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A cutting insert, a cutting tool, a shim and a method

The present invention relates to a cutting insert, a cutting tool for chip removing machining, a shim as well as a method for mounting a cutting insert. The cutting tool includes a holder equipped with at least one insert pocket including a base surface, at least one circular shim including opposite first and second surfaces, and at least one cutting insert, which includes a circular cutting edge formed at a transition between an upper side and an edge surface of the cutting insert. The upper side includes a chip surface comprising at least one chip breaker portion and the edge surface includes a clearance surface. The shim is provided between the base surface of the insert pocket and the cutting insert. The cutting tool includes a clamping arrangement for holding its parts together. The chip breaker portion is provided at a varying distance from the associated cutting edge. The shim and the cutting insert include at least one pair of cooperating projection and recess for indexing of the cutting insert. The pair of cooperating projection and recess is provided to be positioned in a position relative to a reference line or axis of the tool in order to orient the chip breaker portion in the chip surface to a desired relative position. The number of chip breaker portions is a multiple of the number of projections or recesses.
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