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Mosquito repellent liquid and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a mosquito repellent liquid, comprising the following ingredients: 10-25 weight portions of lavender, 35-50 weight portions of lemongrass, 8-20 weight portions of aloe, 8-15 weight portions of calendula, 10-20 weight portions of chamomile, 25-40 weight portions of jasmine, 10-20 weight portions of rose, 35-50 weight portions of cordate telosma, 35-50 weight portions of mint leaves, 35-55 weight portions of camphor leaves, 20-40 weight portions of wormwood, 20-40 weight portions of eucalyptus leaves, 10-20 weight portions of star anise, 20-40 weight portions of Lantana camara, 15-35 weight portions of Mozzie buster, 10-20 weight portions of Salvia officinalis, 10-20 weight portions of marjoram, and 10-18 weight portions of rosemary. The preparation method comprises the following steps: weighing and mixing the raw materials according to the weight proportions, immersing the raw material mixture in ethanol having 15-30 times the weight of the mixture for 20-35 h, filtering, and filling. The mosquito repellent liquid disclosed herein contains no chemical additives, can effectively protect skin from being bitten by mosquito, and has the effects of removing miliaria, relieving itching, reducing swelling, relieving pain, refreshing mind, restoring consciousness, purifying air, resisting inflammation, and sterilizing.

Traditional Chinese medicine pesticide and preparation method and use thereof

ActiveCN104082359AEasy transformation of natureEasy to decomposeBiocidePest repellentsIllicium verumToxicology
The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine pesticide and belongs to the technical field of pesticides. The traditional Chinese medicine pesticide is prepared from the following crude drugs in parts by weight: 9-11 parts of anemarrhena asphodeloides, 9-11 parts of gardenia jasminoides, 9-11 parts of forsythia suspensa, 9-11 parts of radix stemonae, 4-6 parts of lonicera japonica, 2-4 parts of sophora flavescens, 2-4 parts of giant typhonium rhizome, 2-4 parts of illicium verum, 2-4 parts of common carpesium fruit, 2-4 parts of ulmus macrocarpa hance, 4-6 parts of rhizoma cimicifugae, 2-4 parts of folium artemisiae argyi, 4-6 parts of radix adenophorae, 2-4 parts of radix lithospermi, 4-6 parts of bunge corydalis herb, 2-4 parts of acorus calamus, 4-6 parts of garden balsam stem and 4-6 parts of radix isatidis. The invention also discloses a preparation method of the traditional Chinese medicine pesticide and an application of the traditional Chinese medicine pesticide to prevention of crop aphids, mites, viral diseases and cabbage worms. The crude drugs of the traditional Chinese medicine pesticide have different pharmacological characteristics; good insect killing, insect expelling and sterilization effects are achieved after the compatibility of the crude drugs; diseases can be prevented and cured; the application range is quite wide.

Anion anti-microbial mildew-proof floor

The invention discloses an anion anti-microbial mildew-proof floor. The mildew-proof floor is composed of a damp-proof layer, a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) board layer, an anion adhesive layer and a wear-resistant layer, wherein the damp-proof layer, the TCM board layer, the anion adhesive layer and the wear-resistant layer are sequentially arranged from down to up, and the upper and lower surfaces of the TCM board layer are respectively glued with the damp-proof layer and the wear-resistant layer through the anion adhesive layer; the anion adhesive layer consists of a soy protein adhesive and anion natural mineral substance powder, wherein the mass ratio of the soy protein adhesive to the anion natural mineral substance powder is 4:1, the anion natural mineral substance powder is a mixture of tourmaline, lanthanide rare earth compound salt and titanium dioxide in accordance with the weight ratio of 4:3:3, therefore anions can be continuously released to remove formaldehyde, other hazardous substances and indoor peculiar smell, and realize bacteria resistance and bacteriostasis and purify indoor air, so health efficacy is achieved; furthermore, Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients contained in the anion anti-microbial mildew-proof floor can play a role in mosquito repellent, bacteria resistance, bacteriostasis and multiple functions, therefore the anti-microbial mildew-proof floor has an extensive application prospect.
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