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Repairing system for double-layer permeable reaction wall, preparation method and application

The invention relates to a repairing system for a double-layer permeable reaction wall. The repairing system is composed of a reduction reaction wall and an oxidizing reaction wall, wherein the reduction reaction wall is located at the upstream of water flow; the oxidizing reaction wall is located at the downstream of the water flow; the reduction reaction wall and the oxidizing reaction wall both have frame box structures; netted articles are arranged on two front sides of the frame box vertical to the flowing direction of underground water and two lateral sides parallel to the flowing direction of underground water; modified zeolite and zero-valent iron powder are filled in the netted articles of the frame box of the reduction reaction wall and are filled to be at the altitude higher than the water line of the underground water; and active oxidants, stable curing adhesives, and slow-release grains formed by mixing zeolite with water are filled in the netted articles of the frame boxof the oxidizing reaction wall and are filled to be at the altitude higher than the water line of the underground water. The repairing system for the double-layer permeable reaction wall provided by the invention has the integrated functions of activating reduction and autocatalyzed oxidation, and is used for realizing the high-efficient removal of nitrobenzene pollutants in the underground water.

Lithium metal negative electrode for secondary battery, preparation method and application of lithium metal negative electrode

ActiveCN107910496AAvoid cloggingHigh specific surface propertiesMaterial nanotechnologyElectrochemical processing of electrodesLithium dendriteCurrent collector
The invention discloses a lithium metal negative electrode for a secondary battery. The lithium metal negative electrode comprises a three-dimensional porous current collector, a lithium metal activesubstance dispersed into pores of the current collector, and a lithium deposition induction layer compounded on any plane of the current collector. Furthermore, the invention further discloses a preparation method and application of the negative electrode, and a lithium-ion secondary battery obtained through assembly of the negative electrode. The lithium metal negative electrode has the unique advantage that the lithium deposition induction layer is deposited on one plane of the current collector, so that unexpected improvement of the stability, especially the stability at high current density (for example, 3-5mA/cm<2>), of the negative electrode is facilitated. According to the method, the problems of pore plugging and lithium dendrite growth caused by preferential deposition of lithiumon the surface of the electrode in the three-dimensional porous lithium negative electrode are effectively solved, the charge-discharge coulomb efficiency of a lithium positive electrode is improved and the cycle life of the lithium positive electrode is prolonged.

Biologic filtration method and device for purifying industrial organic waste gas

The invention provides a biologic filtration method and a device for purifying industrial organic waste gas, which has high efficiency, less investment, low running cost and extensive application range of equipment. The method comprises the following steps: (1) the industrial organic waste gas is sprayed and processed in a spraying tower with a tap water spraying system to remove solid particles; (2) the waste gas enters a biologic trickling filtration tower filled with a biologic filler filled with a composite material for carrying out biologic filtration; inorganic salt nutrition liquid and active sludge which are stored in an aeration tank are evenly sprayed into the biologic trickling filtration tower by a pipeline and a spraying device, and the industrial organic waste gas is adsorbed, absorbed and degraded biologically by a biologic film attached to the surface of the biologic filler and the active sludge from the aeration tank; and (3) the industrial waste gas after being purified is discharged from a waste gas discharge port at the top of the biologic trickling filtration tower, and the active sludge is recirculated into the aeration tank for recycle after being regenerated. The invention has higher processing effect to various industrial mixed organic waste gases and wide application range, and the processed industrial mixed organic waste gases can reach the national emission standard or the emission standard of a manufacturer.

Preparation method of coffee ground activated carbon

The invention discloses a preparation method of coffee ground activated carbon. The preparation method comprises the steps of pretreatment, degreasing, dipping, activization, washing and the like. Firstly, vacuum pyrolysis degreasing is performed on coffee grounds to remove grease in the coffee grounds and carbonization is performed to obtain a precursor of the coffee grounds; then phosphoric acid is taken as an activating agent for dipping and ultrasound at different dipping ratios (the mass ratio of the phosphoric acid with the precursor of the coffee grounds); activating under different vacuum conditions after drying; the effect of the activation conditions of activation final temperature, vacuum degree, heating rate, activation time, the dipping ratio and the like on the performance of the coffee ground activated carbon is overall considered, the prepared coffee ground activated carbon is high in yield, and the iodine adsorption value and methylene blue adsorption value are both above the state first level activated carbon standard (the iodine adsorption value is 1000mg/g and the methylene blue adsorption value is 135mg/g); the coffee ground activated carbon can be used for adsorbing hazardous gas such as formaldehyde in a room after decoration, and is an air purification material with a very good adsorptive property; the whole carbon preparation process has the advantages that the blockage of coffee ground activated carbon pores caused by the coffee ground grease is avoided, the working state parameters are stable, green and environmental protection and non-pollution are realized, and is simple and feasible.

