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Multi-position lower limb rehabilitation training robot

The invention belongs to the field of rehabilitation medical equipment and in particular relates to a multi-position lower limb rehabilitation training robot. The robot comprises a supporting mechanism, a patient fixing system, a lower limber training device and a control system. The lower limber training mechanism utilizes a neutral equilibrium principle, and can be conveniently converted into an outer dynamic-free training mode in a flat-lying state; a patient weight loss and fixation form of connecting the upper body of a patient and a sliding flat plate is adopted; a sole air bag training mechanism is light and flexible, and the patient can achieve a better training effect under the prompt of a lower limber vibration feedback module; exoskeleton lower limber rehabilitation equipment which can realize neutral equilibrium, a flat plate type fixed weight loss system and functional modules such as the vibration feedback module and the like are integrated to form the system, and the neutral equilibrium, the flat plate with an adjustable distance, and the more intuitive vibration feedback characteristic are fully utilized to realize the functions of the multi-position lower limb rehabilitation training robot in an active control mode, a passive control mode, an impedance control model and the like.

Charging station system of electric automobile and matched charging method thereof

The invention provides a charging station system of an electric automobile and a matched charging method thereof. The charging station system comprises an automobile parking region, a battery replacement unit, a battery storage unit, a charging unit, a low-voltage distribution unit and a high-voltage distribution unit, wherein the automobile parking region is used for packing the electric automobile the batteries of which is to be replaced; the battery replacement unit is used for replacing the batteries of the electric automobile through battery replacement equipment; the battery storage unit is used for storing and charging the batteries; the charging unit is used for charging the batteries stored on the battery storage unit; the low-voltage distribution unit is used for supplying power to the charging unit; and the high-voltage distribution unit is used for converting inputted high-voltage power to low-voltage power. The charging station system of the electric automobile in the invention has the characteristics of reasonable layout and novel structure, can realize rapid charging, improve the charging efficiency and simultaneously replace and charge the batteries of multiple electric automobiles, and has the advantages of high economic level and stable running with lower cost.

Intelligent cleaning robot with air purification function

The invention discloses an intelligent cleaning robot with an air purification function. An air suction opening conversion device is positioned in an air suction opening in the upper end of a damping air suction sleeve, and is composed of an iron sheet, a filter air suction opening, a partitioning board valve seat, a dust collecting and air suction opening, a change-over valve plate, a shaft, a counterweight and an electromagnet. The space communicated with a dust inlet, inside a dust collecting box, is separated into a dust collecting chamber and a labyrinth filter chamber by a partitioning board, an air inlet of the box is communicated with first filter chambers of the dust collecting chamber and the labyrinth filter chamber, and a first partitioning board and a second partitioning board are transversely arranged in the labyrinth filter chamber in a manner of being spaced from each other, so that the labyrinth filter chamber is separated into a first filter chamber, a second filter chamber and a third filter chamber transversely. The intelligent cleaning robot has the functions of sweeping the floor, collecting the dust and mopping the floor, also has the function of purifying the indoor air, and further has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable layout, convenience in transformation, low manufacturing and using costs, and good use effect.

Device and method for controlling planar three-freedom-degree flexible hinge parallel robot

A device and method for controlling a planar three-freedom-degree flexible hinge parallel robot belongs to the technical field of robots and control of the robots and comprises a programmable multi-spindle motion controller, a flexible hinge parallel robot, a main control industrial personal computer, driving modules, a limiting module and a measuring module. The main control industrial personal computer is connected with the programmable multi-spindle motion controller, the programmable multi-spindle motion controller is respectively connected with the driving modules and the limiting module, the output ends of the driving modules are connected with a driving rod of the flexible hinge parallel robot through a driving pair, and the flexible hinge parallel robot is connected with the main control industrial personal computer through the measuring module. By means of the device and method, the three groups of driving modules can be controlled effectively to achieve coordinate motion of three motion branches, planar three-freedom-degree high-precision motion of the flexible hinge parallel robot is finished, and the device and method has the advantage of being fast in system response, good in information processing capacity, high in reliability and the like.

