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Systems and methods for caller ID authentication, spoof detection and list based call handling

Systems and methods for caller id authentication, spoof detection and list based call handling are disclosed. The caller ID authentication is performed by an authentication device connected to the calling party telephone transmitting the source and destination telephone numbers of the call to an authentication server. The called party authentication device extracts the caller ID of the incoming call and transmits the caller ID of the caller and the telephone number of the called party to the authentication server. The authentication server analyzes the transmitted information from both devices and replies with the authentication status of the caller ID to the called party authentication device. Other embodiments are disclosed where the authentication server is not available and caller ID authentication is performed in a peer-to-peer manner. In another embodiment, the concepts of active and passive certification passwords are used to maintain the integrity of the system. Other embodiments allow for authenticating blocked caller ID's, reveling blocked caller ID's, VoIP implementations, legitimate caller ID spoofing, and placing a blocked caller ID on private white or black lists. Another embodiment combines the described caller ID authentication system within a call handling system utilizing internal, global and private white and black lists. Applications of caller ID authentication methodology to other forms of communication source address authentication, such as email, SMS, and postal mail are envisioned.

Vehicular real time monitoring system based on the radio RF recognition technology

InactiveCN101055672AAvoid the disadvantage of extremely short effective communication distanceRealize automatic identificationRoad vehicles traffic controlNetwork terminationMonitoring system
A vehicle real-time monitoring system based on a wireless RF identification technology is provided, which is composed of an interactive vehicle license plate, a detector, a communication network terminal, a communication network, a center server and a control management system, etc. The system is capable of realizing digitalization of vehicle monitoring information; the interactive vehicle license plate realizes an interactive function of the vehicle license plate by using a RFID technic and an audio, optical prompting technic, thereby interactive response between a vehicle to be monitored and the vehicle monitoring system; the interactive vehicle license plate is decryption-proof, falsification-proof, every license plate has a global unique identification number capable of realizing no-parking large-distance automatic identification and automatic examination of unlawful vehicles, vehicles with pirated license plates, and blacklist vehicles; a vehicle information database of real-time positions of the vehicles to be monitored, moving tracks and the like can be generated. The invention uses an active RF card, avoids a fault that an effective distance of a passive RF card (such as a bus IC card, an entrance guard card), and uses an omnidirectional (non-directional antenna) to veritably realizing no-parking large-distance automatic identification.

Method, device and system for preventing malicious requests for server

The invention relates to a method, device and system for preventing malicious requests for a server. The method includes the following steps that: first verification is performed on a received first network request, and verification results of the first verification and a generated session token are returned to the cookie of a user end which transmits the first network request; and second verification is performed on the verification results, the session token and the like which are carried by a received second first network request, if verification is successful, a response is made to the second first network request, so that corresponding service data processing can be performed, otherwise, the second first network is intercepted. According to the method, device and system for preventing malicious requests for the server of the invention, a blacklist user data table is updated in real time in a malicious request verification process, and users who send malicious requests are marked as blacklist users; and service processing is performed on the network request (the second network request) which is transmitted by a user based on the session token obtained by the user; and therefore, the rate of misjudgment and the rate of missed judgment can be effectively decreased, and the accuracy of malicious request judgment can be improved.
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