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Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is a derivative of citric acid that is found in a variety of tropical plants including Garcinia cambogia and Hibiscus subdariffa. There are four isomers, (+)- and (-)-hydroxycitric acid, and (+)- and (-)-allo-hydroxycitric acid. The (-)-hydroxycitric acid isomer is the one found in Garcinia.

Organic material based uniprill fertilizer

An organic-based uniprill fertilizer is provided. To produce the fertilizer, organic matter is sequentially pre-treated by first mixing it in a first grinder with a lime admixture, then adding a slurry of reagents and binders, followed by a mixture of acids. The acids can include sulfuric and phosphoric acids, in addition to nitric acid and various organic acids such as citric and fulvic acid, depending on the end requirements of the fertilizer product. Following the mixing of the pre-product with the mixture of acids and reagents, the resultant raw product is preferably processed through a second grinder. This grinding further dries, mixes and granulates the raw product. The particle size of the completed fertilizer is reduced into a flowable, user safe uniprill product that can be further ground to reduce its moisture. Further drying may be necessary for bag or bulk product, or it can be liquified by high speed blending or micro-fluidized for sprinkler or drip applications. The uniprill fertilizer comprises small, preferably microscopic particles that are homogenous in nature, in that any single particle is substantially identical in composition to all other particles of the fertilizer. Additionally, each uniprill particle contains substantially all sixteen nutriments and minerals required for the growth of healthy plants.

Water culture nutrient solution prescription of lettuce and preparation method of water culture nutrient solution prescription

The invention discloses a water culture nutrient solution prescription of a lettuce and a preparation method of the water culture nutrient solution prescription, and belongs to the technical field of plant soilless culture of the agricultural science. The nutrient solution prescription of the lettuce comprises the following components: a fertilizer A composed of 584.23g/T of calcium nitrate, 421.34g/T of potassium nitrate and 47.8g/T of ammonium nitrate; a fertilizer B composed of 182.4g/T of monopotassium phosphate and, 256.23g/T of magnesium sulfate; a fertilizer C composed of 16.8g/T of FeEDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid), 3g/T of boric acid, 2g/T of manganese sulfate, 0.25g/T of zinc sulfate, 0.85g/T of copper sulfate, and 0.38g/T of ammonium molybdate; hormone composed of 0.1g/T indolebutyric acid of or 0.1g/T of naphthylacetic acid; a bactericide composed of 15g/T of carbendazim; and nutrient solution pH (Potential Of Hydrogen) adjusting acid composed of 200ml/T of phosphoric acid or 150g/T of citric acid. The prescription is nutritionally balanced, so that the demand of the lettuce to nutrition can be met, the amount of used nutrient elements is decreased at the same time, the output of the lettuce is increased, and the fertilizers are saved; and the prescription effectively decreases the contents of nitrates in the lettuce under the water culture, improves the quality of the lettuce, enables the simplification of the complicated processes in preparation based on the demand of the actual operation, and is suitable for being used for meeting the requirements of industrialization production.

Preparation method of citric acid fermentation solution

The invention discloses a preparation method of a citric acid fermentation solution, which comprises the steps of: (1) mixing dry corn powder with water to form paste, adding amylase into the paste and then heating the paste, conducting spraying liquefaction by one time on the paste at the temperature ranging from 92 DEG C to 98 DEG C and then flash evaporation by one time, lowering the temperature to 88 DEG C to 90 DEG C and maintaining the liquefaction for 90min to 120min to obtain liquefied solution; (2) taking 5 percent to 15 percent of the liquefied solution obtained in the step (1), putting the liquefied solution into a seed tank, adding a nitrogen source, heating and sterilizing, maintaining for 20min to 30min, then lowering the temperature to 36 DEG C, and inoculating the obtained mixture into aspergillus niger strains for strain culture; (3) taking 5 percent to 15 percent of the liquefied solution obtained in the step (1), putting the liquefied solution into a fermenter; (4) taking the rest of the liquefied solution obtained in the step (1) for solid-liquid separation to obtain liquefaction clear liquid, putting the obtained liquefaction clear liquid into the fermenter, adding a nitrogen source, raising the temperature to 80 DEG C to 90 DEG C by heating, sterilizing, maintaining for 5min to 10min, lower the temperature to 38 DEG C, and leading the substances in the seed tank obtained in the step (2) into the fermenter; and (5) conducting solid-liquid separation to obtain the citric acid fermentation solution after ferment. The preparation method has the advantages of simple technique and low production cost.

Nutritional yolk milk pudding and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102450327AFull of nutritionImprove non-nutritiousMilk preparationIcing sugarYolk
The invention discloses nutritional yolk milk pudding and a preparation method thereof. The requirements of consumers who are glad to eat jelly foods are met, and the disadvantages that the conventional jelly food in which jelly is taken as a main ingredient has no nutrient components and is harmful to the physical health of eaters are overcome. The nutritional yolk milk pudding consists of milk, yolk, compound food gum, citric acid, gardenia yellow pigment and yolk essence according to the corresponding weight proportion. The production method comprises the following steps of: steaming the yolk, adding a small amount of milk, and mashing to obtain slurry; adding the milk into gum powder and powdered sugar and boiling to obtain a gum solution; and adding an obtained yolk liquid, the pigment, the essence and the citric acid into the hot gum solution, filling, sealing, sterilizing, and cooling to obtain the nutritional yolk milk pudding. The invention has the advantages that: the food gum is taken as a carrier, the milk and the yolk are added, and a jelly food with rich nutrition is provided; nutritional and health-care functions of the milk and the yolk are applied to the production of the jelly, so that the characteristic of no nutrition of the jelly is improved; the product can be eaten by crowds of various ages such as children, adults, elders and the like; and good flavor and quality of the product in shelf life are ensured by a proper process.

Blocking remover for reservoir of oil well

ActiveCN102775975ARestore production capacityIncrease contactDrilling compositionPhenolPetroleum
The invention discloses a blocking remover for a reservoir of an oil well. The blocking remover is applied to the technical field of oil extraction in an oil field, comprises an agent A and an agent B, and is characterized in that the weight percentage of the agent A is 25-35%; the weight percentage of the agent B is 65-75%; the agent A comprises the following components by weight: 45-50% of petroleum mixed xylene, 1-2% of nonyl phenol polyoxyethylene (4) ether, and the balance of 0# diesel oil; the agent B comprises the following components by weight: 6-10% of glacial acetic acid or sulfamic acid, 2-2.5% of ammonium bifluoride, 2% of ammonium chloride, 1-2% of citric acid, 1.5-2% of corrosion inhibitor 7801, 3-5% of tertiary butanol, 0.5-1% of octyl phenol polyoxyethylene (10) ether and the balance of water. The blocking remover has the following effects that: the agent A and the agent B are respectively prepared so as to be beneficial to storing the blocking remover for a long time, the agent A of the blocking remover has strong dissolving capacity on crude oil heavy components, such as wax colloid asphalt, and the washing oil efficiency on oil sand is more than 90%. The dissolving rate of the agent B of the blocking remover on carbonate is more than 80%, and the corrosion speed on N80 steel is low and is smaller than 2 g/m<2>.h.
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