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Walking type incremental launching device and bridge incremental launching construction method using same

The invention provides a walking type incremental launching device. The device comprises a slide box, a slideway, a translation jack, a jacking jack and a deviation-rectifying jack assembly, wherein the slide box comprises slide box body units and slide box body connectors connecting the slide box body units; the slide box body units are movably connected by bolts; the slide box body units and the slide box body connectors are movably connected by bolts; the slide box body connectors are movably connected by bolts; the slideway comprises slideway body units and slideway body connectors; the slideway body units are movably connected by bolts; the slideway body units and the slideway body connectors are movably connected by bolts; the slideway body connectors are movably connected by bolts; the whole slide box is put on the slideway and is of an up-down structure; the jacking jack is installed in a jacking jack installation barrel on the slideway; the translation jack is installed on a translation jack installation plate on the slideway; and the deviation-rectifying jack assembly is installed on a deviation-rectifying jack installation rack on the slideway. Used in a method for bridge incremental launching construction, the device has the characteristics of strong generality, convenience in construction and low cost.

Supercavitating navigation body model with internal steering gear

A supercavitating navigation body model with an internal steering gear comprises a head cone section with a cavitation device and a cabin with an empennage. The cabin comprises a pressure measuring cabin section, a motor cabin section, a feedback cabin section and an empennage cabin section, the adjacent cabin sections are fixedly connected and sealed, the steering gear is arranged in the cabin and comprises a transmission shaft driven by a motor and a speed reducer, the transmission shaft is provided with a rotary encoder, one shaft end of the transmission shaft is fixedly connected with a driving bevel gear, the two ends of a hollow shaft are respectively and fixedly connected with a rudder spindle, the axis of the hollow shaft is perpendicular to the axis of the transmission shaft, the hollow shaft is provided with a driven bevel gear meshed with the driving bevel gear for transmission, the motor and the speed reducer are fixedly installed in the motor cabin section, the rotary encoder is located in the feedback cabin section, the transmission shaft penetrates through the feedback cabin section and stretches into the empennage cabin section, and the two rudder spindles are rotataby supported against the empennage cabin section and form the empennage. The steering gear can be arranged in the supercavitating navigation body model in an integrated mode, and active control and angle feedback for the two rudder spindles can be achieved.

Integrated fish tank with flower pot

The invention relates to an integrated fish tank with a flower pot, which comprises at least one transparent fish tank body and a flower pot body, wherein the flower pot body is placed on the fish tank body and is used as a groove-shaped fish tank cover, a biochemical filtering layer is laid on the inner bottom of the flower pot body and is provided with rockwork and/or carbonized wood, plants are planted in seams, grooves and holes between the rockwork and the carbonized wood, or water planting plants are directly planted on the biochemical filtering layer, the flower pot body is internally fixed with an overflow pipe downwards passing through the biochemical filtering layer and the pot bottom and controlling the water level of the flower pot, and the outlet pipe of a miniature water pump arranged in the fish tank is connected to the flower pot body. The invention not only beautifully integrates the flower pot with the fish tank in appearance so that a compact and simple integral structure is achieved and enjoyment and decoration effects are intensive and colorful, but also improves the water body quality and the aquarium culturing service life because the water body realizes the ecological circulation, saves the cost and is convenient to integrally manage.

Compact simultaneous distilling and extracting device

ActiveCN101912694ASimple heating deviceThe overall structure is compactSolvent extractionExtractive distillationChemistryRotary evaporator
The invention discloses a compact simultaneous distilling and extracting device, which comprises a simultaneous distilling and extracting kit and a condensing system, wherein the simultaneous distilling and extracting kit is formed by interconnecting a water vapor conduit, a condensate return pipe, a water vapor heating sleeve, a solvent vapor conduit and a mixed extracting and condensing cavity;the condensing system comprises a detachable double spiral condensing pipe and a hollow condensing jacket; the double spiral condensing pipe is in ground sleeve joint with the mixed extracting and condensing cavity; and the hollow condensing jacket is matched with the double spiral condensing pipe to form a condensing part of the mixed extracting and condensing cavity. The device combines the technical characteristics of a soxhlet extracting device and a rotary evaporimeter, adopts a double spiral condensing structure, simplifies a heating device, and has the advantages of more compact overall structure, small occupied space, detachability and convenient cleaning; and the difference between mixed extracting and condensing in space position of the cavity body is favorable for separately mixing and condensing the vapor (air), thereby improving the working efficiency of distilling and extracting, and saving energy by 25% by vapor heating.

