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Electric fan system for vehicle

An electric fan system for a vehicle including two electric fans (10, 20) arranged in parallel in a vehicle width direction so as to blow cooling air to a radiator (100) and a condenser (110), wherein the electric fans are driven by a brushless motor (12) and a brush motor (22), a first drive voltage V1 for driving the brushless motor is set so as to increase in accordance with an increase of a water temperature (Tw) of the radiator or a coolant pressure (Pc) of the condenser, and simultaneously a second drive voltage V2 for driving the brush motor is set so as to increase monotonously as a value lower than the first drive voltage, whereby the two electric fans can operate simultaneously at all times, unevenness of the distribution of the flow rate can be reduced, and the drive voltage of the brush motor is reduced, so the lifetime can be extended and, further, provision is made of an electronic control unit (40a) for preferentially operating the electric fan (10) driven by the brushless motor over the electric fan (20) driven by the brush motor based on the temperature of the engine cooling water and the electric fan (10) driven by the brushless motor is designed to cool by cooling air other vehicle-mounted parts besides the radiator (100) and the condenser (110), specifically for example the ECU box (410).
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