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Water is a liquid at the temperatures and pressures that are most adequate for life. Specifically, at a standard pressure of 1 atm, water is a liquid between 0 and 100 °C (32 and 212 °F). Increasing the pressure slightly lowers the melting point, which is about −5 °C (23 °F) at 600 atm and −22 °C (−8 °F) at 2100 atm.

Intelligent infusion device

ActiveCN104784771AMonitor drop rateRealize automatic integrationFlow monitorsLiquid temperatureAutomatic control
The invention discloses an intelligent infusion device. The intelligent infusion device comprises an infusion bottle control mechanism, a puncture outfit mechanical arm mechanism, an infusion liquid dynamic monitoring mechanism, an infusion liquid temperature control mechanism, an automatic needle plugging and unplugging mechanism, a central control station and a central control unit. The central control unit corresponds to the puncture outfit mechanical arm mechanism, the liquid dynamic monitoring mechanism, the liquid temperature control mechanism and the automatic needle plugging and unplugging mechanism. The intelligent infusion device has the advantage that automatic integration in the infusion process can be achieved, which is concretely embodied in that an infusion bottle can be automatically changed; infusion dripping speed, flowing speed and liquid bubbles are monitored, the infusion dripping speed and flowing speed are controlled, and the bubbles are eliminated in time; in the infusion process, an infusion tube is heated, and heating temperature is automatically controlled; through control of mechanical arms, automatic needle plugging and unplugging are achieved; the central receiver controls controllers of all units, so that control over all stages in the infusion process is achieved.

High-temperature and high-pressure plugging / sticking preventing simulation evaluation device and method

The invention relates to a high-temperature and high-pressure plugging / sticking preventing simulation evaluation device and method. The device comprises a well drilling liquid pressure control unit, a liquid storage unit, a stratum model, a plugging liquid temperature control unit and a confining pressure unit. The stratum model is provided with a crack simulating stratum forms, and a pressure sensor is distributed on the crack. The pressure and the temperature of plugging liquid entering the stratum model and pressure applied to the stratum model are controlled, pressure values of different depths of the crack are measured through the pressure sensor, and flow of the plugging liquid is measured according to a weighing method. The high-temperature and high-pressure plugging/sticking preventing simulation evaluation device and method can evaluate the plugging effect of different plugging materials and plugging slurry under the same condition and provide scientific research methods for the research of plugging well leakage and extrusion theories, the preparation of plugging agents which are strong in staying performance, forming of process technologies of preventing the plugging agents from sticking backwards, the building of laboratory plugging simulation evaluation method standards and the like.

Energy-conservation and low-impact hydraulic cylinder test testbed hydraulic control system

InactiveCN103644151AStable energyRealize full working condition simulationFluid-pressure actuator testingLiquid temperatureFuel tank
The invention discloses an energy-conservation and low-impact hydraulic cylinder test testbed hydraulic control system. The system comprises a constant pressure variable pump, two electromotors, two electromagnetic unloading overflow valves, six check valves, two energy accumulators, an electrohydraulic proportional direction valve, two speed regulating valves, four ball valves, an oil supplementing pump, a proportional throttle valve, an electromagnetic reversing valve, a loading hydraulic cylinder, six pressure sensors, two temperature sensors, a displacement sensor, a force sensor, two travel switches, six pressure measuring connectors, six pressure gages, a heater, a liquid level liquid temperature gage, a filter and an oil tank. The energy-conservation and low-impact hydraulic cylinder test testbed hydraulic control system has the advantages that stable energy is provided for low-impact control over the speed of a tested hydraulic cylinder while energy is conserved, low-impact stable control over the loading force is achieved, meanwhile, the actual work condition that loads of the hydraulic cylinder probably change continuously in work can be simulated, all the work conditions of the loads of the hydraulic cylinder can be simulated, and power input is reduced.

