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Biodegradable polymer films and sheets suitable for use as laminate coatings as well as wraps and other packaging materials

Biodegradable polymer blends suitable for laminate coatings, wraps and other packaging materials manufactured from at least one "hard" biopolymer and at least one "soft" biopolymer. "Hard" biopolymers tend to be more brittle and rigid and typically have a glass transition temperature greater than about 10° C. "Soft" biopolymers tend to be more flexible and pliable and typically have a glass transition temperature less than about 0° C. While hard and soft polymers each possess certain intrinsic benefits, certain blends of hard and soft polymers have been discovered which possess synergistic properties superior to those of either hard or soft polymers by themselves. Biodegradable polymers include polyesters, polyesteramides and thermoplastically processable starch. The polymer blends may optionally include an inorganic filler. Films and sheets made from the polymer blends may be textured so as to increase the bulk hand feel. Wraps will typically be manufactured so as to have good "dead-fold" properties so as to remain in a wrapped position and not spring back to an "unwrapped" and planar form. Laminate films will typically have good water vapor barrier properties as measured by the their Water Vapor Permeability Coefficient (WVPC).

Intelligent terminal printing system based on cloud computing technology

The invention relates to an intelligent terminal printing system based on cloud computing technology. The intelligent terminal printing system comprises an intelligent user terminal, a printer terminal and a cloud printing server, wherein the intelligent user terminal and the printer terminal are respectively connected with the cloud printing server through networks. The cloud printing server comprises a user management module, a printer management module, a safety management module, a printing request processing module, a printing agent module and various document application modules, the printer terminal finishes printing operation, and the cloud printing server is used for registering and managing users and printers, receiving, processing and storing printing requests transmitted by the users, converting formats of received documents and the like. The intelligent terminal printing system is high in traceability, wide in application, convenient in printing and fine in printing effect, all the printers capable of accessing the internet can be supported, the received documents to be printed can be automatically converted into formatted documents acceptable by the printer terminal, malicious users can be effectively prevented from attacking the printers, and resource waste is decreased.

Secure document with self-authenticating, encryptable font

A self-authenticating encryptable font for creating secure documents. The document onto which the font is printed includes a surface containing one or more transaction fields such that transactional data from the font is printed within at least one of these fields. The font includes human-readable characters that are defined by a fill pattern made up of spaced marks and a patterned background. Security characters, made up of one or more encryptable data elements, may also be included. The encryptable data elements may be either fixed or randomly variable with regard to each human-readable character, independent of the human-readable characters, or capable of alteration by an encryption algorithm. The presence of the unique human-readable characters and the encryptable data elements give the impression that the document on which they are printed may be subject to security enhancements, while alterations to the encryptable data elements by an algorithm can be used during the printing process to incorporate additional security information into the document. A user wishing to self-authenticate encrypted information incorporated into the encryptable data elements merely passes the document through an appropriately-configured scanning device, then compares the decrypted information with overt indicia on the document.

Visual relay protection setting calculation system and method

The invention provides a visual relay protection setting calculation system and method, and relates to the field of relay protection. According to the using characteristics of power consumers, the visual setting calculation system integrated multiple functions is developed and comprises a man-machine interaction interface module, a calculation module, a data management module and a report generation module. The visual relay protection setting calculation method comprises the steps that drawing of a geographical wiring diagram is finished, a network topology structure is formed by the geographical wiring diagram, node numbering and branch node numbering are automatically finished according to the geographical wiring diagram, and short-circuit calculation is carried out by calling essential data; a setting calculation principle and a formula are stored in the calculation module, stand-by data are formed according to the setting calculation principle, system setting calculation data are formed by the stand-by data and the essential data, and the system gives an alarm when a protection constant value is larger than a set threshold value; finally, a report is generated by calculation results to be output. According to the visual relay protection setting calculation method, short-circuit calculation results are directly called in a setting calculation part, the calculation time can be saved, the report can be singly generated by the calculation data of each module, and subsequent analyzing and processing can be conveniently achieved.

Printing strippable protective ink, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a printing strippable protective ink, and a preparation method and application thereof. The ink comprises the following components in parts by weight: 50-80 parts of thermoplastic film-forming resin, 20-50 parts of low-viscosity plasticizer, 1-10 parts of filler and pigment, and 1-3 parts of functional assistant. The printing strippable protective ink has 100% solid rate, does not volatilize any solvent, is a green environment-friendly material, and satisfies the increasingly higher ecological environmental requirements. The ink has the advantages of no irritating smell, moderate viscosity and no voids, is not sticky to the printing screen, and is easy for printing operation; the ink can form a film by thermosetting at medium / low temperature, so the energy consumption is low; the thermosetting film has high flexibility, favorable heat resistance, favorable insulativity and favorable acid / alkali resistance, and effectively solves the influence on the resistance when etching the circuit on a transparent conductive film with acid and alkali in the touch screen manufacturing process; and after the conductive film protecting technique is finished in the touch screen manufacturing process, the protective ink layer can be easily stripped, and does not leave any residue, thereby effectively solving the problem of protection of the conducting film in the existing touch screen manufacturing process.
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