Method for planting oasis protection forest in arid desert region

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The invention discloses a method for planting oasis protection forest in an arid desert region. Planting of first to sixth zones of the protection forest is performed in a region, which has sand sources at oasis edges of the arid desert region and has rainfall greater than 100mm. The method disclosed by the invention has the beneficial effects that 1, different forest categories are arranged from the periphery to the interior of the oasis, so that the whole oasis is uniform in plant distribution and reasonable in layout; 2, not only can desertization at the periphery of the oasis be prevented and controlled, but also wind-sand disaster in the oasis can be prevented and controlled, and the agroecological environment is improved; 3, according to the method, regional environment conditions are utilized, so that the method is easy to implement, rapid in effect taking and good in effect, and has relatively high practicability and operatability; and 4, after the method is implemented, the effect is obvious, through applying the technology to a sand-prevention and sand-resistant region, 85.7%-96% of sand particles of wind-drift sand sediment runoff can be settled, the wind speed is averagely reduced by 36.8% within a 20-times tree height range of a backbone protection forest zone region, and due to the existence of agroforestry, the yield increase rate of wheat is not less than 11%, and the yield increase rate of corn is not less than 10.7%.

Production method of ultralong welding rail and production chain

The invention discloses a production method and a production line for ultralong welded rails. The method has the technical scheme that the procedure of laser surface peening is added to the conventional production process of the ultralong welded rails so as to carry out the operation of laser surface peening on the full-length rails. A laser surface peening system is added to the conventional ultralong welded rail production line to form the ultralong welded rail production line which can produce high abrasion laser strengthening layers. When rail sections are caused to pass through a laser surface peening station, under high laser power, the operation of laser surface peening is simultaneously carried out on the treading face, the upper round angle and the lateral face of a single rail section by utilizing the method of high-speed movement or oscillatory scanning of double laser processing heads with high laser power according to a designed pattern, and finally, the spot, or rectilineal, or curve, or netty, or plane high abrasion and toughening layer with required width and depth can be obtained on the surface of the entire long welding rail. In the premise that the integral favorable obdurability of the rail is maintained, the invention greatly improves the surface abrasion resistance and the service life of the steel rail, reduces the rail replacement frequency, and meets the requirement of high-abrasive-resistance steel rails of high-speed and heavy-load railway trains.

Production line for complete machine finishing and assembly of aircraft

A production line for complete machine finishing and assembly of aircrafts is characterized in that a left and a right two cross mobile platforms, a left and a right horizontal machining centers, and a vertical machining center are symmetrically arranged on a 25-meter mobile platform and two side of the track, wherein the left and the right two cross mobile platforms are used for installing a robot, an accompanied lifting operating platform, a system part installing rack and a thrust device, the left and the right horizontal machining centers are used for finishing a fuselage, the vertical machining center is positioned on the right side and used for finishing the vertical tail of fuselage. The devices on the left and right sides respectively share the same lathe bed, a numerical control system and electrical and hydraulic systems of all the machines are independent, operating procedures are controlled by the master control central of the fuselage, the horizontal machining center is additionally arranged for machining the horizontal machining center, and is positioned on rear of the extension line of the mobile platform, the numerical control system and the electrical and hydraulic systems of the lathe bed are independent, operating procedures are controlled by the master central of wing, and the production line is formed together. In order that the mobile platform is suitable for the extended travel in the direction of the aircraft fuselage on the production line, the invention adopts the driving mode of rack and pinion, thereby completely meeting the requirements on the different aircraft types, proposed by users.

Low-carbon heating thermal-insulation floor tile

The invention discloses a low-carbon heating thermal-insulation floor tile comprising a surface plate layer with an inverted concave shape or a phi shape, and an anti-static anti-interference layer, an electric heating layer and a thermal-insulation material layer which are filled in the surface plate layer in sequence, wherein the middle part of the anti-static anti-interference layer is provided with an anti-static metal conducting wire; one end of the anti-static metal conducting wire is connected with an anti-static metal plug; the left side and the right side of the electric heating layer are symmetrically provided with electrode copper sheets; one end of each electrode copper sheet, being near the anti-static metal plug, is connected with a temperature-resistance waterproof power lead; one end of the temperature-resistance waterproof power lead, being near the electrode copper sheets, is provided with a temperature switch, and the other end is connected with a waterproof seal power plug; the waterproof seal power plug and the anti-static metal plug are led out of the surface plate layer or are respectively arranged in a small hole arranged at one side of the surface plate layer; and the lower part of the thermal-insulation material layer is provided with an inorganic material thermal-insulation seal layer connected with the thermal-insulation material layer. The invention has reasonable design, convenient and simple use, safety, reliability, no pollution, high temperature rise speed and good thermal-insulation effect.