Method for manufacturing tobacco cut stems

The patent of the invention relates to the field of reproduced tobacco product manufacturing technology, in particular to a method for manufacturing tobacco cut stems. The method comprises the following steps: the cut stems after being cut enter a continuous extraction device, and are extracted with solvent, wherein the proportion of materials to the solvent is 1:20, the time lasts 20-60 minutes, and the temperature of the solvent is 20-50 DEG C; an extraction mode is as follows: forward flow is conducted, the extracted cut stems are subjected to solid-liquid separation through extrusion and centrifugation, and then subjected to feed liquid backfill, wherein the feed liquid concentration is 30%-40%, the feed liquid temperature is 20-40 DEG C, the application proportion is 40-120%; and the backfill mode is as follows: the spraying is conducted. After being subjected to liquid feed backfill, the cut stems have higher water content which is about 65%, so that the water content of the cut stems after the water pretreatment is reduced to about 35% from 65%, and then the cut stems are subjected to tower type expansion or air flow drying. The cut stems prepared by the process has better color and luster and good filling value, the cigarette quality is improved obviously, the harmful contents such as tar and carbon monoxide in the cigarette are reduced greatly, the utilization ratio of stem raw materials is improved greatly, and the cost for a single box is lowered greatly.

Mineshaft multiphase flow device for simulating deep-water oil and gas production

The invention relates to a mineshaft multiphase flow device for simulating deep-water oil and gas production. In the technical scheme, the simulation of ocean low temperature environment condition is completed by an environment temperature flowing maintaining system, wherein a liquid part of high pressure flow environment is mainly formed by the connection of a water tank, a high pressure water pump, a flow liquid temperature control system and a flow meter, a gas part is mainly formed by the connection of a gas compressor, a high pressure gas tank, a drier and a gas flow meter, and a gas-liquid mixture is completed through a bubble generator and then flows through a control valve to enter into a main mineshaft; natural gas hydrate decomposed injected gas is simulated, and flows through acontrol system and a gas injection pipeline to enter into the main mineshaft; mixed liquid enters into a gas-liquid separating tank through a backflow pipeline to complete circulation. The invention has the advantages of capability of simulating deepwater low temperature oil and gas production at 1000 meters depth of water, further researches on multiphase flow law inside the mineshaft under deepwater flow condition, and establishes a multiphase flow state mechanical model of the deepwater mineshaft and a computing method.

Control method and apparatus for gasohol flexible fuel engine

InactiveCN101503979ASolve insolubleImprove consumption structureElectrical controlInternal combustion piston enginesLiquid temperatureAlcohol
The invention discloses a method and a device for controlling a gasoline alcohol flexible fuel engine, wherein the method comprises supply and injection of gasoline and supply and injection of alcohols; the working mode comprises that the engine is started by using a mode of original vehicle gasoline and a gasoline nozzle injects gasoline to keep the engine working normally; when a select switch of the alcohol fuel is closed, an alcohol controller detects the cooling liquid temperature and the engine oil temperature of the engine: if the cooling liquid temperature and the engine oil temperature reach the evaporation point of the alcohols, the alcohol controller starts to receive an oil injection pulse sent by an gasoline controller and convert the oil injection pulse into the injection pulse width of the alcohol fuel; the alcohol controller converts the oil injection pulse into an alcohol injection pulse and controls an alcohol nozzle to work; the modes that the gasoline controller controls the gasoline injection and the alcohol controller controls the alcohol injection are switched in proportion and are performed alternately; and after the alcohol nozzle finishes 8 to 10 seconds of working cycle of the engine through continuous injection, the gasoline nozzle finishes 1 to 2 seconds of working cycle through injection, and the operations are repeated alternately.

