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Intelligent fault diagnosis method of numerical control machine tool

The invention provides an intelligent fault diagnosis method of a numerical control machine tool. The intelligent fault diagnosis method uses fault tree diagnosis as a base, faults are diagnosed by combining a Bayes probability and rule reasoning method, fault cause is found, and maintenance advices are proposed. The intelligent fault diagnosis method includes: firstly extracting fault information from historical maintenance records and machine tool operation instructions, and establishing a numerical control machine tool fault information knowledge base; searching fault trees belonging to a fault position in the fault information knowledge base according to fault characteristic information, calculating probability of occurrence of each fault tree under the current condition if a plurality of fault trees fit conditions, and determining sequence for diagnosing the fault trees according to size of the probability; and finally judging whether all sub-events of top events of the fault trees occur, returning to a fault treatment method corresponding to the events and serving as a solution if the sub-evens are bottom events of the fault trees, otherwise searching sub-events of the events continuously until finding all bottom events fit the fault characteristic information. The intelligent fault diagnosis method of the numerical control machine tool is rapid in diagnosis speed and accurate and reasonable in diagnosis result.

Failure diagnosis system, failure diagnosis device and failure diagnosis program

In the failure diagnosis system of the present invention, the maintenance case information including data ambiguity and a partially deficient portion is utilized even in the case where maintenance case information having a high similarity is not sufficiently provided. The failure diagnosis system is provided with: a failure diagnosis rule creation unit 31 which, by utilizing maintenance case information accumulated in the past, creates a failure diagnosis rule used for listing up candidates of maintenance parts required for recovering the equipment from a failure phenomenon; a failure diagnosis execution unit 32 which, upon occurrence of a failure, outputs the candidates of maintenance parts required for recovering from the failure phenomenon to a maintenance work assist terminal with reference to the failure diagnosis rule; and a failure diagnosis rule updating unit 33 for updating the failure diagnosis rule, and the failure diagnosis rule creation unit 31 has a factor-information link creation unit, which creates links among pieces of factor information composed of pieces of information relating to the failure phenomenon, information relating to the subject component, and information relating to the corresponding treatment in the maintenance case information accumulated in the past.

Power grid fault diagnosis method based on temporal Bayesian knowledge base (TBKB)

The invention discloses a power grid fault diagnosis method based on temporal Bayesian knowledge base (TBKB). The power grid fault diagnosis method comprises steps of establishing a corresponding temporal Bayesian knowledge base (TBKB) diagnosis model; clearly describing work principles and processes of relevant protectors and circuit breakers after elements are broken down; establishing a temporal causal relationship (TCR) among different action events; quantificationally expressing a successive restraint relationship among different action status nodes in the aspect of timing sequence; and identifying conditions of action events, time mark errors and the like of the abnormal protectors and the abnormal circuit breaks. Uncertain states of nodes and information loss nodes which do not pass TCR examination in alarm information are supposed and combined, so that a supposed state combination gather is formed, the fault probability of every supposed state combination is obtained, the fault probability of suspected fault elements is obtained, and fault elements are diagnosed. The protectors and the circuit breakers which operate mistakenly and fail to operate and the time mark error condition of the protectors and the circuit breakers are detected by forward reasoning of the TBKB modal to the fault elements. The total power grid diagnosis method is fast and accurate and is high in fault tolerance.

Automobile fault diagnosis kit and diagnostic system and method

The invention relates to the field of fault diagnosis and discloses an automobile fault diagnostic kit and a diagnostic system and a method. The diagnostic system comprises a diagnostic kit which is installed on an automobile, and an intelligent terminal device which is in wireless connection with the diagnostic kit, wherein the diagnostic kit comprises a diagnostic module, a wireless communication module, a control module and a storage module; the diagnostic module is electrically connected with a fault diagnostic interface of an automobile bus and used for obtaining automobile fault and state information; after the intelligent terminal device sends a diagnostic or inquiry command to the diagnostic kit, the wireless communication module sends the automobile fault and terminal information or historical fault information to the intelligent terminal device; and the intelligent terminal device receives the information for analyzing and processing the information and displays a processing result on a display screen. The invention also discloses an automobile fault diagnostic method. By implementing the technical scheme disclosed by the invention, the automobile fault can be conveniently and quickly diagnosed; abundant maintenance guidance is provided; meanwhile, automobile fault history can be looked up.

Combined endoscope imaging system based on OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and imaging method

The invention discloses a combined endoscope imaging system based on an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and an imaging method. The combined endoscope imaging system comprises an endoscope imaging device which is controlled by a computation control unit and is provided with an OCT imaging system and a photoelectric imaging or image guide optical fiber imaging system; the endoscope imaging device comprises a reference arm and an endoscope with a sample arm; the endoscope is internally provided with a plurality of channels; and each channel is internally provided with an OCT imaging probe, a photoelectric imaging probe or an image guide optical fiber bundle and a light guide fiber bundle. OCT imaging and photoelectric imaging or image guide optical fiber bundle imaging are combined to realize real video images on the surface and the periphery of a tissue of an observed position in real time and obtain a two-dimensional tomography image under a certain depth of the skin of the tissue at the position. A visible light source 2 also can be added to be coupled into the OCT imaging system so that an OCT imaging probe scanning light bundle is accurately positioned to a target region and the accurate positioning and scanning of a pathological change region of the tissue of a sample can be realized.
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