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Intelligent ship-borne terminal device for inland waterway intelligent shipping information service

The invention discloses an intelligent ship-borne terminal device for inland waterway intelligent shipping information service. The ship-borne terminal device consists of a power supply module, a data collection module, a main control module, a communication module and a human-computer interaction module; and an online analysis processing technology, multiple sensing technologies (global positioning system (GPS), automatic identification system (AIS), wireless frequency identification devices (RFID), sensors and videos) and a communication technology are utilized by the invention to realize the automatic identification of a ship identity and the perception of a running status of the ship by aggregating, rebuilding and interacting polymorphic heterogeneous data under the sailing status of the inland waterway ship, so that solid guarantee can be provided for the ship data perception of an inland waterway intelligent shipping information service system, the realization of ship-ship interconnection, ship-bank interconnection and ship-cargo interconnection and for the safe sailing and high efficient transportation of inland waterway ships in China, and the rapid development of the inland waterway intelligent shipping information service (internet of ships) can be promoted.

Multifunctional rudder-free aquaculture workboat

The invention relates to a multifunctional rudder-free aquaculture workboat which comprises a boat body. A drive device, a steering device, a meteorological device providing information of wind speed, the wind direction, temperature, humidity and pressure, a navigation device, a communication module which can be communicated with a handheld mobile base station or a land fixed base station, an obstacle avoidance device, a coordination control drive device, a steering device, a central control module for achieving boat unmanned intelligent navigation, a water flow measuring device for detecting the speed and direction of the water flow, a water quality detection device for collecting a water sample and detecting water quality parameters, an underwater detection device for detecting the distribution state of the underwater fish schools or other biotic communities, an automatic bait casting device for controlling bait casting and feeding, and a storage battery for providing a work power source for a boat device. Fan drive is adopted by the workboat, a complex mechanical engine, a steering rudder and a transmission mechanism are removed, and the multifunctional rudder-free aquaculture workboat is light, high in efficiency, free of rudder and pollution and capable of automatically completing water quality parameter detection and bait casting and feeding in the aquaculture area.

Underwater side-scan sonar collecting and releasing device arranged under boat bow deck

The invention relates to an underwater side-scan sonar collecting and releasing device arranged under a boat bow deck. The device is characterized in that the boat bow is provided with a slot so as to be convenient for arranging the sonar on the boat bow, the slot can also be used for collecting an underwater sonar, and after the sonar is collected, the sonar can be covered; the sonar is arranged on a collecting and releasing rod, and the collecting and releasing rod is driven through a transmission device comprising an electromotor, a speed reducer, a stainless steel chain, and the like to rotate so as to send the sonar into water; after the sonar reaches a boat bow working position vertical to the bottom of the boat, an electrical push rod pushes a positioning pin to insert into a positioning hole so as to improve the rigidity of the sonar collecting and releasing rod; and the rotation angle of collecting and releasing the sonar is measured by an encoder connected to a rotation shaft. The imaging quality of the sonar arranging device is high, and the device can realize the quick collection and release of the underwater sonar; after the sonar is placed, the positioning pin is inserted, which can effectively guarantee the working precision of the sonar; the sonar can be guaranteed to be correctly collected and released through the encoder; and by integrating the three points, the detection precision of the sonar can be effectively and greatly improved, and the device is convenient to use.
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