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Disc holding trays for antitheft purposes within optical or audio disc storage units

Novel optical disc storage units comprising transparent polypropylene are provided. Such storage units exhibit sufficient impact resistance to protect the target disc and sufficient clarity that any informational literature may be placed entirely within the storage unit and easily viewed and read through the walls thereof without impediment. Furthermore, the target storage unit must also include a spine section of sufficient width to permit a section of the informational literature to be placed internally thereon and viewed and easily read (such as, for example, the title and accompanying language describing the target disc placed therein) substantially without impediment as well. Additionally, provided therein are novel insert trays that simultaneously permit proper placement of such internally placed informational literature against the internal portion of the aforementioned walls, and particularly the spine portion, as well as provide antitheft properties. Such insert trays are designed to encompass any discs placed therein to the extent that such discs cannot exit such trays when the container is in closed position without breaking the disc itself. Specific novel storage units, in addition to these necessarily transparent walls and spine portions, are also possible to maximize the benefits of the transparent properties thereof.
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