Battery pole piece guillotine

The invention relates to a battery pole piece guillotine, which comprises a workbench, a loading mechanism, a feeding mechanism fixed on the upper end surface of the workbench, and a sending mechanism are fixed on the lower part of the workbench; one side of the sending mechanism of the workbench is provided with a cutting mould and a belt conveying mechanism; battery pole pieces are stored on the loading mechanism; the battery pole pieces on the loading mechanism are conveyed to the input part port of the cutting mould by the sending mechanism one by one; then, the battery pole pieces on the input part port are pushed to the cutting mould by the feeding mechanism to be cut; and finally, the belt conveying mechanism outputs the cut battery pole piece to finish the cutting of the battery pole piece. The whole cutting action is accomplished in one breath, continuous and efficient cutting is realized, battery cutting efficiency is improved, cutting equipment is of a desktop module combined structure, and each action structure is reasonable in design and is combined into a whole. The battery pole piece guillotine has the advantages of compact integral structure, small land occupation and convenience in repairing and replacing, and manufacture cost is lowered.

Change-over switch

The invention discloses a change-over switch, which comprises a base, wherein the base is provided with two groups of contact mechanisms and two sets of reversing mechanisms; each set of reversing mechanism drives one group of contact mechanisms to achieve opening and closing; each set of reversing mechanism comprises an operation rotating shaft, an electromagnetic coil, a reset pressure spring, a movable iron core, a reversing plate, a limiting rod, a linkage part, a drive pin, a connecting pin and a first tension spring; each reversing plate is provided with a guide positioning hole or a guide positioning groove; two guide bevel edges and two positioning grooves are arranged in the inner side surface of each guide positioning hole or guide positioning groove; two guide bevel edges are distributed in a splayed form; one end of each drive pin is inserted into the corresponding guide positioning hole or guide positioning groove; when the electromagnetic coils are energized, the corresponding operation rotating shafts drive the corresponding contact mechanisms to open and close; when the electromagnetic coils are de-energized, the reset pressure springs drive the corresponding movable iron cores to reset; and the first tension springs drive the corresponding drive pins to be matched in the corresponding positioning grooves to position the corresponding reversing plates and operation rotating shafts. The change-over switch is compact in structure, relatively small in volume and relatively high in action reliability.

Centrifugal atomization device

The invention provides a centrifugal atomization device. The centrifugal atomization device comprises a shell, wherein a water tank, a water pump and an atomization mechanism are arranged in the shell; the atomization mechanism comprises a centrifugal plate, a motor driving the centrifugal plate to rotate and mist making grids; a water outlet is arranged above the centrifugal plate, the water pumpis connected with the water outlet through a water inlet pipe, and the mist making grids are arranged on the outer side of the centrifugal plate in the circumferential direction; a vortex cover is further arranged above the centrifugal plate; a plurality of vortex plates are arranged below the vortex cover; water is thrown out by the centrifugal plate, then impacts the mist making grids to form fine mist and then bounces back to the centrifugal plate, forming water mist airflow rotating along the plate surface of the centrifugal plate at a high speed; and the water mist airflow is guided by the vortex plates and then moves to the center of the centrifugal plate and rises to form spiral mist flow, and then the spiral mist flow is discharged from mist outlet holes formed in the shell. The centrifugal atomization device has the beneficial effects of being high in atomization efficiency and good in atomization effect, and is suitable for air humidifiers, air purifiers and other equipmentneeding atomization.

