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Preservation and fresh-keeping method of fruits and vegetables

The invention discloses a fresh-keeping method for fruits and vegetables, which comprises the following steps that: (1) selecting fruits and vegetables and encasing in boxes; (2) prestorage: disinfecting the prestorage room and placing in fruit boxes full of fruits and vegetables; when the prestorage begins, turning on an ultrasonic humidifiens and an ozone generator to control the relative humidity of the prestorage room less than 80 percent, the ozone concentration of the prestorage room between 5 and 20mg/m<3>; (3) storing in the storeroom: disinfecting the storeroom and placing in the prestored fruit boxes and at the same time turning on the ultrasonic humidifiens and the ozone generator to control the relative humidity of the storeroom between 80 percent and 98 percent, the ozone concentration of the storeroom between 5 and 20mg/m<3>. The invention combines ultrasonic humidifying with ozone sterilization to carry out humidification and sterilization and antisepsis to the fruits and vegetables, etc., stored in the storeroom; moreover, synchronically preventing fresh fruits and vegetables from wilting and decay, which greatly reduces the decay rate of raw material and keeps the raw material in good state, thus acquiring a longer preservation period.

Water catalyst sterilizing and detoxifying device and producing and using method thereof

The invention discloses a water catalyst sterilizing and detoxifying device and a producing and using method thereof. The device comprises a water catalyst generator and a DC (direct current) power supply, wherein the water catalyst generator comprises an anode electrode and a cathode electrode which are both titanium electrodes; and the anode electrode is coated with a composite material coating. The producing method comprises the following steps of: (I) making electrodes; and (II) making the composite material coating: preparing composite material coating liquid, and brushing, drying and sintering the coating liquid in multiple times. The using method comprises the following steps of: a, placing the cleaned article and the water catalyst generator in the cleaning water; b, connecting the water catalyst generator with the DC power supply; and c, purifying the cleaned article with the water catalyst generator and the cleaning water. According to the invention, the design is reasonable, the producing and using processes are simple, and the purifying effect is good; and moreover, the problems of poor using effect, possible new pollution, easy damage to the nutrient components of thecleaned food and the like of the existing sterilizing and pesticide residue removing methods can be solved.
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