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Method and system for data backup

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to Web-Services-based data backup and data-archiving applications that provide remote data backup and data archiving to private individuals, small businesses, and other organizations that need reliable, secure, geographically remote, and cost-effective data backup, data archiving, and backed-up and archived-data retrieval. In one embodiment of the present invention, a private or small-business client contracts with a service provider for data-backup and data-archiving services. The service provider, in turn, contracts with a remote data-storage facility to provide secure, reliable data backup and data archiving to the personal or small-business client. A client-side application is downloaded to the client computer and configured to allow the client to store locally encrypted data at the remote, data-storage facilities. Neither the service provider nor the data-storage facility can decrypt or otherwise access the information stored by the client. In addition, the encryption key or encryption keys used by the client to encrypt the data for remote storage are securely stored at the remote, data-storage facility for subsequent recovery by the client, should the client suffer damage or loss to a local computer system. However, the client encryption key is stored in a doubly encrypted fashion, preventing access to the client's encryption key by either the service provider or the data-storage facility. Certain embodiments of the present invention also provide local indexing for remotely stored, encrypted data and efficient storage of updates to already remotely stored data.

Resealable vial with connector assembly having a membrane and pusher

InactiveUS6168037B1Prevent inadvertent withdrawalPreserve sterilityCapsClosure using stoppersElastomerBottle
A resealable vial featuring a connector assembly having a membrane and a pusher for selectively opening or sealing the fluid passageway between the bottle and the connector end of a luer hub. The connector assembly includes a body disposed on said bottle, and means for communicating fluid such as a luer connector hub which may be separately provided with the body or formed integrally therewith. The luer connector hub features a connector end open for access by medical delivery instrument, and an opposed end which is disposed for fluid communication with a recess defined by the body. The body defines a recess having a fluid path with the open top of the bottle. A membrane, preferably formed from an elastomeric material, is secured across both the recess and the open top of the bottle, and may be retained between the top surface of the bottle and the body. The membrane preferably includes a central area sealing the recess from the open top of the bottle, with one or more fluid openings defined on a portion of the membrane outside of the central area. A pusher is located in the recess. A force exerted on the pusher deflects the membrane towards the interior of the vial, urging the membrane and fluid openings away from the body to open the fluid path between the bottle and the recess. The pusher may be structured to include one or more fluid pathways so as to facilitate fluid flow through the recess. A sealing rib may be provided around the portion of the periphery of the recess to enhance sealing contact between the central area of the membrane and the recess.
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