Biogas liquid and biogas residue solid-liquid separation method

The invention relates to a biogas liquid and biogas residue solid-liquid separation method, and belongs to the technical field of general physical separating operation. The method adopts a centrifugal mechanism, an auxiliary stirring mechanism, a non-shaft spiral pressing mechanism and a squeezing mechanism for separation of a biogas liquid and a biogas residue, and the centrifugal mechanism, the auxiliary stirring mechanism, the non-shaft spiral pressing mechanism and the squeezing mechanism communicate with one another through pipe connectors orderly from front to back. The method comprises the following steps: 1) the biogas liquid and the biogas residue are subjected to first-stage centrifugal dehydration with the centrifugal mechanism, at the moment, 15-20% of water is removed, the separated biogas liquid is discharged, and the separated biogas residue is transported to the auxiliary stirring mechanism; 2) with addition of rice hull or straw powder, the rice hull or straw powder is stirred and mixed with the biogas residue in the auxiliary stirring mechanism, then the mixed material is discharged from the interior of the auxiliary stirring mechanism; and 3) the material after being mixed evenly is transported to the squeezing mechanism from the auxiliary stirring mechanism through the non-shaft spiral pressing mechanism and is subjected to second-stage squeezing dehydration with the squeezing mechanism, and at the moment, 10-15% of water is removed. The method has the advantages that the separation efficiency of the biogas liquid and the biogas residue is high, the raw materials have good adaptability and the water content of a filter cake is low.

Power battery module based on coupling cooling of loop heat pipe and phase change material

ActiveCN111106411AThe overall structure is compactEfficient and uniform heat dissipationSecondary cellsBatteriesLoop heat pipePower battery
The invention discloses a power battery module based on coupling cooling of a loop heat pipe and a phase change material. The power battery module comprises a battery module, a cooling system and a phase change system, wherein the battery module comprises a plurality of battery cells arranged side by side left and right. The cooling system comprises evaporation plates and a condenser. A number ofevaporation plates are correspondingly arranged between the adjacent battery cells. The phase change system comprises a plurality of solid-solid phase change plates, and the solid-solid phase change plates are correspondingly arranged between the evaporation plates and the battery cells. The upper end of each evaporation plate is firstly communicated with a condensation cavity in a condenser abovethe battery box body through an air guide pipe, and then is communicated with the lower end of the evaporation plate through a liquid guide pipe on the side edge of the condensation cavity to form acirculation loop. The power battery module based on coupling cooling of the loop heat pipe and the phase change material is simple and compact in structure. Efficient and uniform heat dissipation of the battery module is achieved through mutual combination of the loop and the phase change material. Cyclic utilization of an evaporation working medium is achieved, and energy consumption is reduced.

Dual-polarized wideband flat array antenna feed network

The invention belongs to the technical field of design and manufacture of waveguide antennas, and in particular relates to a dual-polarized broadband flat panel array antenna feeding network. The feed network includes polarization separators, and the polarization separators form a basic array distribution of four rows and four columns; the vertical polarization unit includes a first vertical polarization power splitter, a second vertical polarization power splitter, a third a vertical polarization power divider and a fourth vertical polarization power divider; the horizontal polarization unit includes a first horizontal polarization power divider, a second horizontal polarization power divider, a third horizontal polarization power divider and a fourth horizontal polarization power divider Horizontal polarized power splitter; there is a waveguide arm between the two adjacent first vertical polarized power splitters on the second row and the third row for the two input ports of the fourth horizontal polarized power splitter to pass through The gap; the output port of the fourth horizontal polarization power splitter is located in the reserved area between the third row and the fourth row of polarization splitters. The invention has the advantages of compact structure, wide bandwidth and low profile, and can be used as a feed network for broadband dual-polarization antennas.

Pipe section punching machine, pipe section feeding device and pipe section processing equipment

The invention relates to a pipe section punching machine, a pipe section feeding device and pipe section processing equipment, and belongs to the technical field of pipe material processing. The pipesection punching machine comprises a pipe section punching device and the pipe section feeding device; the pipe section feeding device comprises a fixed hopper, and a movable hopper driven by a switching unit so as to move between the butt-joint position and the avoidance position in a reciprocating way; material troughs are arranged on the fixed hopper and the movable hopper; when at the butt-joint position, the material troughs of the movable hopper and the fixed hopper adaptively align at each other; when at the avoidance position, the movable hopper is deviated from the fixed hopper, so that a discharge hole is formed; a pushing mechanism is fixedly arranged on an installation frame; and when the movable hopper is located at the butt-joint position, on the basis that the movable hoppersupports and guides the pipe section moving process, a pipe section placed on the fixed hopper is pushed to the outside of a punching hole mold core sleeved in the pipe section punching device. The pipe section feeding device with the structure arrangement is simplified in control, optimized in structure, and widely applied to the manufacturing technology fields of air conditioners, automobiles and the like.

