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An SQL result set is a set of rows from a database, as well as metadata about the query such as the column names, and the types and sizes of each column. Depending on the database system, the number of rows in the result set may or may not be known. Usually, this number is not known up front because the result set is built on-the-fly.

Ordering of database search results based on user feedback

An apparatus, program product, and method rely on user interaction in the ordering search results returned by a search engine. Each of a plurality of records in a database is associated with a user feedback parameter that is used in ordering the records identified in a result set generated in response to a search request. The user feedback parameter for a given record may be selectively updated in response to detecting multiple accesses thereto by a user and / or in response to detecting that the record is the most recently accessed record in the result set. In addition, the user feedback parameter for a given record may be configured with a plurality of weights that are respectively associated with particular keywords, such that ordering of the records in a result set can utilize only those weights that are associated with keywords that match a particular search request. Furthermore, a search request data structure may be utilized to store a plurality of search request records, each including a search request identifier identifying a unique combination of keywords, and a result set identifier identifying a subset of a plurality of records in a database that match the unique combination of keywords. The search request data structure may be accessed in response to a search request to locate a search request record including a search request identifier that matches the keywords provided in the search request, with a result set generated that identifies the subset of records identified in the result set identifier in the located search request record.

Facility for highlighting documents accessed through search or browsing

An Information highlighting facility assists the user in evaluating relevance of accessed documents to the user's information need. The accessed documents may, for example, be identified by a search engine in response to a user query. When accessing documents identified as relevant by a search engine from other networked computers, the facility provides information highlighting to assist the user in determining whether the document is relevant. A model of the user's interest, which may include an augmented set of search terms is used to take into account the general interest of the user as captured by an interest profile and context of use of the computer by the user, or a combination thereof. The model of the user's interest is applied to the document text as the document is accessed from its source. The highlighting of information about the document content may include highlighting of the terminology in the text, scrolling of the document to the relevant passages, identification of entity names and entity relations, creation of a document summary and a document thumbnail, etc. In addition, the model can be applied to a set of documents accessed by the user, e.g., to re-rank the top scoring documents from the result set provided to the user by a search engine or some other information providing services.
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