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Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving encoding-decoding speech

The invention relates to the communication field, and discloses a method for receiving and sending the voice coding and decoding and a device thereof, so as to allow the code efficiency of voice signals to be enhanced and the voice quality to be enhanced. The time-frequency conversion is performed to voice signals to obtain X frequency domain conversion coefficients, the X frequency domain conversion coefficients are quantified to obtain the broad-band coded signals, wherein, Y frequency domain conversion coefficients which are relatively important are quantified with a first codebook, the other X-Y frequency domain conversion coefficients are quantified with a second codebook, the code word quantity of the first codebook is higher than the code word quantity of the second codebook, Y is smaller than or equal to X and larger than or equal to 1, and the acquired broad-band coded signals are sent. According to the ratio of the average spectrum amplitude and the maximum spectrum amplitude of each quantified block, fine spectrum structures of the frequency domain quantified signals in the quantified block are reduced, wherein, the smaller the ratio is , the larger the reducing extent of the fine spectrum structures are.
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