High-efficiency screw-type auto-cascading refrigeration system

The invention discloses a high-efficiency screw-type auto-cascading refrigeration system which comprises a screw-type refrigeration compressor for the cycle operation of a binary mixed refrigerant, a condenser, a gas-liquid separator, a first throttle element, a condensing evaporator, a second throttle element and an evaporator. The high-efficiency screw-type auto-cascading refrigeration system is characterized in that an economizer gas-supplementing hole is arranged on the screw-type refrigeration compressor; and an economizer component is arranged between the liquid outlet of the gas-liquid separator and the first throttle element or/and between the high-pressure liquid outlet of the condensing evaporator and the second throttle element, mainly comprises an auxiliary throttle element and an economizer and utilizes the economizer gas-supplementing hole of the screw-type refrigeration compressor to recycle a small part of gas evaporated by solely throttling the recycled refrigerant in the economizer. The liquid temperature of the refrigerant with a low boiling point is directly or indirectly reduced to remarkably improve the refrigeration amount and the refrigeration coefficient of the whole refrigeration system under a low-temperature condition. The invention is extremely suitable for the low-cost upgrading and regenerating modification of the traditional screw-type auto-cascading refrigeration system.

Nickel-manganese composite hydroxide particles, method for producing same, positive electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries, method for producing positive electrode active material and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary dell

The subject of the invention provides nickel-manganese composite hydroxide particles having a small and uniform particle diameter and a hollow structure; and a method for producing the nickel-manganese composite hydroxide particles. When a nickel-manganese composite hydroxide is obtained by a crystallization reaction, an aqueous solution for nucleation, which contains a metal compound containing nickel, a metal compound containing manganese, and an ammonium ion donor, is controlled to have a pH value of 12.0-13.4 as measured at a reference liquid temperature of 25 DEG C and nucleation is carried out in an oxidizing atmosphere, and then an aqueous solution for particle growth, which contains the thus-formed nuclei, is controlled to have a pH value of 10.5-12.0 as measured at a reference liquid temperature of 25 DEG C and the nuclei are grown, while switching the atmosphere from the oxidizing atmosphere having an oxygen concentration of more than 1% by volume to a mixed atmosphere of an inert gas and oxygen with an oxygen concentration of 1% by volume or less.

Liquid heating device and control method thereof

The invention discloses a control method of a liquid heating device. The method includes: acquiring target temperature, controlling the liquid heating device for heating for a first preset time, suspending heating for a second preset time and acquiring a temperature variation value of liquid between the first preset time and the second preset time after the liquid heating device heats the liquid for the first preset time, and further acquiring a power-off temperature point or concurrent heating time of the liquid heating device; controlling the liquid heating device to continue heating when the present temperature of the liquid in the liquid heating device is lower than the power-off temperature point, controlling the liquid heating device to suspend heating when the liquid temperature reaches the power-off temperature point, and when the present temperature of the liquid is higher than the power-off temperature point and lower than the target temperature, calculating the concurrent heating time and controlling the liquid heating device to heat the liquid continuously for the concurrent heating time until the liquid temperature reaches the target temperature. According to the control method, errors between the liquid heating temperature and the target temperature are able to be decreased, and temperature control is executed more accurately. Meanwhile, the invention further discloses the liquid heating device.

Method for producing tin phosphorus bronze band by direct cold cogging

The invention discloses a method for producing a tin phosphorus bronze band by direct cold cogging, comprising: charge mixture, materials are melted and then transferred into a heat preserving furnace with the copper liquid temperature being 1140-1200 DEG C; horizontal casting is carried out, and roll blank having the thickness of 14.0-16.5mm, the width of 210-430mm and the length of 45-68mm can be obtained by the technique of pulling, stopping and reversely pushing; face-milling is carried out on the roll blank, and every side is milled by 0.5-0.8mm; then, direct cold cogging rolling is carried out for a first time, and a coiled stock having the thickness of 5.6-9.2mm can be obtained by rolling; intermediate annealing is carried out on the coiled stock in a bell jar furnace for a first time, the annealing temperature is 520-640 DEG C, and the heat preservation lasts for 4.5-6h; after that, the steps of crude rolling thinning, secondary intermediate annealing, surface cleaning passivation, cold fine rolling, low temperature heat treatment of finished product, surface cleaning passivation and stretch bending leveling are sequentially carried out, so that the tin phosphorus bronze band can be prepared. The method omits the operation of band blank homogenizing annealing, so as to obviously reduce the production cost as well as the consumption of manpower, liquid ammonia, liquid nitrogen, etc.

