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Fluid dispensing valve assembly

A dispenser for dispensing charges of fluid from a container and applicable to a mouth of the container with the container in an inverted position and the mouth down. The dispenser includes a body formed of resilient elastomeric material having a hollow annular upper part having a flexible, resilient annular wall and an upper and lower end and constituting a bellows which is downwardly expansible and upwardly contractible by flexing of the annular wall. The body has integral with the bellows a lower part having a discharge port. The dispenser includes a first check valve at an entry end of the bellows operable for flow of fluid into the bellows on expansion thereof and operable to block flow of fluid from the pump member out of its upper end on contraction thereof. A second valve is operable for dispensing the charge of fluid from the bellows down into the outlet nozzle on contraction of the bellows and to block flow out of the bellows outlet on expansion of the bellows. The second check valve has a valve seat member at the intake of the bellows and outlet nozzle, has at least one outlet port below the valve and a spring biased to keep the poppet valve seated against the valve seat such that the fluid is expelled through the poppet valve, outlet nozzle, and outlet port on contraction of the pump member.

Multiple Dose Delivery Device with Manually Depressible Actuator and One-Way Valve for Storing and Dispensing Substances, and Related Method

A dispenser for dispensing a substance has a body defining a variable-volume storage chamber for storing the substance, and a dispensing portion connected with the body and defining a dosage chamber coupled in fluid communication with the storage chamber for receiving substance therefrom, and an outlet aperture coupled in fluid communication with the dosage chamber. A first valve includes an axially-extending valve seat and an axially-extending flexible valve cover seated on the valve seat and defining a normally-closed, axially-extending seam therebetween forming a fluid-tight seal between the valve cover and valve seat. The flexible valve cover is movable relative to the valve seat and the seam is connectable in fluid communication with the outlet aperture to allow the passage of substance through the seam and out of the dispenser. A second valve is coupled in fluid communication between the dosage chamber and the storage chamber for allowing the flow of substance from the storage chamber into the dosage chamber and substantially preventing the flow of substance from the dosage chamber into the storage chamber. A manually-engageable, elastic actuator is mounted on the dispensing portion in fluid communication with the dosage chamber and is manually movable between (i) a first non-actuated position, and (ii) a second actuated position extending into the dosage chamber for compressing a dose of substance within the dosage chamber and, in turn, dispensing the substance through the first valve. The elasticity of the manually-engageable actuator causes the actuator to return from the second actuated position to the first non-actuated position upon manually releasing the actuator.
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