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In the electrical wiring of buildings, a cable tray system is used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. Cable trays are used as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems, and are commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction. They are especially useful in situations where changes to a wiring system are anticipated, since new cables can be installed by laying them in the tray, instead of pulling them through a pipe.

Multi level cable bus system with modular cable trays

ActiveUS20120111598A1Minimizing phase impedanceMinimize of excessive heatingPipe supportsElectrical apparatusCable transmissionPower cable
A cable bus system for the mounting and positioning of high amperature, from low to high voltage electrical power cables transmitting polyphase electrical current. The cable bus system included a ventilated enclosure used to protect electrical cables mounted therein. The enclosure is provided with multiple modular cable trays which are bolted together in a stacked arrangement to form a single multi-level cable raceway. The enclosure is further provide with ventilated top and bottom covers which are secured respectively to the top and bottom of the uppermost and bottommost calve trays to define the enclosed metal circuit. The cable bus system is capable of transmitting the same highest allowable “free air” cable amperature in both above and underground installations, effectively improving the transmission of electrical power from one end to the other end in installations where a transition of electrical power from on the ground is either necessary or economically preferable. For the underground portion, the cable bus is installed in the encasement that is uniquely offset vented or power cooled to meet the cable high amperage requirements. This cable bus system is also suitable for high vertical rise installations when utilizing anti cable slip mechanism or technique.

Cable laying device

The invention discloses a cable laying device. The cable laying device comprises a base, cable trays, a cable, a fixing frame, a guide support and a third pulley; three groups of universal wheels are distributed on each side below the base; two supporting columns are symmetrically arranged above the bilateral sides of the left end of the base respectively; supporting frames are fixedly arranged on the bilateral sides of the outer wall of each supporting column respectively; a hydraulic jack is fixedly arranged at the upper end of each supporting column; a supporting groove which is in a circular arc shape is fixedly formed above each hydraulic jack; a rotating shaft is arranged between the two supporting grooves in a straddled mode; the cable trays are arranged in the supporting grooves through the rotating shaft respectively; the upper end of the guide support is provided with a beam; an elastic guide device is fixed in the middle of the bottom surface of the beam; an elastic guide base, a first guide wheel and a spring are arranged in the elastic guide device. According to the cable laying device, the operation is simple, the use is convenient, the height of each cable supporting frame can be adjusted, the friction force in the movement process of the cable is reduced due to a pulley group, and accordingly the labor intensity of the construction personnel is reduced.

Combined fireproof cable tray for power supply system cable and installation method of combined fireproof cable tray

The invention discloses a combined fireproof cable tray for a power supply system cable. The combined fireproof cable tray includes a channel and a protective cover; the channel is composed of a left side wall beam and a right side wall beam which are in bilateral symmetry, and a bottom plate; the protective cover includes a protective cover plate and clamping buckles; two rows of round holes are uniformly formed in the protective cover plate; the left side wall beam has the same structure as the right side wall beam; the left side wall beam is composed of a side wall plate and a fixing groove; the upper end of the side wall plate extends outwards so as to form a slide groove; the protective cover slides on the left side wall beam and the right side wall beam through the clamping buckles; fixing frames symmetrically extend out from two ends of the side wall plate; fixing holes are formed in the fixing frames respectively; two rows of vent pipes are uniformly formed in the bottom plate; and the bottom plate is inserted into the fixing grooves of the left side wall beam and the right side wall beam, so that a U-shaped structure of the channel can be formed. The invention also provides an installation method of the combined fireproof cable tray. The installation method of the combined fireproof cable tray has the advantages of being simple and feasible, short installation time, low labor intensity and high work efficiency. The combined fireproof cable tray has the advantages of simple structure, convenience in transportation, simple assembly and disassembly and good fireproof performance, and can protect the cable.

Charging pile

The invention provides a charging pile. The charging pile comprises an upper casing and a lower casing, wherein the front end face of the upper casing is provided with an accommodation cavity for placing a charging gun; a sliding door is arranged at the front end of the accommodation cavity; and a control panel is arranged on the front end face of the upper casing. The charging pile is equipped with an operation panel and adopts the hidden charging gun and cables, so that the attractiveness and the cleanness are good, the external damage risk of the charging gun and the cables is avoided, theservice life of the charging pile is prolonged, and the daily maintenance cost is reduced; the charging gun is equipped with a locking mechanism, so that the condition that the charging gun is damageddue to falling is avoided; the charging pile is equipped with a cable tray for accommodating the cables, so that the phenomenon that persons are stumbled because of cable winding and exposing is avoided; meanwhile, the charging pile is equipped with an automatic winding device which realizes automatic winding and is convenient and quick; meanwhile, the charging pile is equipped with a cable assembly, so that the winding smoothness is improved, the damage to the outer walls of the cables in the winding or unwinding process is avoided, and service life of the cables is prolonged; and the charging pile is provided with a damper for controlling rotary damping of the winding device, and further the use comfortableness and the reliability of the charging pile are improved.
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