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Medication & health, environmental, and security monitoring, alert, intervention, information and network system with associated and supporting apparatuses

Systems and apparatuses include devices, biosensors, environmental sensors, security related sensors, networked products, communications processors and components, alert and information components, processors, and software to support: 1) facilitating medication regimen and patient / user health administration, dosage control, tracking, compliance, information inquiry and presentation, reminder and notification; 2) providing monitoring, information, ordering, and intervention; 3) presenting the option of leveraging the preventative care, alert and notification components with other components to facilitate user or occupant well being, along with living, work area and dwelling environmental or security safety; and 4) enhancing the dwelling, living or work area with products that may be networked to support the widespread acceptance of these systems and apparatuses. The systems include a) processing, centralizing and communicating device commands and / or programs, e.g. a multifunctional device controller; b) device administration; c) patient / user information; d) dwelling environmental safety; e) security breach information; f) centralized and remote apparatus and system activations through primary component or at least one backup.

Process for manufacturing resin-coated fibers composite and an application thereof

InactiveUS6270851B1Prevent fracture of the fiber filamentsMaximize molten resin penetrating timeLiquid surface applicatorsCoatingsEngineeringFibrous composites
An apparatus for producing a resin coated fiber composite of a rod shape, tubular-shape or plate shape comprises a plurality of first members having an annular shape with a semi-circular ring shaped internal surface, second members having a disc shape with a semicircular ring shaped external surface, first connectors for assembling the first members, second connectors for assembling the second members, an outer die member semi-assembled with the first members and connectors, an inner die member semi-assembled with the second members and connectors, a heater, an inlet nozzle and an outlet nozzle, a zigzag shaped tunnel formed between the inner and outer die members for providing a narrow flow path of the fiber filaments, and resin inlet ports to fill the molten resin in the zigzag shaped tunnel and pressurize the flow path of the fiber filaments. A process for preparing a resin coated fiber composite of a rod-shape, tubular-shape or plate-shape comprises steps of spreading fiber filaments by passing the fiber filaments through a first member having a convex-concave portion to prevent fracture of the fiber filaments, and sequentially tensioning through a series of first and second members all along a narrow flow path to maximize molten resin penetrating surface area, impregnating pressurized molten resin into the fiber filaments continuously by passing the fiber filaments through a series of the first and second members all along the narrow flow path of a zigzag shaped tunnel to maximize molten resin penetrating time, and wherein pressurization of the molten resin maximizes penetration of molten resin into pores of the fiber filaments and minimizes possibility of resin degradation, stranding the resin-coated fiber filaments through a final set of the first members having the convex-concave portion for strengthening the fiber filaments, and integrating and pultruding the resin-coated fiber filaments continuously by passing the fiber filaments all along the narrow flow path of the zigzag shaped tunnel to form a desired diameter through the outlet nozzle.

Method and apparatus for maldi analysis

Matrix assisted laser desorption / ionization is performed in a manner to thermalize large analyte ions in a plume of desorbed material for spectroscopic analysis. The thermalized ions have a low or zero mean velocity and are presented at a well-defined instant in time, reducing artifacts and sharpening the spectral peaks. In one embodiment the light is delivered to a matrix or sample holder having a cover, baffle or compartment. The baffle or compartment impedes or contains a plume of desorbed material and the analyte undergoes collisions to lower its mean velocity and directionality. Thus "thermalized" the analyte ions are passed to a mass analysis instrument. In a preferred embodiment an optical fiber butts up against a thin transparent plate on which the specimen resides, with the matrix side in a vacuum acceleration chamber. A mechanical stage moves the specimen in both the x- and y- directions to select a point on the specimen which is to receive the radiation. The use of a fiber optic illuminator allows the entire stage assembly to be subsumed essentially within the dimensions of a conventional stage. In other embodiments, a thermalizing compartment is provided in a capillary tube about the end of the illumination fiber and the sample matrix is deposited along the inner cylindrical wall of the tube, so the capillary forms a migration path to the outlet for thermalization of the desorbed analyte. In other embodiments microstructures having the shape of a small lean-to, overhang or perforated cover plate, or providing a high aspect surface texture, provide the necessary containment to promote thermalization of the released analyte. A thin layer or cover of fibrous or permeable material may also be used to thermalize the analyte before mass analysis, and in other embodiment this material may also act as the substrate. An automated instrument may include a fixed array of illumination fibers which are illuminated at different times to eject samples from a corresponding array of points on the specimen.
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