. Also provided in the form are input fields for users to enter device numbers for recipients. Upon submitting the form, message body and MIME attachments are uploaded and stored on the server. An email WAP page that contains the message body and the links to all the MIME attachments is created dynamically and stored on the server. The server then queries a service database and looks up a domain routing table to build the email like messaging addresses for recipients. The server sends a notification message with an embedded link to the email like messaging addresses. The link, such as a URL, a script, an executable, a program, and the like, pointing to the email WAP page, can be invoked from mobile devices. When the link is invoked on the mobile device, it sends a request to the server for the email WAP page. Upon receiving the request from the mobile device, the server collects the information about the mobile device; queries a device database for formats, display and capabilities; locates and loads the email WAP page; converts the MIME attachments to the formats supported by the mobile device; formats the email WAP page for display on the mobile device; delivers the formatted email WAP page to the mobile device. The email WAP page can be viewed, downloaded, and played on the mobile device. The scheme of the present invention supports a device number based authentication. The scheme of the present invention can also be implemented to deliver email messages to multiple mobile devices. The scheme of the present invention can expand the PC to SMS capabilities by enabling text messaging with arbitrary message length.
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Unified routing scheme for ad-hoc internetworking

Routing table update messages that include both network-level and link-level addresses of nodes of a computer network are exchanged among the nodes of the computer network. Further, a routing table maintained by a first one of the nodes of the computer network may be updated in response to receiving one or more of the update messages. The routing table is preferably updated by selecting a next node to a destination node of the computer network only if every intermediate node in a path from the next node to the destination node satisfies a set of nodal conditions required by the first node for its path to the destination node and the next node offers the shortest distance to the destination node and to every intermediate node along the path from the next node to the destination node. The shortest distance to the destination node may be determined according to one or more link-state and / or node-state metrics regarding communication links and nodes along the path to the destination node. Also, the nodal characteristics of the nodes of the computer system may be exchanged between neighbor nodes, prior to updating the routing table. Preferred paths to one or more destination nodes may be computed according to these nodal characteristics, for example using a Dijkstra shortest-path algorithm.
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