Terminal equipment, core network server, service converging system and method

ActiveCN101895468AOvercoming problems such as blockageAvoid cloggingData switching networksService contentData terminal equipment
The invention discloses terminal equipment, a core network server, a service converging system and a service converging method. The terminal equipment comprises a communication module, a first processing module, a determining module, a first sending module, a second sending module and a service converging module, wherein the communication module is used for intercommunicating with other terminal equipment; the first processing module is used for processing a service request and dividing the service request into at least one sub service request according to the service property; the determining module is used for acquiring terminal capability information of other terminal equipment through the communication module and determining destination terminal equipment according to the terminal capability information; the first sending module is used for sending the service request to the core network server; the second sending module is used for sending the sub service request to the destination terminal equipment; and the service converging module is used for receiving sub service contents sent by the destination terminal equipment and converging and generating service contents corresponding to the service request according to the sub service contents. The service converging mode can meet the requirement of a user for services.

Reversible short lane signal control method based on intersection vehicle in-turn release

The invention discloses a reversible short lane signal control method based on intersection vehicle in-turn release. According to the method, four inlets in the east, south, west and north at an intersection are respectively provided with one segment of reversible short lane by utilizing opposite lanes, four outlet lanes are respectively provided one set of reversible short lane indicating lamps, right sides of stop lines of the four inlets are respectively provided with one set of left turning pre-signal lamps, main signal lamps at the intersection employ a clockwise or anticlockwise in-turn release four-phase mode for all vehicles at each inlet lane, phase difference between the main signal lamps and the left turning pre-signal lamps is set, and the reversible short lane indicating lamps and the left turning pre-signal lamps realize simultaneous conversion; phase difference between main signals and left turning pre-signals is coordinated, public period duration and green light distribution time are calculated, conflicts between a left turning traffic flow and an outlet lane traffic flow are controlled in the time aspect, left turning traffic flow jam caused by improper time distribution is avoided, inlet and outlet land resources are fully utilized, the lane number of inlet lanes is enhanced, and passing capability of the intersection is improved.

Preparation system for waterproof paint

The invention provides a preparation system for waterproof paint, belonging to the technical field of paint processing equipment. The preparation system comprises a frame, a mixing drum, a stirring device, feeding barrel assemblies, connecting arms, an inclined feeding plate and a feeding linkage control mechanism. The preparation system has the beneficial technical effects that the preparation system can control simultaneous addition of a variety of ingredients, realizes uniform dispersion and mixing of the various ingredients during filling of materials, allows a finished product to have high quality, and avoids the phenomenon of material blockage. The mixing drum is fixedly arranged on and connected with the frame; the lower end of the mixing drum is provided with a liquid discharging pipe which has a control valve; the upper end of the stirring device is arranged on the frame, and the lower end of the stirring device is located in the mixing drum; four feeding barrel assemblies arearranged and evenly around the stirring device; the four feeding barrel assemblies are all located above the mixing drum; the four feeding barrel assemblies are in transmission connection with the frame; and four feeding barrel assemblies are all fixedly connected with the inclined feeding plate through the connecting arms.

Electric conduction type crankcase ventilation pipe

PendingCN107740893AAvoid cloggingPipe couplingsPipe heating/coolingElectrical and Electronics engineeringConduction type
The invention discloses an electric conduction type crankcase ventilation pipe. The ventilation pipe comprises a sealing pipe and quick-fitting joints arranged at the two ends of the sealing pipe; twoguide wires are arranged on the outer side of the sealing pipe; the quick-mounting joints at the two ends are provided with microswitches which are positioned on the inner walls of insertion holes respectively and circuit boards connected with the microswitches, and the two ends of the two guide wires are connected to the circuit boards at the corresponding ends to form a conduction loop; and thecircuit board at one end is further connected with an external electrical plug, and the electric plug is used for being connected with an automobile master control ECU so as to output on-off signals.According to the electric conduction type crankcase ventilation pipe, the wires, the microswitches, the circuit boards and the electric plug are arranged and connected to the automobile main controlECU, after an automobile is started, whether the crankcase ventilation pipe is in a conduction state can be monitored online, so as to ensure that combustible gas separated by an oil-gas separation system in a crankcase can smoothly enter an air inlet system of an air cylinder for re-burning, so that emission of harmful gas is further reduced, and pollution to the atmosphere is reduced.

