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Synthesis of selective androgen receptor modulators

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The present invention relates to a synthetic process for the preparation of a novel class of androgen receptor targeting agents (ARTA) which demonstrate androgenic and anabolic activity of a nonsteroidal ligand for the androgen receptor. The agents define a new subclass of compounds which are selective androgen receptor modulators (SARM) which are useful for a) male contraception; b) treatment of a variety of hormone-related conditions, for example conditions associated with Androgen Decline in Aging Male (ADAM), such as fatigue, depression, decreased libido, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, osteoporosis, hair loss, anemia, obesity, sarcopenia, osteopenia, osteoporosis, benign prostate hyperplasia, alterations in mood and cognition and prostate cancer; c) treatment of conditions associated with Androgen Decline in Female (ADIF), such as sexual dysfunction, decreased sexual libido, hypogonadism, sarcopenia, osteopenia, osteoporosis, alterations in cognition and mood, depression, anemia, hair loss, obesity, endometriosis, breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer; d) treatment and/or prevention of chronic muscular wasting; e) decreasing the incidence of, halting or causing a regression of prostate cancer; f) oral androgen relacement and/or other clinical therpauetic and/or diagnostic areas. The process of the present invention is suitable for large-scale preparation, since all of the steps give rise to highly pure compounds, thus avoiding complicated purification procedures which ultimately lower the yield. Thus the present invention provides methods for the synthesis of non-steroidal agonist compounds, that can be used for industrial large-scale synthesis, and that provide highly pure products in high yield.
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