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Remote anomaly diagnosis and reconfiguration of an automatic data collection device platform over a telecommunications network

The invention provides a system and method for remotely diagnosing and repairing a plurality of Automatic Data Collection (“ADC”) device platforms. A remote service technician utilizes a computing system having browsing software that communicates with a network of ADC platform devices. Diagnostic queries for particular ADC devices may be retrieved by the browsing software from a diagnostic server that sends Hypertext Mark-Up Language (“HTML”) documents, Dynamic Hypertext Mark-Up Language (“DHTML”) documents, and / or Extensible Mark-Up Language (“XML”) documents containing appropriate diagnostic applets. The remote technician sends diagnostic queries to a Simple Network Management Protocol (“SNMP”) master agent at the ADC device platform, and a translator translates the diagnostic queries sent to the ADC device platform into a format suitable for reception by its ADC devices in order to effect anomaly diagnosis and functionality restoration. Another translator translates data received from the ADC device into the SNMP format for transmission to the remote service technician in order for the remote service technician to perform diagnostic analysis. The SNMP master agent communicates with the remote computing system using the Transmission Control Protocol (“TCP”), the User Datagram Protocol / Internet Protocol (“UDP / IP”), and / or the User Datagram Plus Protocol (“UDP+”). The ADC platform device may also utilize a wireless communication system for communicating with the remote service technician.

System for automated problem detection, diagnosis, and resolution in a software driven system

In many systems, computer software is a common source of failure or instability. The proliferation of multiple interacting applications from several different software vendors leads to “emergent” problems that are difficult or impossible to predict or prevent. The problems are compounded by the use of networks, which introduce the added complexity of applications on multiple machines interacting in complex scenarios. As a result, many business and home users are hindered from using software-based systems to their fullest potential. More effective use of these systems can be aided by an application which can provide services for monitoring, diagnosing, and solving problems that occur in the operation of the machines at a customer facility. In the system described herein, a database contains entries with executable code that can make use of these services in order to monitor, diagnose, and solve specific problems. Each entry in the database addresses a specific problem. The executable code is designed to isolate and recognize the problem, and then implement a fix or workaround for that problem. The executable code is designed to completely automate the entire process of detection and resolution of the problem. Further, manual intervention may be employed to complete the diagnosis or solution.
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