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Point of Entry is the seventh studio album from the British heavy metal band Judas Priest. It was released on 26 February 1981. In 1980 Judas Priest garnered some airplay with "Breaking the Law" and "Living After Midnight" from their album British Steel. As a result, the band pursued a more radio friendly direction on Point of Entry.

Method and apparatus for providing status information from a security and automation system to an emergency responder

An access portal is provided for establishing communication between an environmental management system used on a premises and an authorized responder equipped with an external access device. In some cases a remote host server is provided for obtaining information from the environmental management system, which in turn can transmit the information to the external access device. The access portal includes a first electronic memory segment configured to store access information associated with at least one authorized responder and a second electronic memory segment configured to store information pertaining to the premises and/or at least one occupant residing in the premises. The access portal also includes a processor for identifying a responder as an authorized responder by comparing identifying information received from the responder through the external access device with the access information stored in the first electronic memory segment. A wireless transceiver is provided for (i) receiving the identifying information and requests from the responder and, (ii) in response to a request, transmitting the premises information stored in the second electronic memory segment and status information obtained from at least one sensor in the environmental management system to an authorized responder.

System for tracking suspicious vehicular activity

A system for monitoring and tracking vehicles in parking locations, public roadways and highway entrances and exits and other public vehicle access areas is provided, such as to monitor and track vehicles in parking spaces, public roadways and highways without the need for parking or traffic personnel. The system includes a meter system that generates image data of a vehicle in a parking space, public roadway and highway entrances and exits such as by creating an array of pixel data in a predetermined field of view that includes a vehicle identification tag and facial imaging. An enforcement and tracking system receives the image data and generates a vehicle license number, vehicle tag identification number and facial image from the image data, such as by analyzing the image data to identify the vehicle license number, vehicle tag identification number and facial image based on the expected location of the license tag, identification tag and field of view image data characteristics of the license tag, facial image or other suitable data. From the image data acquired, monitoring of parking spaces is performed and violation citations or notices are generated for errant vehicles in parking locations as well as notification to law enforcement and homeland security agencies of vehicles and facial images identified as being on a watch list.

Mobile object monitoring system

A security monitoring system providing security for mobile objects in any location, including children in a dining and child entertainment facility. The location of each object or child in the facility is tracked using a transmitter attached to the object or child when it/they enter the facility, and a video image of each child is mapped to and displayed on a video display at a table to which the child's family or group is assigned. Any unauthorized attempt at removing a child from the facility, or at a child attempting to leave the facility without authorization, or unauthorized removal of a transmitter, or a transmitter ceasing to operate, causes notification to be given to appropriate personnel and entrance/exits are locked until the child is located. Ordering of food and drinks is done using touch screen technology on the video display at each table. The transmitters can also be used to control access to video games or specific play areas as specified by a parent or guardian. When playing video games or using play facilities for which there is an extra charge, the transmitters are used for authorizing access and for billing purposes. To map physical positions within the facility to positions on a video display, a transmitter is placed in various locations about the facility and the touch screen video display is used to map the physical positions with positions on the video display for different video cameras.

Carport guide system used for parking lot

The embodiment of the invention provides a carport guide system used for a parking lot. The carport guide system comprises a vehicle detection device, a signal acquisition device, a storage device, a second central controller and an indicator light turning-on device, wherein the vehicle detection device is used for detecting whether a vehicle prepares to enter the parking lot or not; the signal acquisition device is arranged at the entrance of the parking lot and used for collecting the license plate number of the vehicle when the vehicle prepares to enter the parking lot; the storage device is used for storing the carport information and route information of all the carports, and the carport information includes corresponding relationship between the license plate number and the carport; the second central controller comprises a first control unit and is used for obtaining the license plate number, collected by the signal acquisition device, of the vehicle entering the parking lot, determining the target parking space and the optimal route according to the corresponding relationship, and sending corresponding control information; and the indicator light turning-on device is used for receiving the control information and then turning on a corresponding indicator light so as to guide the vehicle to achieve the target parking space. The carport guide system saves the time for searching the parking space, and is simple, convenient and practical.
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