Table tennis ball serving device for sports training

ActiveCN108992901AAvoid cloggingSport apparatusElectric machinerySport training
The invention relates to a ball serving device, and particularly relates to a table tennis ball serving device for sports training. The invention aims to solve a technical problem of providing a tabletennis ball serving device for sports training which is simple in structure, capable of adjusting the serving angle and convenient for training. The technical scheme is that the table tennis ball serving device for sports training comprises a base, annular sliding blocks, supporting legs, a u-shaped frame, a first cylindrical body, a first sliding block, a push plate, a feeding hopper, a first spring, a rack and the like; the top of the base is provided with an annular sliding slot at the middle, the annular sliding slot is internally provided with two annular sliding blocks, the top parts ofthe annular sliding blocks at the left and right sides are provided with the supporting legs, and the u-shaped frame is installed between the top ends of the left and right supporting legs. The tabletennis ball serving device for sports training can drive the supporting legs to rotate under the action a speed reduction motor so as to adjust the angle of the first cylindrical body and adjust theserving angle, can push a table tennis ball in the frame body to fall into the first cylindrical body for serving through a ball pushing device, and prevents the table tennis ball from falling into the frame body and being not served.

Completed well body structure with temporary plugging function screen pipe and well completion method for injecting cement on top

The invention relates to a completed well body structure with a temporary plugging function screen pipe and a well completion method for injecting cement on the top. The well body structure comprises a multifunctional well washing valve, a screen pipe, a blind plate, a pipe external isolator and a grading cement injector which are sequentially connected from bottom, top to a well opening; the screen pipe with the temporary plugging function is adopted, and each through hole of a center pipe of the screen pipe is provided with a plugging cover. The well completion method comprises the following steps of: firstly, constructing a pipe string of the well body structure with the temporary plugging screen pipe, taking the pipe string to the position by a tool, carrying out slurry replacement by reverse circulation, opening the well washing valve under the action of pressure and establishing a circulating passage; after the slurry replacement is finished, throwing a ball into the pipe string, pressing the pipe external isolator, continuously pressurizing, opening the grading cement injector and carrying out top cement injection well fixing operation; putting a drill down to drill the blind plate and the plugging cover of the screen pipe; and putting into production. The invention can solve the problem of slurry cake plugging in the process of putting down the screen pipe, greatly simplify the traditional well completion slurry replacement operation way, reduce the drill-down frequency, save the operation time and improve the replacement efficiency.

Unattended parking lot automatic control and charging system and method

The invention discloses an unattended parking lot automatic control and charging system and method. The system comprises a ground sensor, a control unit, a license plate identification unit and a communication unit. The license plate identification unit is respectively connected with the ground sensor and the control unit, and the control unit is connected with the communication unit. According to the scheme provided by the invention, registration is unnecessary for a user, when license place identification fails, during entry, a person in a vehicle just needs to make a phone call or send a message to a first number so that entry information can be bound to a mobile terminal, and the person does not have to open a vehicle window for obtaining a card or inputting a number. When the person is about to take back his car and leave a parking lot, such information as entry time and a needed parking fee and the like can be pushed to the user by use of the bound mobile terminal, and payment can be completed; or when the person is about to go out of a gate, he obtains the pushed information such as the entry time, the parking fee and the like by dialing the first number or sending a message to the first number by use of the bound mobile terminal so that unattended intelligent self-service fee payment is realized.

Traditional Chinese medicine crushing and screening device

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine crushing and screening device. The device comprises a base plate, a box, a collecting frame, a motor, crushing blades, a screen, a crankshaft, afirst belt wheel, a second belt wheel, a belt connector, a spiral pipe, a second connecting rod shaft neck, a second sleeve, a second connecting rod, a piston rod and a piston. The device is providedwith the motor, the crankshaft, a first connecting rod shaft neck, a first connecting rod and the screen for cooperation to drive the screen to move left and right so as to improve the screening efficiency, and is provided with the second connecting rod shaft neck, the second sleeve, the second connecting rod, the piston, a cylinder block and the spiral pipe for cooperation to continuously suck air into the cylinder block from an intake pipe; then, the air enters the spiral pipe from an exhaust pipe, and is sprayed out from an air spraying hole to intermittently blow traditional Chinese medicines on the screen to the crushing blades; the traditional Chinese medicines are crushed again through the crushing blades to improve the crushing efficiency; and meanwhile, the traditional Chinese medicines blocked in meshes of the screen can be blown off to prevent blockage of the meshes of the screen, so that the screening efficiency is further improved.
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