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Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Information. Distributed control systems (DCS) use decentralized elements or subsystems to control distributed processes or manufacturing systems. They offer flexibility, extended equipment life, simplicity of new equipment integration, and centralized maintenance when used in an industrial environment.

Four-wheel independently driven electric vehicle torque distribution control method and system

The invention relates to a four-wheel independently driven electric vehicle torque distribution control method and a four-wheel independently driven electric vehicle torque distribution control system. The method comprises the following steps of (1) acquiring a driver operation action signal and vehicle driving parameters in real time, and after pre-processing the acquired data, storing the data; (2) according to the data acquired in the step (1), identifying the current driving intention of a driver; (3) according to the driving intention identifying result, adopting a corresponding control policy to control, and according to the control policy, sending a torque control order to each driving motor. The system comprises a data acquiring module, a driving intention identifying module and a torque distribution control module which are sequentially connected. Compared with the prior art, torque can be reasonably distributed to four wheels according to the driving intentions of the driver, such as ordinary acceleration, fast acceleration and turning driving, the energy utilization of the finished vehicle is improved, meanwhile, the driving stability of the vehicle under a limited condition can also be improved, and the advantage of independent driving is fully played.

Intelligent distribution control system and method used for 'Safe City' project

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The invention relates to an intelligent distribution control system and method used for a 'Safe City' project and in particular relates to a system and a method used for a 'Safe City' project so as to carry out street real-time intelligent distributed control. The system comprises front-end video equipment and a monitoring center, wherein the front-end video equipment carries out real-time video monitoring; the monitoring center comprises a data server, a streaming server, a comparison server and a client side management system; the data server is provided with a map storage management unit; the streaming server obtains the video stream of the front-end video equipment and forwards the video stream to the comparison server; the comparison server analyzes the video, extracts an image characteristic value and compares the image characteristic value with a picture prestored in the map storage management unit; and the client side management system receives the contrast result of the contrast server and gives out alarm information according to the contrast result. Compared with the prior art, the intelligent distribution control system is more intelligent, is stronger in identification function, and is strong in deterrent force and practicality; and the cost is greatly saved, and the function and the efficiency are greatly improved.
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