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Silicon oxynitride is a ceramic material with the chemical formula SiOₓNy. While in amorphous forms its composition can continuously vary between SiO₂ (silica) and Si₃N₄ (silicon nitride), the only known intermediate crystalline phase is Si₂N₂O. It is found in nature as the rare mineral sinoite in some meteorites and can be synthesized in the laboratory.

Uniform batch film deposition process and films so produced

A batch of wafer substrates is provided with each wafer substrate having a surface. Each surface is coated with a layer of material applied simultaneously to the surface of each of the batch of wafer substrates. The layer of material is applied to a thickness that varies less than four thickness percent across the surface and exclusive of an edge boundary and having a wafer-to-wafer thickness variation of less than three percent. The layer of material so applied is a silicon oxide, silicon nitride or silicon oxynitride with the layer of material being devoid of carbon and chlorine. Formation of silicon oxide or a silicon oxynitride requires the inclusion of a co-reactant. Silicon nitride is also formed with the inclusion of a nitrification co-reactant. A process for forming such a batch of wafer substrates involves feeding the precursor into a reactor containing a batch of wafer substrates and reacting the precursor at a wafer substrate temperature, total pressure, and precursor flow rate sufficient to create such a layer of material. The delivery of a precursor and co-reactant as needed through vertical tube injectors having multiple orifices with at least one orifice in registry with each of the batch of wafer substrates and exit slits within the reactor to create flow across the surface of each of the wafer substrates in the batch provides the within-wafer and wafer-to-wafer uniformity.

Method for etching silicon oxynitride and inorganic antireflection coatings

The present disclosure pertains to a method for plasma etching a semiconductor patterning stack. The patterning stack includes at least one layer comprising either a dielectric-comprising antireflective material or an oxygen-comprising material. In many instances the dielectric-comprising antireflective material will be an oxygen-comprising material, but it need not be limited to such materials. In one preferred embodiment of the method, the chemistry enables the plasma etching of both a layer of the dielectric-comprising antireflective material or oxygen-comprising material and an adjacent or underlying layer of material. In another preferred embodiment of the method, the layer of dielectric-comprising antireflective material or oxygen-comprising material is etched using one chemistry, while the adjacent or underlying layer is etched using another chemistry, but in the same process chamber. Of particular interest is silicon oxynitride, an oxygen-comprising material which functions as an antireflective material. A preferred embodiment of the method provides for the use of a source of carbon and an appropriate halogen-comprising plasma, to achieve selective etch of one oxygen-containing material compared with another material which contains a more limited amount of oxygen.
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