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Method and appts. for ionized sputtering of materials

An ionized physical vapor deposition apparatus (10, 10a, 10b) is provided with an RF element, preferably a helical coil (30), that surrounds space (11) within a vacuum chamber (12) between a target (16) and a substrate holder (14). RF energy, preferably at about 2 MHz or elsewhere in the 0.1 to 60 MHz range, is coupled into the space to form a secondary plasma (29) in a volume (26) of the space between the substrate holder and the main plasma that is adjacent the target. The secondary plasma ionizes sputtered material which is then attracted toward a substrate (15) on the support by a bias on the substrate and/or by an axial magnetic field to impart directionality to the moving ionized sputtered particles to render them perpendicular to the substrate at incidence, so as to coat the bottoms of narrow high aspect ratio features on the substrate. A window (60) of dielectric material such as quartz, either in the wall of the chamber or inside the chamber, or insulation on the coil, protects the coil from adverse interaction with plasma. Shields (100, 200, 300) between the space and the dielectric material prevent sputtered particles coating the dielectric material. The shields are partitioned or slotted to prevent induced currents in the shields. The shields may be biased to control contamination and may be commonly or individually biased to optimize the uniformity of coating on the substrate and the directionality of the flux of ionized material at the substrate. The shield may be formed of a plurality of angled segments (302) that are spaced to facilitate communication of a secondary RF plasma from adjacent the window to the volume of the chamber where the sputtered material is ionized, with the sections angled and spaced to shadow at least most of the target from the window. Alternatively, electrically conductive shield (100) may be provided in close proximity to the window or insulation.

Method for preparing Fenton-like reaction catalyst and application thereof

The invention provides a method for preparing Fenton-like reaction catalyst. Inert oxide or a molecular sieve is used as a carrier, and the carrier is loaded with nano-scale iron oxide. The method includes mixing the iron oxide and the carrier with each other and then molding the iron oxide and the carrier to obtain particles; calcining the particles at the temperature of 200-500 DEG C to obtain the Fenton-like reaction catalyst with the particle size of 10-40 mesh. A weight proportion of the iron oxide to the carrier is 1:(0.4-1). The method has the advantages that the Fenton-like reaction catalyst prepared by the aid of the method is high in catalytic activity, selectivity and stability and can be used as Fenton-like oxidation reaction catalyst for advanced treatment of wastewater after the wastewater is subjected to biochemical treatment, accordingly, the catalytic efficiency can be improved in reaction procedures, float mud can be prevented, the COD (chemical oxygen demand) removal rate of the treated wastewater can be obviously increased as compared with existing Fenton treatment, and wastewater treatment discharge requirements can be met; the pH of treated outflow ranges from 7.0 to 8.0, and the treated outflow can be directly discharged without pH regulation; waste mud generated in treatment procedures can be utilized and can be used for producing coatings.
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Chinese traditional medicine antibiotic hemostatic plaster

The invention discloses a chinese traditional medicine antibiotic hemostatic patch principally composed by a back lining layer, a medicine layer and a antisticking layer, the medicine layer is composed of medicine and substrate, wherein the medicine is composed of plant essential oil having antibacterial activity and chinese traditional medicine having hemostasia activity. The invention provided patch uses plant essential oil and hemostasia chinese traditional medicine as activity component, the plant essential oil has strong antibiotic action and simultaneity can conquer problem of multidrug resistance caused by western medicine antibacterial; the hemostasia chinese traditional medicine can exert the whole action advantage of multi-approach, multi-target, multi-link of chinese traditional medicine, and simultaneity avoides toxic side effect caused by western haemostatic medicine; the plant essential oil is natural percutaneous absorption enhancer that can promote percutaneous absorption of hemostasia chinese traditional medicine and enhance hemostasia activity; matching the plant essential oil and the hemostasia chinese traditional medicine reasonably, possessing advantages of fast effect, antibiotic, good hemostasia effect, small toxic side effect, and source of the raw material is wide which can be obtained cheaply, and the preparation method is simple.

Lithium ion battery electrode cyclic attenuation mechanism evaluating method

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The invention relates to a lithium ion battery electrode cyclic attenuation mechanism evaluating method. With the method adopted, the technical problem that the various failure mechanisms of an integrated battery system are difficult to completely separate can be solved. According to the lithium ion battery electrode cyclic attenuation mechanism evaluating method, anode polar sheets, cathode polarsheets and electrolyte are assembled, so that a plurality of sets of single-layer soft-package integrated batteries can be formed; after formation is performed, empty electricity and full electricitytesting is performed; the anode polar sheets and the cathode polar sheets are taken out, and residual electrolyte is removed; and the anode polar sheets and the cathode polar sheets are assembled into soft-package laminated symmetrical batteries, and the attenuation mechanisms of the symmetrical batteries are cyclically tested and analyzed. A symmetrical battery system is adopted, the failure mechanisms of the anodes or and cathodes are separately studied, the generation of the side reactions of the anodes or cathodes is avoided, a test voltage range is narrow, and electrolyte oxidation is avoided. Compared with a half-battery system, the symmetrical battery system is limited in lithium transmission, and has no extra lithium (lithium sheet) participating in side reactions; compared with abutton-type symmetrical battery system, the soft-package symmetrical battery system ensures the sealing of a whole device and enables long-term cyclic testing.

