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Laminate web comprising an apertured layer and method for manufacturing thereof

A laminate web comprising a first web, a second web joined to the first web at a plurality of discrete bond sites; and a third material disposed between at least a portion of the first and second nonwovens. The third material is apertured in regions adjacent the bond sites, such that the first and second nonwoven webs are joined through the apertures. In one embodiment an apertured laminate web is disclosed, having a first extensible web having a first elongation to break, and a second extensible web joined to the first extensible web at a plurality of bond sites, the second extensible web having elongation to break. A third web material is disposed between the first and second nonwovens, the third web material having a third elongation to break which is less than both of the first or second elongations to break. In a further embodiment, an apertured laminate web is disclosed, having first and second extensible webs being joined at a plurality of discrete bond sites and a third material disposed between the first and second nonwoven webs. The first and second nonwoven webs are in fluid communication via the apertures and have distinct regions being differentiated by at least one property selected from the group consisting of basis weight, fiber orientation, thickness, and density.

Water-blocking medium voltage aluminum alloy power cable

InactiveCN103700442AWith water blocking functionGood vertical water resistanceClimate change adaptationPower cables with screens/conductive layersElectrical conductorMemory effect
The invention discloses a water-blocking medium voltage aluminum alloy power cable which comprises an insulating cable core and an outer wrapping layer, wherein one or more insulating cable cores are provided; the insulating cable core is wrapped by the outer wrapping layer so as to form the water-blocking medium voltage aluminum alloy power cable. The cable is characterized in that each insulating cable core comprises an inner aluminum alloy conductor core (1), an inner shielding layer (2), an insulating layer (3), an outer shielding layer (4), a semiconductor resistor water-blocking zone (5) and a seamless metal sleeve (6) from inside to outside in sequence; the outer wrapping layer comprises a winding and wrapping layer (7), an inner protective layer (8), an armored layer (9) and an outer protective layer (10) from inside to outside The aluminum alloy power cable disclosed by the invention is made of an aluminum alloy material, the inner aluminum alloy conductor core is high in yield strength, small in resilience value, free of memory effect and easy to install, and compared with a copper core cable of the same mass, the cable is small in resistance, and the cost of the alloy material is smaller than that of copper.
Owner:江苏南瑞淮胜电缆有限公司 +1

Halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic elastomer electrical cable material using polyphenylene ether as base material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic elastomer cable material with polyphenylether as the base materials and a preparation method thereof. The raw material of the cable material contains the components with the following weight percentage: 10 to 35 percent of matrix resin A; 5 to 15 percent of matrix resin B; 10 to 25 percent of elastomer; 5 to 25 percent of softening plasticizer; 8 to 15 percent of flame-retardant plasticizer; 20 to 40 percent of smoke-suppression flame retardant; 3 to 10 percent of compatilizer; 1 to 5 percent of lubricant; 1 to 5 percent of powder surface conditioner; 0 to 10 percent of mineral filler; 0.1 to 1 percent of stabilizing agent. The invention adds matrix resin, polyphenylether of strong polarity and functional group of styrene-ethylene / butylene-styrene segmented copolymer, which effectively improves the compatibility of non-polar elastomer with polyphenylether; the invention also adds plasticizer, which reduces the hardness of the material and increases the flexibility; and through the optimization and interaction of the softening plasticizer and the flame-retardant plasticizer, the invention reduces the hardness and improves the tactility of the material, and the flame retardant performance is excellent.
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