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Flexible integrated ultrasonic transducer and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a flexible integrated ultrasonic transducer, which is integrated by an organic thin-film transistor and a piezoelectric sensor. The flexible integrated ultrasonic transducer consists of a substrate, a moisture-proof isolation layer, a source drain electrode, a semiconductor thin-film layer, a gate dielectric layer, a gate electrode layer, an electrical signal coupling layer, a piezoelectric film layer, an electrode layer and an ultrasonic coupling layer in turn. In order to conveniently prepare a two-dimensional flexible ultrasonic transducer array, a layer of silicon dioxide thin film is deposited on a PET substrate and is used for isolating moisture. The piezoelectric material serving a PVDF thin film of an ultrasonic transducer has the advantages of good piezoelectric performance, low acoustic impedance, and good acoustic impedance matching with water and organisms. Therefore, the sensitivity is improved and the frequency band is widened. High flexibility ofthe PVDF thin film provides good technical basis for integrating the piezoelectric sensor. By adopting the organic thin-film transistor as a built-in signal amplifier, the gain and signal-to-noise ratio are increased, and the anti-jamming capability is improved.

Physical simulation method of coal-bed gas well hydraulic fractures

The invention discloses a physical simulation method of coal-bed gas well hydraulic fractures. According to the method, a real three-shaft fracture simulating test frame is arranged, a fracture test piece with a wellbore hole simulator is placed in the real three-shaft fracture simulating test frame, and sound transmitting probes tightly adhere to the eight corners of the fracture test piece respectively through plastic cement and are connected with sound transmitting receivers through acoustic emission signal amplifiers; a hydraulic pressure stabilizer is connected to the exterior of the real three-shaft fracture simulating test frame; the top of the wellbore hole simulator is connected with an oil and water separator through a fracturing liquid pipeline, guar glue hydraulic fracturing liquid is added to the upper portion of the oil and water separator, and oil is added to the lower portion of the oil and water separator; a control panel is connected to the bottom of the oil and water separator. With the physical simulation method of coal-bed gas well hydraulic fractures, generation and development of fractures in the test piece can be detected in real time in the hydraulic fracturing physical simulation process in a laboratory, the three-dimensional characteristic analysis of the fractures is paid attention to, the method is not confined to observation on the extension of the fractures on the surface of the fracture test piece, and the extension process of the fractures can be better reflected.

Deep rock mass rock blasting forecasting and early warning method based on blast vibration monitoring

A deep rock mass rock blasting forecasting and early warning method based on blast vibration monitoring comprises the following steps: setting a blast vibration sensor, collecting a signal and converting the signal into an electric signal for recording, amplifying the electric signal through a signal amplifier, forwarding the electric signal to a far-end signal analyzing and processing system through a wireless electric signal transponder, transmitting the received signal to a vibration signal identification and filter system of a computer, carrying out spectral analysis, recognition and separation on the vibration waveform, extracting characteristic parameters of a separated wave signal, and forecasting or evaluating disasters. The deep rock mass rock blasting forecasting and early warning method based on blast vibration monitoring has the advantages that the deep rock mass rock blasting is forecast and warned early through signal analysis via vibration monitoring equipment, easiness, convenience and practicability are achieved, great manpower and material resource input is not required, site construction is not disturbed, flexibility and convenience are achieved, and the deep rock mass rock blasting forecasting and early warning method is high in adaptability to different projects.

Method and apparatus for measuring network node of underwater sensor

The invention discloses a measuring method for network nodes of an underwater wireless sensor and a device. The method comprises the steps of: carrying out the interconversion of an electric signal and an ultrasonic signal by utilizing an ultrasonic transducer so as to complete underwater ultrasonic communication; calculating the relative distance between the nodes and the device by utilizing the transmission delay between node communication as well as the propagation velocity of ultrasound underwater; and collecting the underwater environmental data information from the position of the nodes by utilizing a sensor specially used in underwater detection. The device comprises a microcontroller, an FSK modulating and power amplifying module and a transducer which are connected in series; a hydrophone, a weak signal amplifier, an FSK demodulating chip and a microcontroller which are connected in series; a power management module is used for supplying power for a circuit and managing a power supply; and an external spreading interface module is used for connecting with a corresponding interface sensor and peripherals. The invention realizes the underwater sound communication function with low cost and low power consumption and the distance measuring function between the network nodes of the underwater wireless sensor.

Bolt fastening state monitoring device and use method thereof

The invention relates to a bolt fastening state monitoring device and a use method thereof. The device disclosed by the invention comprises a circular column elastic gasket, wherein the lower part of the elastic gasket is radially provided with a trough which penetrates through a circular column; the lower part of the elastic gasket form two arc-shaped landing legs; the top of the mouth of the trough is provided with a pressure strain gauge; two sides of the upper part of the elastic gasket are provided with two sections of arc-shaped notches in parallel with the trough; the upper part of theelastic gasket forms two arc-shaped bosses which form an angle of 90 degrees with the arc-shaped landing legs; the pressure strain gauge is connected with a signal amplifier by virtue of a lead; the signal amplifier is connected with a data acquisition device by virtue of a data line; the data acquisition device is connected with the original computer monitoring equipment by virtue of a data line; and the computer monitoring equipment compares a data signal value collected at fixed period with a preset alarming threshold value so as to judge whether an alarming measure is adopted. The bolt fastening state monitoring device has the advantages of being low cost, safe to operate and almost free from manual participation, and can be widely applied to the production and scientific research fields of hydropower stations and the like which comprise pressure containers and need to fasten bolts.
Owner:中国水利水电科学研究院机电所 +1

Tension control device of fiber sizing equipment of winding machine and control method thereof

The invention discloses a tension control device of fiber sizing equipment of a winding machine and a control method thereof. The control device comprises a servo motor, a motor driver, a glue dipping roller, a tension sensor, a tension signal amplifier, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), a spring guide roller, a frictioning plate and a roller wheel. The control method comprises the following steps of: firstly, initializing, pre-tightening fiber and starting the device; secondly, measuring the tension value of the fiber by the tensor sensor, and transmitting the tension value to the PLC; thirdly, transmitting a control signal to the motor driver by the PLC; fourthly, controlling the tension of the fiber and the preset value of the tension to be in an error range by the motor driver through the rotating speed of the glue dipping roller controlled by the servo motor; and fifthly, transmitting the fiber to the winding machine through the frictioning plate. The invention has high tension control precision and can monitor the tension in real time. Compared with spring measuring equipment, the tension control device of the fiber sizing equipment of the winding machine greatly improves the measuring precision and the response speed and is convenient to operate.
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