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Arrangement for outboard motor

An outboard motor comprises an internal combustion engine and a protective cowling that surrounds the engine. The cowling comprises at least an upper portion and a lower portion. The engine comprises a cylinder block that defines a cylinder bore. A cylinder head member is fixed at one end of the cylinder block and encloses one end of the cylinder bore. A crankcase member is fixed at the other end of the cylinder block and encloses the other end of the cylinder bore. The crankcase member forms a crankcase chamber. A piston is positioned within the cylinder bore. A crankshaft is rotably journaled in the crankcase chamber and is connected to the piston. The piston, the cylinder bore and the cylinder head together define a combustion chamber. The cylinder block, the cylinder head member and the crankcase member together defining an engine body. A first air intake conduit communicates with the engine and extends generally along a side of the engine body. The first air intake conduit communicates with an intake silencer located proximate the crankcase member. The engine further comprises a starter motor, an electronic control unit and a fuel supply system. The fuel supply system comprises a vapor separator and a fuel injector. The starter motor, the electronic control unit, the vapor separator and the fuel injectors are located in a space defined between the intake silencer, the first air intake conduit and the engine body.
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