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Method for detecting mutation information in multiplex amplification sequencing product of genome

The invention discloses a method for detecting mutation information in a multiplex amplification sequencing product of a genome. The method comprises steps as follows: sequencing data are subjected to quality assessment and preprocessing; a recognizable sequencing sequence is selected for sequence assembling; the recognizable sequencing sequence or a sequence obtained through assembling is compared with a reference gene sequence, and preliminary variation information is obtained; fine calibration of sequence variation is performed according to different types of conditions; a calibrated sequencing fragment is obtained; the homozygosis or heterozygosis state of a target fragment is obtained according to the type of the sequencing fragment with the highest abundance; finally, the mutation information in the multiplex amplification sequencing product of the genome is obtained. By means of the method, the amplification product can be rapidly, efficiently and accurately recognized, and the calculation resources are saved; the sequence assembling process is compatible, and the problem of reduction of the quality value of basic groups produced in the sequencing process can be effectively solved; the homozygosis/heterozygosis state of variation information can be more effectively and stably judged, and random errors introduced in the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) process and the sequencing process are eliminated.
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