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High dynamic range sensor system and method

A high dynamic range sensor assembly includes a plurality of sensing sets that are organized into a sensing array. Each of the sensing sets includes a set of sensing elements for sensing physical phenomena. Each set of sensing elements has a locally selectable integration time. An analog-to-digital (A/D) converter operatively connected to the set of sensing elements acquires and converts an analog signal from each of the sensing elements into a digital signal. A processor operatively connected to the A/D converter and to the set of sensing elements manages the selectable integration time for the set of sensing elements and analyzes the digital signals from each of the sensing elements in the set of sensing elements. The digital signals from each of the sensing elements are measured by the processor and an integration scaling factor for the set of sensing elements is computed and controlled by the processor to adjust the integration time. The integration scaling factor for the set of sensing elements is mathematically combined with a value of the digital signal from the A/D converter to form a larger data word than what is generated by the A/D converter. The larger data word is utilized to represent a magnitude of each of the sensing elements. If a substantial number of A/D values have saturated, the integration time is decreased; and, if a substantial number of A/D values are below a predetermined threshold, the integration time is increased.

Apparatus and methods for enhancement of speech

A method for improving the intelligibility of an incoming telephone signal, including boosting loudness of at least one band of poorly heard frequencies of the signal within at least one band of intensities of the signal, the band lying below a predetermined intensity level at which telephone standard conformance testing is performed, thereby to generate a differentially boosted telephone signal. Alternatively or in addition, intelligibility of sibilants in a narrow band telephone signal is enhanced, by doubling the sampling rate of the narrow band signal by interpolation, thereby to provide a narrow band interpolated signal, generating a harmonic extrapolation signal by harmonically extrapolating from the narrow band interpolated signal thereby to estimate the missing portions of the telephone signal, the harmonic extrapolation comprising a sequence of pulses located at peaks of the interpolated signal, generating a missing energy estimator measure estimating energy missing at high frequency bands of the telephone signal, continuously modulating the amplitude of the pulses in said sequence of pulses based on said missing energy estimator measure, thereby to generate a modulated signal, passing the modulated signal through a shaping filter thereby to obtain a shaped signal, and summing the shaped signal with the interpolated signal.
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