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Radio communication system, communition terminal device, base station device, and radio communication method

A radio communication system carrying out uplink scheduling so as to reduce interference at a base station apparatus even when there are communication terminal apparatuses in the process of soft handover. In this system, a separation section (110) of a communication terminal apparatus separates a result of demodulation of a received signal into received data and a transmit power control (TPC) command instructing an increase or decrease of transmit power, a base station selection section (120) selects a main base station apparatus having the best channel quality according to the TPC command and outputs base station selection information. Furthermore, a transmit power control section (130) of the communication terminal apparatus determines transmit power according to the TPC command and an extra transmit power calculation section (140) calculates extra transmit power by subtracting the determined transmit power from maximum transmittable transmit power and outputs extra transmit power information. Furthermore, a selection/multiplexing section (150) of the communication terminal apparatus multiplexes transmission data, base station selection information and extra transmit power information and a transmission section (160) transmits the multiplexed data to the base station apparatus.
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