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Grippers, sometimes called hand grippers, are primarily used for testing and increasing the strength of the hands; this specific form of grip strength has been called crushing grip, which has been defined as meaning the prime movers are the four fingers, rather than the thumb.

Ultrasonically Powered Medical Devices and Systems, and Methods and Uses Thereof

The present invention provides a new family of ultrasonically powered medical devices and systems for powering such devices. Disclosed are methods for improving the overall power transfer efficiency of devices according to the present invention, as well as a wide variety of medical uses for such devices and systems. Devices of the present invention comprise a transducer that, during operation, converts electrical energy into high frequency, low amplitude mechanical vibrations that are transmitted to a driven-member, such as a wheel, that produces macroscopic rotary or linear output mechanical motions. Such motions may be further converted and modified by mechanical means to produce desirable output force and speed characteristics that are transmitted to at least one end-effector that performs useful mechanical work on soft tissue, bone, teeth and the like. Power systems of the present invention comprise one or more such handheld devices electrically connected to a power generator. Examples of powered medical tools enabled by the present invention include, but are not limited to, linear or circular staplers or cutters, biopsy instruments, suturing instruments, medical and dental drills, tissue compactors, tissue and bone debriders, clip appliers, grippers, extractors, and various types of orthopedic instruments. Devices of the present invention may be partly or wholly reusable, partly or wholly disposable, and may operate in forward or reverse directions, as well as combinations of the foregoing. The devices and systems of the present invention provide a safe, effective, and economically viable alternative source for mechanical energy, which is superior to AC or DC (battery) powered motors, compressed air or compressed gas, and hand powered systems.

Automatic Method of Preparing Samples of Total Blood For Analysis, and an Automatic Device For Implementing the Method

The present invention relates to a method of preparing analyses of total blood samples and to a device that is useful for implementing the method, said samples being conserved in tubes including at least one identification means for identifying the sample, the device comprising:
    • at least one compartment constituting a said storage zone for storing said tubes before and after analysis; and
    • at least one said read means for reading said identification means of said tubes; and
    • at least one preparation zone for preparing said blood samples prior to analysis and including means for verifying and/or treating said tubes containing said samples, and in particular at least one agitator means for agitating said tubes; and
    • at least one access zone giving access to at least one automatic analyzer of total blood, said access zone enabling a said tube to be placed in said analyzer; and
    • robotic gripper and displacement means controlled by an automatic controller and suitable for taking hold of and replacing said tubes individually in said storage zone and for conveying them in at least three directions XYZ between said storage zone, said preparation zone and said access zone giving access to said analyzer, said analyzer preferably being connected to and/or controlled by said automatic controller.

Data Cartridge Library System

The present invention is directed to a data cartridge library system that realizes a reduced cost by reducing the number of certain components, especially expensive components, that are needed to perform certain functions within the library. With respect to certain functions, a reduced cost is realized by using lower precision componentry in combination with componentry that compensates for lower precision while still providing a reduced component cost with respect to a given function. In one embodiment of the invention, a data cartridge picker is provided that: (1) uses a single electro-mechanical device for the functions of grasping a data cartridge, retracting a grasped cartridge from a drive/storage location, inserting a grasped cartridge into a drive/storage location, and releasing a grasped cartridge once position in a desired location; (2) is capable of compensating for variations in cartridge positioning; (3) has a gripping mechanism that moves in a sinusiodal manner; and (4) avoids the wear and tear associated with moving fully retracted gripper mechanism that is not holding a data cartridge from a fully retracted position to a position at which a cartridge can be retrieved. Another embodiment provides a elevator mechanism for moving the cartridge picker in which the guiding portion of the mechanism is also part of the portion of the mechanism that moves the cartridge picker. A further embodiment employs a face plate extension that facilitates insertion of a data cartridge into a drive by a low precision cartridge transport device. Yet another embodiment provides a removable data cartridge holder that: (1) includes a box-like structure for holding data cartridges and a dust cover that can be placed over the opening of the box-like structure when the holder is not in use and when the holder is in use, attached to the box-like portion; (2) an orientation structure that prevents insertion of a data cartridge into the box-like holder if the cartridge is improperly oriented; and (3) retention clips for preventing accidental dislodgement of a data cartridge located in the box-like structure.

Needle protection apparatus used with a vial

InactiveUS20010004970A1Prevent accidental needle prickInexpensive wayAmpoule syringesDispensing apparatusEngineeringSyringe needle
A needle protection device for a vial has a collar at the base of which a number of finger grippers extend. The collar is placed about the hub of a vial and pushed therealong until the gripper fingers snap over the bottom surface of the needle hub so as to fixedly couple the collar to the needle hub of the vial. Flexibly extending from the collar is a housing that is pivotable to a position in alignment along the longitudinal axis of the vial for enveloping the needle, to thereby prevent the needle from being exposed to the environment. A hook integrated to the inside of the housing ensures that the needle and the housing could no longer move relative to each other once the hook snaps over and traps the needle, as the housing is pivoted to its alignment position. For those vials that have a needle hub that extends smoothly from the vial, a second embodiment of the instant invention has, in place of the collar, a base that has two extending arms with coacting ends. Once the base is slipped over the vial and positioned appropriately therealong, the arms are pressed towards each other until the two coacting ends lock into place to thereby fixedly couple the base to the vial. A housing flexibly extending from the base is pivoted to a position in alignment with the longitudinal axis of the vial for enveloping a needle that extends from the hub of the vial.
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