Intelligent moxibustion and moxibustion treatment system

The invention provides an intelligent moxibustion and a moxibustion treatment system. The intelligent moxibustion comprises an intelligent moxibustion apparatus, a moxibustion smoke treatment unit and a smoke gas communicating soft pipe; the intelligent moxibustion apparatus comprises a lifting mechanism arranged inside a shell, a planetary rotating mechanism, a universal swinging mechanism, a moxibustion installation component and a control circuit board; the moxibustion installation component is fixedly connected with the universal swinging mechanism in a detachable mode; the universal swinging mechanism is connected in a transmission mode with the planetary rotating mechanism; the planetary rotating mechanism is arranged on the lifting mechanism; the lifting mechanism can be flexibly arranged inside the shell; the control circuit board is fixedly arranged on the lifting mechanism; the moxibustion smoke treatment system comprises an oily smoke filter unit, plasma cells and a post-processing unit and a main control board arranged on a box body which are in sequence arranged in a box body; and the main control board of the moxibustion smoke treatment unit is communicated with the control electric circuit board of the intelligent moxibustion apparatus. The intelligent moxibustion and the moxibustion treatment system are relatively low in cost, easy to use and can be used to simulate the actions of the practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and moxibustion, and can have a more thorough cleaning treatment of the moxibustion smoke.

Rescue device for failure emergency of separation of aircraft undercarriages from runways

The invention discloses a rescue device for a failure emergency of separation of aircraft undercarriages from runways. The rescue device comprises a U-shaped frame body, and a lifting mechanism and a locking mechanism of an aircraft undercarriage, wherein a plurality of bearing universal wheels are arranged at the bottom of the U-shaped frame body; the lifting mechanism and the locking mechanism are arranged on the U-shaped frame body and are driven by hydraulic cylinders and motors to move, the frame body, the lifting mechanism and the locking mechanism can be formed by the welding of high-strength steel and high-strength alloy or the butting of high-strength bolts, and controllers are connected to the hydraulic cylinders and the motors so as to perform operation and control; the butting of the device and an aircraft only comprises locking operation and lifting operation, the butting can be completed within 5 minutes, and the situation that when the aircraft has tire burst, the aircraft can be drawn to leave a runway at the first time is realized. The rescue device disclosed by the invention has the advantages of reasonable design, compact layout, small size, high efficiency, high safety, high reliability, and high practicality.

Single-pile cyclic loading model test system capable of preparing anisotropic sandy soil sample

The invention relates to a single-pile cyclic loading model test system capable of preparing an anisotropic sandy soil sample. The single-pile cyclic loading model test system comprises a model casing preparation device, a single-pile horizontal cyclic loading device and a slide rail, wherein the model casing preparation device comprises a model casing mechanism, a sand pouring mechanism and a sand scattering mechanism; the model casing mechanism is connected with the slide rail in a sliding manner; the sand pouring mechanism and the single-pile horizontal cyclic loading device are sequentially erected above the slide rail; the sand scattering mechanism is arranged on the sand pouring mechanism. Compared with the prior art, the single-pile cyclic loading model test system can finish preparations of different anisotropic sandy soils, the sand scattering height can be adjusted to change the compactness of the sample, and a hopper can be mechanically operated in the sand scattering process, therefore, both time and labor are saved, and the uniformity of the sample is guaranteed; accurate control and continuous and stable output of the horizontal cyclic load in the single-pile cyclic model test can be realized; a support frame for sand scattering can also serve as a pile sinking device; a sample preparation device and a loading test device are integrated, the functions are complete and the operation is simple and convenient.
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