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Multitask concurrent executive system and method for hybrid network service

InactiveCN101741850AIntegrate business capabilitiesHybrid network services are flexible and diverseData switching networksService flowMedia controls
The invention relates to a multitask concurrent executive system and a method for hybrid network service. The system comprises a client side, a load-balancing server, a signalling/ media control server and an application server cluster. The running method thereof is as follows: after the client side receives a service request, the load-balancing server selects an optimum application server and transmits the service request to a service bus thereof. After an admission control module of the application server carries out admission control on the request, the service bus transmits the request to a dynamic flow execution engine, the dynamic flow execution engine starts a service flow corresponding to the request to analyze and process, and the service bus calls a corresponding service capability component in a low deferred event service engine and interacts with the signalling/ media control server through the resource adapter so as to call the service resource of the latter; and a processing result is returned to the client side according to a reverse process. The multitask concurrent executive system supports the supply of hybrid network service over a telecommunication network and the internet and the multitask concurrent on a heterogeneous network and terminals.

Method for sending channel quality information in a multi-carrier radio communication system, corresponding mobile terminal and base station

The present invention relates to a method for sending channel quality information in a multi-carrier radio communication system comprising at least one mobile terminal and at least one base station, said channel quality information being sent on a signaling channel by said mobile terminal to said base station. According to the present invention, the method comprises the steps of: performing channel quality measurements on a plurality of frequency sub-carriers; generating and sending a first report over said signaling channel, said first report comprising a first channel quality information depending on said channel quality measurements on at least one sub-carrier, said at least one sub-carrier building an herein called first group of sub-carriers; determining a number of additional reports depending on the mobility grade of said mobile terminal; if said number of additional reports is not reached, generating and sending an additional report over said signaling channel comprising an additional channel quality information depending on channel quality measurements on at least one sub-carrier, said at least one sub-carrier building an herein called second group of sub-carriers, said second group of sub-carriers being different of said first group of sub-carriers.

Microwave photocatalytic wastewater degradation device allowing greatly expanding single pot treating capacity

The invention relates to a microwave photocatalytic wastewater degradation device allowing greatly expanding single pot treating capacity and belongs to the technical field of wastewater treatment. The existing microwave photocatalytic degradation technology aiming at industrial wastewater containing organic pollutants has the problems of microwave energy waste and small practical single pot wastewater treating capacity; in addition, in the prior art, the phenomenon of scale deposit can occur after the outer side surface of a quartz tube for shielding an electrodeless ultraviolet lamp is soaked in wastewater for a long time, a scale layer formed by the scale deposit blocks the permeability of light and also affects the wastewater treatment efficiency of the existing device; and the microwave photocatalytic wastewater degradation device aims at solving all the problems. The device adopts the structure that the electrodeless ultraviolet lamp is arranged in a wire mesh cage-shaped non-light tight microwave restraint made of metal material, and leads microwave into the restraint to restrain the microwave, so that microwave is free from inconducive dissipation, the design volume of a reactor is allowed to be greatly expanded based on the structure, and further the single pot wastewater treating capacity of the reactor is greatly enhanced. The device instantaneously eliminates the scale layer through high-frequency ultrasonic wave.

System and method for supporting mixed service based on integrated open network

ActiveCN101826987AFlexible and diverse mix of servicesReduce secondary development workloadProgram controlData switching networksThird generationThe Internet
The invention relates to a system and a method for supporting a mixed service based on an integrated open network. The system is provided with a template multiplexing-based service generation subsystem, a mixed service-oriented multitask concurrent execution subsystem, a service resource access subsystem and a service management subsystem. The system provides template multiplexing-based service generation and multitask concurrent execution in the integrated open network environment by integrating an IP network with a PSTN, a 2G mobile network, a 2.5G mobile network and a 3G mobile network, and Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX and all kinds of heterogeneous networks of packet data network. In the system, the quick service generation is realized due to the adoption of a service system structure-oriented SOA and on the basis of the template multiplexing thought; and operation environment of an integrated network service is provided on the basis of a service bus integrated with a dynamic flow performance engine and a low delay event service engine, so the service capacity of integrating the internet with the telecommunication field is realized, and the aim of providing flexible and various personalized services and supporting multitask concurrent execution is fulfilled.

Soft sensing method for load parameter of ball mill

ActiveCN101776531AThe frequency band features are obviousObvious high frequency featuresSubsonic/sonic/ultrasonic wave measurementCurrent/voltage measurementLeast squares support vector machineEngineering
The invention relates to a soft sensing method for load parameters of a ball mill. The method is that a hardware supporting platform is used to obtain vibration signals, vibration sound signals and current signals of a ball mill cylinder to soft sense ball mill internal parameters (ratio of material to ball, pulp density and filling ratio) characterizing ball mill load. The method comprises the following steps that: the vibration, the vibration sound, the current data and the time-domain filtering of the ball mill cylinder are acquired, time frequency conversion is conducted to the vibration and the vibration sound data, kernel principal component analysis based nonlinear features of the sub band of the vibration and the vibration sound data in frequency domain are extracted, nonlinear features of the time domain current data are extracted, feature selection is conducted to the fused nonlinear feature data and a soft sensing model based on a least squares support vector machine is established. The soft sensing method of the invention has the advantages that the sensitivity is high, the sensed results are accurate, the practical value and the popularization prospect are very good, and the realization of the stability control, the optimization control, the energy saving and the consumption reduction of the grinding production process is facilitated.
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