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Medication & health, environmental, and security monitoring, alert, intervention, information and network system with associated and supporting apparatuses

Systems and apparatuses include devices, biosensors, environmental sensors, security related sensors, networked products, communications processors and components, alert and information components, processors, and software to support: 1) facilitating medication regimen and patient / user health administration, dosage control, tracking, compliance, information inquiry and presentation, reminder and notification; 2) providing monitoring, information, ordering, and intervention; 3) presenting the option of leveraging the preventative care, alert and notification components with other components to facilitate user or occupant well being, along with living, work area and dwelling environmental or security safety; and 4) enhancing the dwelling, living or work area with products that may be networked to support the widespread acceptance of these systems and apparatuses. The systems include a) processing, centralizing and communicating device commands and / or programs, e.g. a multifunctional device controller; b) device administration; c) patient / user information; d) dwelling environmental safety; e) security breach information; f) centralized and remote apparatus and system activations through primary component or at least one backup.

Low frequency noise reduction circuit architecture for communications applications

A noise reduction circuit for reducing the effects of low frequency noise such as wind noise in communications applications is described. In one embodiment, the noise reduction circuit features a high pass filter formed by exploiting the existing off-chip AC coupling capacitances in making the connection to the source of audio signals. The filter may be adaptive to environmental low frequency noise level through programming the shunt resistances. A low-noise wide dynamic range programmable gain amplifier is also described. Adaptive equalization of the audio signal is also described through the utilization of programmable front-end resistors and a back-end audio equalizer.

Method for the oxidation of aldehydes, hemiacetals and primary alcohols

A method for the oxidation of substrates comprising treating an aqueous, basic solution of a substrate having an oxidizable functionality using an elemental halogen as terminal oxidant in the presence of an oxoammonium catalyst / halide co-catalyst system. Use of elemental halogen, preferably chlorine gas or elemental bromine, unexpectedly allows oxidation without significant degradation of the substrate. The substrate is preferably a monosaccharide, oligosaccharide, or polysaccharide, and the oxidizable functionality is preferably an aldehyde, hemiacetal, or a primary alcohol. An effective source of the oxoammonium catalyst is 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyl-1-oxy (TEMPO) and a particularly economical and effective catalyst is 4-acetylamino-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyl-1-oxy.

Method for enhanced uplink transmission having low papr in lte-based mobile communication system

ActiveUS20150103723A1Low average power ratioEconomic efficiency is ensuredPower managementTransmission path divisionCommunications systemAudio power amplifier
Provided is a communication method for downlink transmission with a low peak to average power ratio (PAPR) and compatibility with long-term evolution (LTE)-based downlink transmission in an LTE-based mobile communication system in which the performance degradation may occur due to a high PAPR in multi-carrier transmission caused by non-linearity of a power amplifier in a base station including a satellite, to have the effects of supporting a terminal that reuses an existing terrestrial LTE chipset and a terminal that enables downlink reception with a low PAPR with no collision between the terminals, and of implementing an integrated satellite / terrestrial mobile communication system with a minimum change of an existing mobile communication system to ensure economic efficiency.

Multifunction-capable health related devices

Health and environmental devices such as air purifiers are adapted with components for multifunctional capabilities that involve electronic devices and associated housings containing at least one processor adapted to operate at least one component selected from the group consisting of air purifiers, sensors, local area and wide area networked components, and entertainment and electronic components. Health and safety related containers, covers and information input, processing, and output devices include one or more coded data readers for use with bar code, radio frequency identification (RFID) and other coded data technologies and comprise components to support at least one of the following: communications; networked sensors; and monitoring applications. Increased efficiencies in the use of coded data reader systems that include such coded readers and the associated items being read are supported by alignment indicia adapted for being on said items being read and on said reading devices.

Method and apparatus for partial duplex protection switching by using single splitter in PON

A method and apparatus for duplex protection switching by using a single splitter in a passive optical network (PON) are provided. The apparatus for duplex protection switching in a PON, in which a single optical line termination (OLT) and many optical network terminations (ONTs) are connected together in a multiple-access manner, includes: a 2:2 splitter connected to two PON line terminations (LTs) in the OLT; and two N:1 splitters which are connected to the 2:2 splitter, and each of which is connected to two PON LTs in the ONT. According to the method and apparatus, an economical effect can be provided in which two links, an operational link and a protection link, in the PON can provide a partial duplex function at a lower cost. Also, a protection switching time can be reduced by simplifying a restoration process so that when an error is detected, an operational state is returned by protection switching.

Logbook database system

A method and system for recording the actions and activities (as for a logbook) of a person, persons, machines, or other animate or inanimate objects using portable or stationary devices. These devices are (1) directly connected, or wired, or (2) are connected wirelessly to a local (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). The actions or activity are either immediately transmitted to the local or wide area network and received and recorded on a server system, or recorded and held in the wired / wireless device and then transmitted to the server system at a later date. Once recorded on the server system, the actions and activities are accessible to wired or wireless devices via local or wide area networks or available to other server systems. They can be reviewed and acknowledged by an authoritative entity through the use of an electronic signature facility.

Zipper box cover

A system and method for providing universal size of flexible cover for open boxes or plates of any sizes, containing food, to keep the contents fresh and unreachable by flies and other bugs while providing the ability to use the contents without removing said cover using the zipper, comfortable located on the top of that cover.
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