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Indoor positioning method based on WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) fingerprints

The invention discloses an indoor positioning method based on WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) fingerprints. The method comprises the steps of continuously acquiring RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) values of WiFi signals within a certain period of time for each known position point in a place to be positioned, preprocessing the acquired data, counting times num that each AP (Access Point) occurs in the signal sequence of a certain position point, deleting AP signal data with num which is smaller than half of the total length of the sequence, calculating the average value mu and the standard deviation delta of the preprocessed data, and storing the average value mu and the standard deviation delta in a database; and acquiring the RSSI values of the WiFi signals at a point to be positioned, uploading the RSSI values to a sever, matching the acquired data of the point to be positioned with values in the database by adopting a multilevel probability algorithm to obtain W position estimation values with the maximum probability and performing time averaging to obtain the position estimation of the point to be measured. Compared with the prior art, the method has the advantages that the positioning accuracy is guaranteed, the operability and the practicability of the system are improved, and the goal of accurate positioning at distance of 3m can be achieved.

Printing apparatus and storage medium for printing apparatus

Rotation of drawing data is required when a page orientation specified in a document, which describes each object in a hierarchical manner in a preset format, is different from a specified medium orientation. Even under such a requirement, a printing device of the invention enables a laid-out and drawn image to be printed without any subsequent rotation. In the presence of an orientation change command given to eliminate the difference between the page orientation and the medium orientation, the printing device of the invention receives a layout command and determines a layout of each object in each page on the medium with conversion of coordinates at a preset position of the object in response to the orientation change command. In the presence of the orientation change command, the printing device of the invention receives a print command, fetches an object according to the stored layout in each page, and draws and prints the fetched object in response to the orientation change command. Even when the page orientation is different from the medium orientation, this arrangement does not require any subsequent orientation change of drawing data, which has been laid out and drawn in the specified page orientation, to generate converted drawing data corresponding to the specified medium orientation.

Board back insertion type circuit breaker characteristic detection and test device

The invention relates to a test device for detecting and testing the characteristics of a plug-in circuit breaker behind a panel. It includes the control circuit and mechanical mechanism of the device; the control circuit is composed of four cylinder circuits used to connect and disconnect the test electrode and the tested circuit breaker electrode in the control mechanical mechanism and used to provide the test power supply for the tested circuit breaker Regulate the voltage and test the circuit connected to the instrument; the mechanical mechanism includes a pneumatic clamping device fixed on the workbench and a positioning fixture installed on the electrode of the circuit breaker to be tested. The invention can realize that various case circuit breakers are concentrated on one test bench for characteristic detection, thereby saving the cost of the test bench and improving the space utilization rate. The pneumatic pressing device eliminates the energy consumption and variance caused by artificial crimping, and the test current realizes 0-4000A continuous and fine-tuning, which ensures the accuracy of the test current. And the multi-tap transformer realizes gear switching, and the display value of the test current is the actual value, which improves the detection accuracy and efficiency.
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