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Anti-bacterial water-based paint and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to anti-bacterial water-based paint and a preparation method thereof. The paint comprises the following components in parts by weight: 0.2-11 parts of anti-bacterial agent, 8-33 parts of nano material, 23-64 parts of water-based resin dispersoid and 0.75-18 parts of adhesive resin or plasticizer. The preparation method comprises the following steps: firstly preparing a nano silver anti-bacterial agent; mixing deionized water, the anti-bacterial agent, a wetting agent, a dispersing agent and a defoaming agent and uniformly mixing, adding the nano material, uniformly dispersing to obtain the water-based dispersoid; adding the obtained water-based dispersoid to the mixed emulsion or water-based resin dispersoid, then adding the adhesive resin or plasticizer and various conventional assistants, stirring and dispersing evenly; adding pigments or colorant; and supplementing water to obtain the anti-bacterial water-based paint. The long-acting broad-spectrum antibacterial water-based paint has high fungicidal efficiency (more than 99%) on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, black varietas of bacillus subtilis and the like and can reduce the high concentrate of organic matters of formaldehyde to the range of specified concentration index.

Mite killing bactericide and preparation method of mite killing bactericide

The invention discloses a mite killing bactericide and a preparation method of the mite killing bactericide. The mite killing bactericide is characterized in that the camphor tree air purification principle is adopted, the mite characteristics are combined, in the recipe, medicinal alcohol is used as main ingredients, and the first level (A) pure essential oil, herbal medicine and essence are added for preparation and synthesis. The preparation provided by the invention can be used for effectively preventing and killing mites on human and animal skin surface, various articles and indoor space, parasitic mites carrying various bacteria parasitized in human and animal bodies, and bacteria, the treatment and prevention effects on various diseases caused by the mites are realized, and the goal of protecting the health is reached. The mite killing bactericide and the preparation method have the advantages that the symptomatic treatment mode thinking method of the traditional medicine is broken, the occurrence of various diseases can be prevented by adopting the main path of preventing various bacteria carried by the mites from entering human or animal bodies, the matching is reasonable, no toxicity exists in the use process on human and animals, no secondary pollution is caused, no paste oil pollution is caused, colorlessness, dryness and comfort are realized, and the mite killing and the sterilization are efficient and fast.
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