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Graphene/polysiloxane composite coating material and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a graphene / polysiloxane composite coating material and a preparation method thereof. The method comprises the following steps: modifying the graphene surface with active groups by a chemical modification technique to obtain modified graphene, mixing the modified graphene with a silane compound, a dispersion medium, a non-essential comonomer and a non-essential accelerator, and carrying out hydrolytic condensation or hydrolytic condensation-free radical polymerization to generate a graphene / polysiloxane composite resin in situ; and mixing the resin with a non-essential blend resin, a non-essential curing agent, a non-essential solvent, a non-essential pigment and filler and a non-essential aid, and carrying out physical blending, amino epoxy addition reaction, Michael addition reaction and the like to form a film, thereby obtaining the graphene / polysiloxane composite coating material. The uniformly dispersed graphene lamellae and polysiloxane have strong interface effects, also have the gas / liquid barrier and heat shielding effects, and endow the coating with excellent corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and the like, thereby greatly enhancing the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, wear resistance and the like of the coating.

Device and method for continuous block metal glass shaping

InactiveCN101543885ASolve the vacuum problemIncrease cooling intensityMetallic materialsPressure difference
The invention relates to a device and method for continuous block metal glass shaping, belonging to the technical field of metal material preparation. A heat insulating ring is arranged between a graphite casting mould and a water cooling copper mould which are arranged in a first vacuum chamber, an air cooler is arranged in a second vacuum chamber, and a traction rod enters the graphite casting mould and horizontally moves by a traction device. The method uses the graphite casting mould and the water cooling copper mould for primary main cooling and the air cooling mode for secondary auxiliary cooling, and the two vacuum chambers have a certain air-pressure difference. The device and the method have a high cooling speed, satisfy the requirements of the amorphous phase change of the block metal glass material. The shaping pressure of a metal melting body can be easily controlled, and the good shaping performance of the metal melting body is ensured by adjusting the pressure in the vacuum chambers. The metal passes through the graphite casting mould in a liquid state and is solidified in the water cooling copper mould, and the casting graphite casting mould has long service. The composite casting mould and the traction device have exchangeability to be convenient for realizing the continuous shaping of rod wires, boards, pipes and abnormal-shaped materials of different section sizes.

Continuous suspension type directional solidification casting device of cold crucible

ActiveCN102935506AAvoid chemical reactionsImprove directional solidification processing efficiencyChemical reactionAlternating current
The invention provides a continuous suspension type directional solidification casting device of a cold crucible. Heat-resisting lightweight titanium-aluminum alloy vanes are badly needed in transportation and energy industries, and a traditional directional solidification device causes severe impurity pollution and damages plasticity and toughness of the vanes. The directional solidification casting device aims at improving the efficiency of the directional solidification device of the cold crucible and overcomes the shortcoming that the existing casting device cannot be used for casting vanes with complex shape. A trapezoid boss is annularly arranged on the inner wall of the water cooling copper crucible, an induction coil is wound around the outer portion of the crucible, the boss is placed in the coil, an excited alternating current magnetic field is diffused inwards through crucible gaps to generate a hot area to achieve suspension rod liquid feeding of material rods. The device further comprises a drawing-pulling rod in a crystallizer, a mould casing with cross section being vane-shaped is fixed on the upper end face of the drawing-pulling rod, and the mould casing is heated by an outer induction graphite sleeve. The continuous suspension type directional solidification casting device achieves suspension melting liquid feeding, sequential filling and directional solidification of metal liquid, avoids chemical reaction of a titanium-aluminum alloy melt body and the mould casing and improves directional solidification processing efficiency of titanium-aluminum alloy.

Separation process of removing dimethyl ether impurities in chloromethane through water absorption

The invention provides a separation method and process of removing dimethyl ether impurities in chloromethane by using water as an absorbent, and belongs to the field of gas separation and purification. Based on the chemical theory that hydrogen bonds are formed by polar gas molecules and water, a significant difference of water solubility properties between chloromethane and dimethyl ether is used, water is used as an absorbent or a mixture of water and another material is used as an absorbent to replace traditional concentrated sulfuric acid, and a joint process formed by combining absorption and rectification is used, so as to separate a mixture of chloromethane and dimethyl ether safely and efficiently in low cost. By using the separation method and process, in which water is used as the absorbent, to treat a passivated tail gas produced by a dehydration apparatus, the removal rate of dimethyl ether is greater than 99%, the concentration of purified chloromethane can reach 99 mol%, and the recovery rate of the chloromethane can be kept at about 98%. Furthermore, because a chemical reaction is avoided, separated dimethyl ether from which chloromethane is removed through hydrolysis can be used as a byproduct, thus increasing the economic benefit.

System and method for storing medication and alerting users and caregivers for timely intake

A computerized pill intake reminder device is disclosed. The computerized pill intake reminder device is used for storing pills, detecting the number of pills in each pouch of the blister pack, inventory management, reminding users to take their medication on time, alerting by providing an audible or a visual alarm if the medications are not taken on time and as a secondary mechanism alerting their caregiver if the user has not responded to the alert and taken the medication on time.
The device includes a top housing and a bottom housing that can be rotated about each other to form a closed and sealed module. It also includes a processor that is communicatively coupled through an electronic circuit to a plurality of electronic components housed within the pill intake reminder device. These include a speaker, microphone, infrared sensors, cameras, LED lights, microphone, RFID scanner, non-volatile memory, transmitter, and a receiver. The LED lights can be programmed with various colors.
The speaker is used to sound an audible alarm play an audible message at a specific time to remind the user to take their medication or provide an alert if the time has passed. The device also includes a pill storage module that has an upper and a lower packing plate. The space in between the plates is where the blister pack is inserted.
The device includes a pill detection module. This module includes an infrared sensor (IR) and a camera. In operation, the processor causes the infrared sensor to detect the presence of a pill inside the pouch of the pill/blister pack and the processor causes the camera to quantify the number of pills in the pouch. The pill detection is performed by using a combination of IR Sensors, photodiodes, and a light emitting mechanism. A light beam, or an array of light beams, are passed from one side of the pouch to another and the light that passes through is read by the IR sensors and used for determining whether the pouch includes pills.
The device includes a guidance system to guide the user of the pill intake reminder device to a specific pouch of the pill/blister pack for retrieving pills stored in that pouch. It does so by illuminating a light emitting diode (LED) on or around a specific pouch from which medication/pills are to be retrieved by the user. It operates by obtaining the hours of administration (HOA) schedule for the patient and then locating a pouch of the pill/blister pack that correlates with the HOA schedule. Once located, the pouch is illuminated for guidance.
The device includes a display that can be used for providing visual alerts, videos, or recorded messages for instructing the user for taking the pills.
The device uses a transmitter to send alerts to mobile phone for reminding the user to take the medication as well as sending an alert for missing or noncompliance.
The radio frequency identification (RFID) reader is used to verify that a correct pill/blister pack, the one that is associated with the user/patient is being inserted into the device. The verifying process includes scanning an RFID tag located on the blister pack and matching it to patient information.
The device also performs periodic inventory of the pills in the blister pack. This includes using an infrared sensor housed within the electronic module to determine the presence of one or more pills in the pouch and using a camera housed underneath the pouch to image and count the number of pills that are in the pouch. The inventory serves as an error check to ensure that the right number of pills from the right pouch were taken by the user at their HOA. The pill inventory system also is used to re-order more medication, if allowed by the prescription, when it detects that it is time to replenish them.
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