Optical fiber sensor, manufacturing method and simultaneous measuring method for liquid temperature and refractive index

The invention discloses an optical fiber sensor, a manufacturing method and a simultaneous measuring method for the liquid temperature and the refractive index. The optical fiber sensor comprises a monomode-coreless-monomode optical fiber structure, the monomode-coreless-monomode optical fiber structure is composed of an input optical fiber (1), an output optical fiber (3) and a coreless optical fiber (2) between the input optical fiber and the output optical fiber, the connecting position between the coreless optical fiber (2) and the input optical fiber (1) and the connecting position between the coreless optical fiber and the output optical fiber (3) are both in non-eccentric fusion welding, the related flexibility characteristic of the monomode-coreless-monomode structure of the optical fiber sensor to the liquid refractive index is utilized, and drift distances at two wave troughs in a transmittance spectrum of the optical fiber sensor are simultaneously monitored to achieve the purpose of simultaneously measuring the external refractive index and the external temperature. Compared with the prior art, the optical fiber sensor is simple in structure and easy to manufactured and can simultaneously measure the temperature and the refractive index accurately on the basis without increasing the manufacturing cost and improving the manufacturing difficulty.

Poly-generation system using biomass and solar energy for making methyl alcohol and generating power

The invention discloses a poly-generation system using biomass and solar energy for making methyl alcohol and generating power. The poly-generation system comprises a solar energy heat collecting reaction subsystem, a biomass gasification subsystem, a methyl alcohol synthesis subsystem and a power generation subsystem. Main devices comprise a flat plate type solar energy drying device, a groove type solar thermal collector, a steam generator, a tower type solar energy reflection mirror field, a tower type high-temperature gasification reactor, a gas temperature reduction device, a gas condensation purifying device, a compressor set, a methyl alcohol synthesis tower, a heat exchanger, a gas-liquid temperature reduction device, a flash tank, a separator, a mixer, rectifying tower, a methyl alcohol, a combustion chamber, a compressor, a gas turbine, a waste heat boiler, a steam turbine, a condenser, a water feed pump and a power generator. By the utilization of the poly-generation system, solar energy is converted into chemical energy, the problems that the storage of solar energy is difficult, and stability of renewable energy source delivering is poor are solved, and meanwhile the effective utilization efficiency of the biomass is improved.

Engine electric control auxiliary cooling system freeing from engine rotational speed influence

The invention discloses an engine electric control auxiliary cooling system freeing from an engine rotational speed influence. The engine electric control auxiliary cooling system comprises an electronic water pump which is sequentially connected in series with an engine, a thermolator, a heat radiator and an air heating core and is connected in parallel with a mechanical water pump; the outlet of the electronic water pump and the inlet of the mechanical water pump are respectively provided with a one-way valve; the electronic water pump is provided with an electronic water pump controller; the signal input end of the electronic water pump controller is respectively connected with an engine cooling liquid temperature sensor on the water outlet of the engine and an engine controller; and the signal output end of the electronic water pump controller is connected with the electronic water pump. According to the engine electronic control auxiliary cooling system provided by the invention, the power requirement on the mechanical water pump from the cooling system is reduced, thereby the volume and layout requirements of the mechanical water pump are reduced; the application of the engine cooling system provided by the invention adopts an operation mode of mainly relying on the mechanical water pump supplemented by the electronic water pump, and has the advantages of convenience for operation, high reliability, low cost, good applicability and easiness for popularization.
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