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Livestock and poultry anti-diarrheal feed additive and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102232467AGood broad-spectrum antibacterialReduce incidenceFood processingAnimal feeding stuffChemistryCorn starch
The invention discloses a livestock and poultry anti-diarrheal feed additive and a preparation method thereof. In a technical scheme, the preparation method comprises the following steps of: smashing India quassiawood, dried ginger, licorice, costus root and the like; screening through a sieve; adding bean pulp, corn starch, bran and water to prepare a fermentation medium; adjusting the pH value,sterilizing, cooling, and inoculating for fermenting; and drying after the fermentation is finished to obtain the livestock and poultry anti-diarrheal feed additive. The livestock and poultry anti-diarrheal feed additive disclosed by the invention has the better functions of broad-spectrum bacterium resistance, virus resistance, parasite resistance, maintaining of the balance of microbial flora in the animal bodies, and can be used for effectively reducing the incidence of diarrheal of the livestock and poultry, promoting the growth of the livestock and poultry and reducing the cultivation investment; and the livestock and poultry anti-diarrheal feed additive has the characteristics of no toxic and side effects, no pollution, no residue, stable and reliable effect and the like, cannot give rise to drug tolerance, and can meet the requirement of people on safety production of the livestock and poultry products. The livestock and poultry anti-diarrheal feed additive disclosed by the invention also can be used as a veterinary drug in an increased dose manner, and has a remarkable curative effect for treating the diarrheal caused by various viruses, bacteria and parasitic infection for the livestock and poultry.

Method for manufacturing dendrobium officinale fresh juice stock solution

InactiveCN102008654ANot easy to clarifyNot easy to filterMetabolism disorderAlcoholic beverage preparationFlavorAdditive ingredient
The invention discloses a manufacturing method for extracting and processing fresh juice stock solution by using dendrobium officinale as a raw material. The method furthest protect the color, flavor, nutrition and effective ingredients of dendrobium officinale fresh juice by surface sterilization of the collected fresh dendrobium officinale and technology of juicing, enzymolysis, vacuum degasification, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, sterile filling, high-temperature instantaneous sterilization and the like, and meanwhile, the product is favorable for storing and realizing industrialized production. The dendrobium officinale is processed into the dendrobium officinale fresh juice stock solution which is easy to store, convenient to carry, simple to administrate, good in mouthfeel and easy to absorb and has health-care nutritional components and medicinal functions; the fresh juice stock solution does not contain any additive; and the content of the fresh juice stock solution reaches over 99 percent. The dendrobium officinale fresh juice stock solution can be administrated separately, also can be added into mineral water to form health-care beverage, also can be dissolved into wine to form nourishing health-care wine, and can be added into high-grade dishes to form nourishing dishes for eating.

Traditional Chinese medicine biological agent for improving immunity of livestock and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine biological agent for improving immunity of livestock and a preparation method thereof; the traditional Chinese medicine biological agent is prepared by combining traditional Chinese medicine formulas and modern microbiological technology; the biological agent adopts folium cortex eucommiae, grifola frondosa, astragalus root and herba epimedii, which belong to traditional Chinese medicines, as raw materials; bran, bean pulp, ammonium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, calcium carbonate and water are added in the raw materials after the raw materials are crushed, so as to form fermentation medium, strain nutrient solution with a certain proportion is added in the fermentation medium for fermentation, the mature solid fermentation broth is added in alcohol for extraction, separation, filtration, concentration, so as to prepare various dosage forms. The traditional Chinese medicine biological agent prepared by microbial fermentation metabolism can remarkably improve the immunity of livestock organisms, enhance the immunity of the organisms, improves the production performance of the livestock and effectively prevent immunity inhibitive diseases.

Probiotics troche and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a probiotics troche and a preparation method thereof. Functional leavening agents and germinated brown rice, Chinese herb medicine extract with anti-cold and hot irritability and a stabilizer capable of effectively enhancing the stability are added into a yoghourt fermenting process; poikilothermal yogurt fermentation enables proliferation of lactic acid bacteria to the maximum extent, so that the anti-cold and hot irritability of lactic acid bacteria is improved. yogurt and fruit and vegetable slurry are pre-treated by using a non-hot-working technology so as to prevent infectious microbe infection in the process, improve the juice yield of the fruit and vegetable slurry, increase the content of soluble cellulose of the fruit and vegetable slurry and prevent the fruit and vegetable slurry from brown stain. Moreover, when the fruit and vegetable slurry and the yogurt are mixed, a scientifically compounded freezing protecting agent which is relatively good in anti-freezing effect is added. Finally, the probiotics troche which is smooth in taste, uniform in texture, stable in state, natural in quality, high in viable count, strong in functionality and long in expiration data is prepared. The viable count is (1.75-2.55)x10<11> CFU / g. At normal temperature, the expiration data is 30-36 months.

High-efficiency cultivation technology for high-quality liquorice

The invention discloses a high-efficiency cultivation technology for high-quality liquorice, which comprises the following steps: Ural licorice which is suitable for growing in a semiarid region is used as a cultivated variety; sandy loam with a deep soil layer is selected, deeply dug, finely raked, fertilized and furrowed; seeds are soaked by mild water, sowed and cultivated into seedlings and the seedlings are transplanted between grain rain and grain in ear in the second year; the liquorice seedings are applied by base fertilizer, cultivated and weeded; the plants recovered from the transplanting after being transplanted for two or three years are applied by farmyard manure, ordinary superphosphate and potassium sulphate and watered if the soil moisture content is bad; and after being transplanted for 3 to 4 years, the plants are harvested by a herbal medicine digger from the last third of September to the beginning of October. The liquorice cultivated by the technology has high content of active ingredients and has acid content of 2.5-3.3 percent, which is increased by 20 percent to 45 percent compared with the acid content of the liquorice of general cultivation, the liquorice conforms to the quality requirement of the liquorice exported to Japan, the liquorice exported to Japan is twice the purchasing price of the liquorice in China, and the liquorice which grows three years after being transplanted has stable output from 500 to 600 kg and has higher economic benefit.
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