Printing and flocking combined figured cloth and method for making same and major equipment

The invention relates to a printing and flocking combination figured cloth, the manufacturing method and the main equipment. the figured cloth is characterized in that there are printing at the flower location, flocking and printing in the flocking flower location and so on the surface of figured cloth. The manufacturing method of invention is that the printing matrix cloth is printed, glued, flocked in separating color from cloth inputting end to cloth outputting end on the transport mechanism of printing matrix cloth; treatments of drying, cooling, brushing and dust removing so on are accomplished after printing, flocking; then it enters into subsequent equipment to accomplish preparation process. The main equipment of invention comprises the transport mechanism of printing matrix cloth, characterized in that two groups of cylinder printing devices, three groups of cylinder gumming devices, two groups of flocking devices of color separation, three groups of baking devices by hot wind, three groups of wind cold devices by cold wind and a group of brushing dust suction device are set on relative positions from cloth input and output ends in the transport mechanism. Printing elements adopted in the invention are abundant so that varieties with more beautiful and higher grade flocking are added in figured clothes.

Quench machine tool

The invention relates to a quench machine tool which comprises a base, a loading and unloading mechanism arranged on the base, a quench mechanism, a cooling mechanism and a control system, wherein the quench mechanism comprises a workpiece sliding platform, a sensor mobile sliding platform and a power switcher; the workpiece sliding platform comprises a machine frame, a ball screw installed on the machine frame, a workpiece top tip and a workpiece top base; the ball screw is driven by a driving device to drive the workpiece sliding platform to linearly move; the workpiece top base is driven to rotate by the driving device; the sensor mobile sliding platform is arranged to match the workpiece sliding platform, is driven by the driving device to shift and comprises a sensor installed on a transition row of the sensor mobile sliding platform and moving along with the sensor mobile sliding platform; and the power switcher is electrically connected with the sensor mobile sliding platform and controls the sensor mobile sliding platform to switch among loads with different frequencies. The quench machine tool not only has high production efficiency, but also has stable workpiece quality and good workpiece consistency, the whole quench process has reasonable actions and high efficiency, and the requirement of massive and continuous production can be satisfied.

High-speed train front window glass installation device and method

The invention relates to a high-speed train front window glass installation device and method. The high-speed train front window glass installation device comprises a robot body, a robot control device, a glass feeding platform and a traveling device. The robot body is installed on the traveling device. The high-speed train front window glass installation device further comprises a measuring locating device used for collecting spatial position information of a train body window, a polishing device used for polishing the train body window, a grabbing device used for grabbing front window glass, a gluing device used for coating sealant and a central control system. The robot control device, the measuring locating device, the polishing device, the grabbing device, the gluing device and the traveling device are all connected with the central control system. The robot body is selectively connected with the measuring locating device, the polishing device, the grabbing device and the gluing device. The high-speed train front window glass installation device and method have the advantages that the layout is reasonable, the degree of mechanization is high, all the installation operations, from locating and polishing to gluing, of the train front window glass can be realized quickly and accurately, the installation quality is guaranteed and not limited by human factors, the production efficiency is greatly improved, the labor intensity is lowered, meanwhile, an ideal matching state between the front window glass and the train body window can be realized and stress is prevented from being generated during glass installation.

Full-automatic induction varnish stoving method

The invention discloses a full-automatic induction varnish stoving device. The device comprises an outer housing, a conveyor belt penetrates through the left and right ends of the outer housing, a PLCis fixedly installed at the outer side wall of the outer housing, the cavity of the outer housing is divided by a clapboard into a varnish spraying chamber and a stoving chamber, at least three setsof activated carbon filter screens are arranged in the cavity of an exhaust treating box, automatic door mechanisms are fixedly installed on both left and right side plates of the outer housing, and an infrared stoving lamp is fixedly installed on an installation plate. Compared with the prior art, the full-automatic induction varnish stoving device is simple in structure design, and through the device, continuous conveying production can be achieved, discharged exhaust can be purified, the health of workers is ensured, and the air is prevented from being polluted. The invention further discloses a varnish stoving method of the full-automatic induction varnish stoving device. The method comprises the steps of feeding, varnish spraying, stoving and discharging, the operation is simple, varnish stoving can be conducted on a television housing continuously, the degree of automation is high, and the varnish stoving efficiency of the television housing is improved.
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