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UV curing is the process by which ultraviolet light is used to initiate a photochemical reaction that generates a crosslinked network of polymers. UV curing is adaptable to printing, coating, decorating, stereolithography, and in the assembly of a variety of products and materials. In comparison to other technologies, curing with UV energy may be considered a low temperature process, a high speed process, and is a solventless process, as cure occurs via direct polymerization rather than by evaporation. Originally introduced in the 1960s, this technology has streamlined and increased automation in many industries in the manufacturing sector.

Light emitting apparatus and method for curing inks, coatings and adhesives

A UV curing apparatus and method is provided for enhancing the distribution and application of UV light to UV photo initiators in a UV curable ink, coating or adhesive. The UV curing apparatus and method comprises UV LED assemblies in a first row with the UV LED assemblies spaced from adjacent UV LED assemblies. At least one second row of a plurality of UV LED assemblies are provided next to the first row but with the UV LED assemblies of the second row positioned adjacent the spaces between adjacent UV LED assemblies in the first row thereby to stagger the second row of UV LED assemblies from the UV LED assemblies in the first row. Desirably, the rows of staggered UV LED assemblies are mounted on a panel. UV curable products, articles or other objects containing UV photo initiators that are in or on a web can be conveyed or otherwise moved past the rows of UV LED assemblies for effective UV curing. This arrangement facilitates more uniformly application of UV light on the UV curable ink, coating and/or adhesives in the UV curable products, articles or other objects. The apparatus can include one or more of the following: rollers for moving the web, mechanisms for causing the panel to move in an orbital or reciprocal path, and an injection tube for injecting a non-oxygen gas in the area of UV light curing.

Ultraviolet curing paint and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an ultraviolet (UV) curing paint and a preparation method and application thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: weighting modified SiO2 sol to place in a container, adding water-soluble UV-cured resin, solvent and additive in turn, stirring for 10min, then adding photoinitiator, and stirring for 5min to obtain the UV curing paint, wherein the contents of the water-soluble UV-cured resin, the solvent, the additive and the photoinitiator are 10-60%, 7-33%, 0.1% and 2% respectively. The UV curing paint prepared by the method of the invention has the advantages of inorganic materials such as high hardness, high wear resistance, scratch resistance and good thermal stability and also has the advantages of organic materials such as adhesivity and relative flexibility; and the UV curing paint is suitable to be used as the protective coatings on the surfaces of all kinds of optical plastic products such as polyester which contains polycarbonate, polymethylmethacrylate, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and the like. By adopting the UV curing paint of the invention, the defects of the existing UV curing paint in the aspects of hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance and light transmittance, can be overcomed to a certain extent.

Wire saw for cutting hard and fragile materials and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to a wire saw for cutting hard and fragile materials and a manufacturing method thereof. The wire saw is fixed with an grinding material on a core wire through a bonding agent and is characterized in that the bonding agent consists of an inner layer UV resin bonding agent and an outer layer heat reactive resin bonding agent; and the grinding material is evenly and continuously distributed in a monolayer mode around the core wire, partial grinding material is embedded in the UV resin bonding agent, other partial grinding material is exposed outside the heat reactive resin bonding agent to form an exit lip, and the rest part is enwrapped by the outer layer heat reactive resin. The grinding material adopts a diamond or CBN adopting surface metal plating; and the core wire adopts a copperized music wire. The manufacturing method is performed continuously and quickly according to the following steps: under the traction of a driving device, setting out the core wire continuously through a wire plate, surface preparation, cleaning, drying, coating with the inner layer UV resin bonding agent, grinding material cementation, UV curing, coating with the outer layer heat reactive resin bonding agent, thermocuring and drawing in a cable to form a plate. The wire saw and the method solve the problem of driving aspects before cured resin is completely cured, and can effectively solve the problem that the grinding material in the prior art is easy to agglomerate.

High-solid-content UV (Ultraviolet)-curing aqueous urethane acrylate dispersion liquid and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a high-solid-content UV-curing aqueous urethane acrylate dispersion liquid and a preparation method thereof, wherein the method comprises the following steps of: firstly carrying out the monoesterfication reaction on the partial hydroxide group at the tail end of hyperbranched polyester and the anhydride group of dicarboxylic anhydride to obtain an intermediate I; carrying out the end capping reaction on an isocyanate group in diisocyanate and the hydroxide group in a hydroxyalkyl methacrylate monomer to obtain a reaction intermediate II; carrying out the reaction on the residual hydroxide group of the intermediate I and the residual isocyanate group of the reaction intermediate II to obtain a reaction intermediate III; and carrying out alkali neutralization, aqueous dispersion and reduced-pressure distillation on the reaction intermediate III to remove an organic solvent to obtain the UV-curing urethane acrylate aqueous dispersion liquid. The dispersion liquid has the characteristics of high solid content, relatively low viscosity, UV curability, good mechanical performance of a paint film and the like, conforms to the concept of environmental protection, can be applied to the fields of environment-friendly coatings, aqueous ink, aqueous adhesives, fabric coating agents and the like and has broad prospect.

UV-cured peelable blue gel for temporary protection of touch screen and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a UV-cured peelable blue gel for temporary protection of a touch screen and a preparation method thereof. The UV-cured peelable blue gel comprises the following components of 50-70 parts of modified acrylate resin, 20-30 parts of acrylate monomer, 1.0-5.0 parts of light curing agent, 0.1-1.0 part of thixotropic agent, 0.1-5.0 parts of auxiliary and 0.1-1.0 part of pigment; and the preparation method comprises the following steps of: accurately weighing various raw materials according to a formula ratio; firstly adding the modified acrylate resin, the acrylate monomer, the light curing agent, the auxiliary and the pigment to a reaction kettle in sequence and then stirring these materials in the reaction kettle; after these materials are uniformly stirred, adding the thixotropic agent to these materials; and uniformly dispersing an obtained mixture to discharge out a material. The UV-cured peelable blue gel provided by the invention is a non-solvent and a system containing no phthalate substance and is much safer and more environment-friendly. Through the adoption of a UV curing system, the film curing and forming speed is high and the production efficiency of the touch screen is greatly increased.
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