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Device and system for in-vivo procedures

A system for performing in vivo procedures is provided. The system may include a tool for performing an in vivo procedure. The tool may have an in vivo sensor for obtaining in vivo information; a functional element for performing an interventional or diagnostic in-vivo procedure; a processor in communication with the tool for receiving and optionally processing the in vivo information obtained by the tool and a monitor in communication with the processor for displaying the optionally processed in vivo information. The communication between the elements of the system may be wireless, or, optionally, wired.

Mask on monitor hernia locator

A method of tracking the location of a hernia defect is disclosed, the method including providing a display device, a camera adapted to transmit an image to the display device, a marking surface disposed on the display device and a marker adapted to alter the marking surface when applied to the marking surface. The method includes receiving an image of a hernia defect from the camera and displaying the received image on the display device and marking the shape and position of the hernia defect on the marking surface by applying the marker to the marking surface. Alternatively the display device may be marked by executing by the processor a computer program to mark the shape and position of the hernia defect on the display device.

Lumen Morphology and Vascular Resistance Measurements Data Collection Systems, Apparatus and Methods

A method and apparatus of automatically locating in an image of a blood vessel the lumen boundary at a position in the vessel and from that measuring the diameter of the vessel. From the diameter of the vessel and estimated blood flow rate, a number of clinically significant physiological parameters are then determined and various user displays of interest generated. One use of these images and parameters is to aid the clinician in the placement of a stent. The system, in one embodiment, uses these measurements to allow the clinician to simulate the placement of a stent and to determine the effect of the placement. In addition, from these patient parameters various patient treatments are then performed.
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