Enamel reaction kettle

The invention relates to the technical field of chemical equipment, in particular to an enamel reaction kettle. The enamel reaction kettle comprises a kettle body and a supporting frame; the kettle body comprises an interlayer, a feeding port, a discharging port and a stirring device; the feeding port comprises a first feeding port and a second feeding port; the second feeding port comprises a liquid storage tank, a liquid inlet pipe and a cleaning pipe; uniform charging can be realized in the reaction process and the inner wall of the kettle body can be cleaned completely after reaction; thestirring device comprises a stirring shaft, a stirring blade and a stirring rod; the surfaces of the stirring shaft and the stirring blade are wavy, so the turbulent flow effect is enhanced and the materials are mixed completely; the stirring blade with the length which is increased gradually and the stirring rod at the bottom overcome the deposition phenomenon caused by the gravity of the materials, the reaction efficiency is improved and the problem of non-uniform and incomplete reaction is solved; and the supporting frame is in sliding connection with a main frame through a secondary frame,so that the supporting effect on the kettle body is achieved, and the kettle body can be maintained conveniently from different angles.

Input buffering and queue status-based output control for a digital traffic switch

A digital traffic switch having DIBOC buffer control has a queue status-based control strategy to limit status traffic on the switch and status buffer requirements. Status messages are transmitted from inputs to outputs when the content status of a logical output queue has changed from “empty” to “not empty”, or vice versa, rather than on a “per cell” request basis. Status messages are transmitted from outputs to inputs when the clearance status of a logical output queue has changed from “not clear to release” to “clear to release”, or vice versa, rather than on a “per cell” grant basis. The status of each logical output queue is monitored at outputs by retaining and updating a single status bit which has a particular binary value when the logical output queue's status is “empty” and the opposite binary value when the logical output queue's status is “not empty”. The status of each logical output queue is monitored at inputs by retaining and updating a single status bit which has a particular binary value when the logical output queue's status is “not clear to release” and the opposite binary value when the logical output queue's status is “clear to release”. Outputs generate (but do not transmit) release grants in a logical order determined by running a grant generation algorithm. Inputs release discrete information units in a logical order determined by running a release algorithm. Status messages for logical output queues are re-transmitted when extra bandwidth is available to remove any inaccurate view of the status of the logical output queues resulting from transmission failures of the original status messages.

Double-drug-loading carrier-free nanoparticle and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a double-drug-loading carrier-free nanoparticle preparation and a preparation method thereof. The double-drug-loading carrier-free nanoparticle is not added with any carrier and is only composed of a phototherapy drug and a chemotherapy drug, and the phototherapy drug is a drug with photosensitizer properties, namely chlorin e6; wherein the chemotherapeutic drug is a camptothecin drug, and the camptothecin drug is one of camptothecin, 10-hydroxycamptothecine or 7-ethyl-10-hydroxycamptothecine. The double-drug-loading carrier-free nanoparticles are prepared by combiningan anti-solvent precipitation method with a high-pressure homogenization method or combining an alkali dissolution and acid precipitation method with the high-pressure homogenization method, the particle size is 140-170 nm, a freeze-drying protective agent can be added for freeze-drying, and the particle sizes before and after freeze-drying redissolution have no significant difference. According to the double-drug-loading carrier-free nanoparticles, the synergistic effect of phototherapy-chemotherapy is achieved, the anti-tumor effect is remarkable, meanwhile, the problems of safety, unclear in-vivo metabolism and the like caused by carrier synthesis are avoided, the biocompatibility is good, and the potential clinical application value is achieved.

Body-building and bone-strengthening glutinous-rice medicinal wine prepared by adopting synchronous fermentation process

The invention provides a body-building and bone-strengthening glutinous-rice medicinal wine prepared by adopting the synchronous fermentation process. The body-building and bone-strengthening glutinous-rice medicinal wine is prepared by performing clinical experiments and testing repeatedly and conforms to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The body-building and bone-strengthening glutinous-rice medicinal wine is prepared from brewing raw materials including 20 Chinese herbal medicines, glutinous rice, water, distiller's yeast and wine yeast. The 20 Chinese herbal medicines comprise medicinal cyathula root, polygonum multiflorum, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, radix asparagi, radix ophiopogonis, dried rehmannia root, prepared rehmannia rehmannia, Chinese angelica, ginseng, cinnamon, rhizoma dioscoreae for Henan province of China, cistanche, schisandra chinensis, eucommia, dodder, poria, rhizoma alismatis, pulp of dogwood fruit, morinda officinalis and polygala tenuifolia. The glutinous rice and the Chinese herbal medicines are mixed and fermented synchronously according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the fermenting process of rice wine to prepare the glutinous-rice medicinal wine which can be drunken by people in daily life to achieve the effects of building body and strengthening bone. The glutinous-rice medicinal wine carries forward and further develops the traditional Chinese medicine and the traditional wine culture and can an be drunken all the year round by the patients to take a unique and good effect on preventing and treating rheumatic arthralgia, achiness and weakness in loin and knees, lassitude and asthenia, arthralgia and other symptoms.
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