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Packaging container for discharge of plurality of contents, packaging product including the packaging container and process for producing the packaging product

Double aerosol container (190a) comprising outer vessel (11), flexible inside bag (12) accommodated in the outer vessel and valve (13). The inside bag (12) is divided by means of middle constricted part (71) into upper and lower storage parts (27, 26), and the upper and lower storage parts are shut off from each other by means of partition member (72) at the constricted part. The valve (13) is fitted with a communication hole for communicating the upper storage part (27) with the inside of the inside bag (12) and flitted with dip tube (28) communicating with the lower storage part (26). The upper and lower storage parts (27, 26) are loaded with first contents (A) and second contents (B), which are different from each other, thereby providing an inside bag type double aerosol product. Two-pack type reactive preparations can be employed as a combination of contents of the double aerosol product The double aerosol product is suitable for use in, for example, a hair dye, an enzyme hair dye, a hair setting agent, an antiphlogistic analgesic, a glow inhibitor, a coolant, a pack agent, a cleansing agent, a shaving foam, a humectant, an antiperspirant, a vitamin or a skin softener.

Compositions and methods for manufacturing starch-based compositions

Compositions and methods for manufacturing sheets having a starch-bound matrix reinforced with fibers and optionally including an inorganic mineral filler. Suitable mixtures for forming the sheets are prepared by mixing together water, unmodified and ungelatinized starch granules, an auxiliary water-dispersible organic polymer, fibers, and optionally an inorganic mineral filler in the correct proportions to form a sheet having desired properties. The mixtures are formed into sheets by passing them between one or more sets of heated rollers to form green sheets. The heated rollers cause the auxiliary polymer to form a skin on the outer surfaces of the sheet that prevents the starch granules from causing the sheet to adhere to the rollers upon gelation of the starch. The green sheets are passed between heated rollers to gelatinize the starch granules, and then to dry the sheet by removing a substantial portion of the water by evaporation. The starch and auxiliary polymer form the binding matrix of the sheets with the fibers and optional inorganic filler dispersed throughout the binding matrix. The starch-bound sheets can be cut, rolled, pressed, scored, perforated, folded, and glued to fashion articles from the sheets much like paper or paperboard. The sheets are particularly useful in the mass production of containers, such as food and beverage containers.

Dispenser and cosmetic or dermatological preparation comprising an auxiliary for use with dispenser

InactiveUS20050189377A1Improves haptic propertyCosmetic preparationsPower operated devicesPolyolSURFACTANT BLEND
The present invention is a cosmetic or dermatological preparation for use with a dispenser that includes an auxiliary to keep the dispenser operating smoothly. The auxiliary is selected from the group consisting of (i) polyols having 2 to 6 carbon atoms and 2 to 6 hydroxyl or alkoxy groups and (ii) surfactants that reduce the surface tension of the preparation to less than 30 mN/m. The preparation is particularly suitable with a dispenser comprising a container and an inner container wall for housing a cosmetic or dermatological preparation; a follow-up plunger on a base side of the dispenser, which is capable of being slidably displaced on the inner container wall under the pressure of the ambient atmosphere; a head section on a top end of the dispenser that can be slidably displaced in relation to the container and that comprises a dispensing channel, the dispensing channel capable of being connected in a communicating manner to the container; a manually actuable delivery device comprising a variable-volume delivery chamber, a delivery element that can be displaced longitudinally in relation to the container and the head section, comprising a delivery plunger that can be slidably displaced within the delivery chamber and a delivery stem connected to the delivery plunger, and a delivery channel circumferentially enclosed by the delivery stem and comprising a delivery-channel inlet opening communicating with the delivery chamber and a delivery-channel outlet opening. The delivery channel outlet opening is capable of being moved into an open position relative to the dispensing channel by displacing the delivery element.

Pressure assisted liquid supply assembly

An assembly for feeding liquid to the inlet port of a liquid spraying device or spray gun. The assembly includes a stiff container that defines an opening into a cavity in the container, and a flexible liner positioned within the cavity in the container has an outer surface generally corresponding in shape to the inner surface of the container, an inner surface defining a cavity in the liner, and an annular lip along the top end of the side wall defining an opening into the cavity in the liner. An included adapter assembly has a central portion with a through opening that is adapted to engage the inlet port of a liquid spraying device, a transverse portion including a peripheral part adapted for engagement within the flexible liner adjacent said top end of the container, and means for sealing the flexible liner around the peripheral part of the adapter assembly. An air supply assembly connected to the container supplies air at a relatively low pressure (e.g., in the range of about 0.5 to 8 pounds per square inch or 3.5 to 55 kilopascals) between the outer surface of the flexible liner and the inner surface of the container which improves the flow of liquids through the liquid spraying device or spray gun to which the assembly is attached, and allows that spraying device or spray gun to be used in any orientation.
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