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Medical Treatment System and Methods Using a Plurality of Fluid Lines

Improvements in fluid volume measurement systems are disclosed for a pneumatically actuated diaphragm pump in general, and a peritoneal dialysis cycler using a pump cassette in particular. Pump fluid volume measurements are based on pressure measurements in a pump control chamber and a reference chamber in a two-chamber model, with different sections of the apparatus being modeled using a combination of adiabatic, isothermal and polytropic processes. Real time or instantaneous fluid flow measurements in a pump chamber of a diaphragm pump are also disclosed, in this case using a one-chamber ideal gas model and using a high speed processor to obtain and process pump control chamber pressures during fluid flow into or out of the pump chamber. Improved heater control circuitry is also disclosed, to provide added or redundant safety measures, or to reduce current leakage from a heater element during pulse width modulation control of the heater. Improvements are also disclosed in the application of negative pressure during a drain phase in peritoneal dialysis therapy, and to control the amount of intraperitoneal fluid accumulation during a therapy. Improvements in efficiency are also disclosed in the movement of fluid into and out of a two-pump cassette and heater bag of a peritoneal dialysis cycler, and in the synchronization of the operation of two or more pumps in a peritoneal dialysis cycler or other fluid handling devices using a multi-pump arrangement.

Detection device, three-dimensional printer and three-dimensional printing method

The invention relates to a detection device used in a fused deposition type three-dimensional printer. The detection device comprises a mounting seat and a first detection unit, wherein the first detection unit comprises a first detection wheel, a spring, a first photoelectric sensor as well as a positioning roller and an extrusion roller rotatably mounted on the mounting seat; an axis of the extrusion roller is parallel to that of the positioning roller, and the distance between the axes is adjustable; restoring force of the spring enables the distance between the axis of the extrusion roller and the axis of the positioning roller to be reduced; a channel for wire forming is formed between a working surface of the extrusion roller and a working surface of the positioning roller wheel; the first detection wheel is coaxially connected with the extrusion roller or the positioning roller in an equal-angular-speed manner; the first detection wheel comprises a base part and a covering part circumferentially arranged along the base part; a light path of the first photoelectric sensor penetrates through a plane formed by rotating the covering part around an axis of the first detection wheel. The detection device can be used for detecting whether the three-dimensional printer has the problems of empty printing and the like or not. In addition, the invention further provides the three-dimensional printer employing the detection device and a printing method of the printer.
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