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Ecological slope protection vegetation building blocks as well as making method and construction process

The present invention relates to a building block of ecological slope protection vegetation, a fabrication method and a construction technique. The building block is composed of a growing bed body, a lath crib, planting troughs, a vegetation layer and a plant, the lath crib wraps the circumference of the growing bed body, the upper plane of the growing bed body is lower than the upper plane of the lath crib and concave, the vegetation layer is formed on the growing bed body, which matches the inner walls of the sectional area of the lath crib to form an integral building block, and more than one planting troughs are arranged on and run through the growing bed body. The design of the present invention is scientific, the structure is reasonable, the restoration of water ecology can reduce the operating cost, environment is improved, ecology is reinstated, harmonious natural beauty is enhanced, and the present invention is suitable for the nidification of small living creatures and the habitation and the survival of aquatic fishes, so that the cutting-off continuity of water and land regions is restored. The present invention is widely applied to channel slope protection, levee slopes, roadsides, airports, parks, public lands, household lawns, sports grounds, etc. The present invention is suitable for cold regions, damp regions, warm and damp intermediate zone, etc.

Construction method of cast-in-site planting concrete revetment

InactiveCN103362132AAvoid destructionAvoid the shortcomings of insufficient self-weight and inability to resist water erosionCoastlines protectionExcavationsEngineeringRevetment
The invention relates to the technical field of revetments and provides a construction method of a cast-in-site planting concrete revetment. The concrete revetment manufactured by utilizing the method has the advantages of high strength, good overall landscape effect, strong gradient adaptability, no water-body pollution, water erosion resistance, larger revetment self-weight, safety and reliability, and a water body can be effectively protected. The construction method comprises the following steps of 1, prefabricating acid nutrient soil; 2, arranging a side slope and pouring a concrete lattice frame; 3, pre-placing a nutrient layer; 4, laying inverted-filtering geotechnical cloth on the nutrient layer; 5, pouring planting concrete; 6 carrying out water-preserving, heat-preserving, fertilizer-preserving and alkalinity-reducing processing on the planting concrete; and 7, finally, uniformly spreading the seeds of greening grass and the nutrient soil onto the surface of the planting concrete to form a planting layer with the thickness of 1.8 to 2.2cm, and covering a non-woven fabric onto the surface of the planting layer for watering, moisture preservation and maintenance until the greening grass covers the whole green area.

Liftable submerged plant growth bed and production and use method thereof

ActiveCN101356881ASolve the lack of light transmissionSolve the problem of not growingAgriculture gas emission reductionCultivating equipmentsVegetationGrowth plant
An elevator submerged plant growing bed, a production method thereof and an application method thereof belong to the technical field of ecological environment engineering. By adopting the device, the recovery of submerged vegetation can be carried out in a water area with low-transparence water bodies, big water-level fluctuation and nearly no submerged plant. The device consists of five parts, namely, a bed body, a buoyancy regulation and control system, a fixing system, a depth regulating system, plants and growth matrixes thereof, wherein, the bed body consists of a bamboo joint and a steel frame which are fixed; the buoyancy control comprises a floating ball combination and a buoyancy bamboo joint combination; the fixing system is a pythmic fixing member and a connecting line between the pythmic fixing member and the bed body; the depth regulating system comprises a floating ball adjusting rope and a measuring device; and the plants and the growth matrixes comprise submerged plants, mud placing bamboo joints and bottom mud for plant growth. The device designed in the invention can provide a carrier for the water bodies in which the recovery of the submerged vegetation is hard to carry out under the existing natural conditions, which is favorable for the recovery of the submerged vegetation.

Rice field-fishpond planting and breeding compound system

The invention relates to a rice field-fishpond planting and breeding compound system, which belongs to the technical field of comprehensive utilization of agricultural ecological aquaculture. The compound system comprises a rice field, a fishpond, a simple ecological ditch and a strengthened ecological ditch, wherein the rice field is arranged at one end of the fishpond; the strengthened ecological ditch and a water collecting tank are respectively arranged on one side of each of the fishpond and the rice field; the simple ecological ditch is formed in the rice field; a small overflow port is formed in the simple ecological ditch; the rice field is communicated with the water collecting tank by a large overflow port; the fishpond is communicated with the simple ecological ditch by a water suction pump. According to the rice field-fishpond planting and breeding compound system disclosed by the invention, the rice field planting and the fishpond breeding are organically combined by the ecological ditches, so that the fishpond breeding water is refluxed to a new circulating water planting-breeding mode after being purified by the rice field and the ecological ditch. Moreover, the problems that an existing rice-orientated planting-breeding mode with the fish breeding has rice-fish contradictions including field drying, fertilizer applying, pest controlling and the like in the production process, and is limited in yield and inconvenient for large-area popularization are solved.
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