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Battery automatic replacement system of small-sized multi-rotor-wing unmanned aerial vehicle

The invention discloses a battery automatic replacement system of a small-sized multi-rotor-wing unmanned aerial vehicle. The battery automatic replacement system comprises a multi-track trolley, a battery storage disk, an unmanned aerial vehicle landing gear, a landing gear fixing plate, a landing gear fixing plate support, a battery storage disk support and a mechanical arm, wherein the landing gear fixing plate is arranged above the multi-track trolley, and is fixedly connected with the multi-track trolley through the landing gear fixing plate support; the unmanned aerial vehicle landing gear is arranged above the landing gear fixing plate; a battery inlet matched with the size of a battery is formed in the center of the fixing plate; the battery storage disk is arranged below the landing gear fixing plate, and is fixedly connected with the multi-track trolley through the battery storage disk support; and the mechanical arm is arranged below the battery storage disk. The battery automatic replacement system adopts a turntable type battery storage bin, so that five times of battery replacement can be performed at most through one step; and the battery automatic replacement system adopts a blind plugging type battery installation mode to achieve effects of convenience, fastness and high efficiency.

Method and System for Assisting the Passage of an Entity Through Successive Zones to a Destination

A method and a corresponding system for assisting the passage of an entity (10) through successive zones (Zn to z1) to a destination (40) are provided. The method includes the steps of: associating an identifier with the entity; creating a plurality of required incidents for the entity, each required incident having a place reference and a time reference associated with it, the required incidents including a final incident for which the place reference is the destination and the time reference is a predetermined time; at intervals, detecting the presence of the entity in one of said zones and the time of said presence, thereby generating a match; registering correspondences between the matches thus-generated and said required incidents; and generating an alert for the entity when the time reference for a required incident is reached and that incident does not have a corresponding match. The method operates on a pull system whereby earlier events are driven by the requirements of future events. The method allows preventative action to be taken before delays occur and can adjust to deal with variations in local conditions. A preferred embodiment is implemented in a transport hub, where the entities may be passengers, crew or luggage.

Feeding platform and feeding method suitable for field operation feeding for agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle

The invention discloses a feeding platform and a feeding method suitable for field operation feeding for an agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle. The feeding platform comprises a mobile rack, and a take-off and landing platform unit, a pesticide supplementing unit and an energy supplementing unit arranged on the rack; the take-off and landing platform unit comprises a landing plate and a lifting mechanism, and the lifting mechanism is arranged between the bottom of the landing plate and the rack; the pesticide supplementing unit comprises a pesticide storage box and a pesticide feed pump. According to the invention, the mobile rack is adopted to carry the feeding platform, and thus the unmanned aerial vehicle can be carried to move flexibly and conveying is facilitated; when the unmanned aerial vehicle performs operation, the take-off and landing positions of the unmanned aerial vehicle can be changed continually midway for supplementing energy and spraying materials, and the take-off and landing positions adjacent to the operation positions can be selected, so that effective operation duration of the unmanned aerial vehicle is increased, and the operation efficiency of the unmanned aerial vehicle is improved. The lower part of the landing plate is provided with the lifting mechanism, so that the landing plate not only can be maintained in a horizontal state in the uneven farmland ground, but also can be adjusted to an appropriate height.

Intelligent luggage barrow of airport

The invention discloses an intelligent luggage barrow of an airport. The intelligent luggage barrow is characterized in comprising a main body frame, a control panel, a deep visual identification device, a control box and a chassis driving device, wherein the main body frame comprises a luggage load bearing device and a functional frame; the functional frame comprises two supporting rods and an advertising space panel arranged between the two supporting rods; a small part luggage frame is arranged between the supporting rods on the top; two sides of the top end of each supporting rod are provided with panel supporting frames; the control panel is embedded into the panel supporting frames on two sides and is fixed by bolts; the deep visual identification device is fixed on a rear plate of the small part luggage frame; the chassis driving device is arranged on a wheel axle, and the supporting rods above the chassis driving device are riveted with the control box; a control system is integrated in the control box. According to the intelligent luggage barrow, functions including autonomous navigation, intelligent following, voice interaction, service consultation, on-line entertainment, convenient shopping, automatic weighting, forbidden article detection, automatic conversation, one-key recovery, kid missing prevention, automatic printing of boarding checks and the like are combined, and the intelligent luggage barrow of the airport can lead intelligent, fashionable, relaxed and convenient brand-new airport service experience.
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